Ukraine Calling the Shots, Biden Backing Their Play, Americans Paying the Cost. Here is Today’s Briefing.

“Full steam ahead” is the message from the White House. They project a smug air of confidence, very proud of themselves. 

“As you heard him say yesterday — the President, ‘With their vo-…’ — ‘With their votes, the American people have spoken and proven once again that democracy is who we are.’ And while we don’t know all the results just yet, we do know that states across the country saw record voter turnout, and voters also spoke clearly about their concerns — from fighting inflation to addressing crime to protecting our democracy and the right to choose.  These are issues the President has been laser-focused on from day one, and remain top — and it will remain top priorities for him.”

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary

While the White House refused to comment on Trump, the mainstream media wants the White House to comment on “Trump candidates losing.” 

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that President Trump backed 174 candidates who won their races yesterday, with only 9 losing. Media is now qualifying that Trump’s “high profile” candidates lost. 

The Politico put up a slate of 10 candidates against which to calculate Trump’s loss rate. It’s the height of media dishonesty when his actual win rate is 95.08%.

The narrative is more important than honesty. The dishonest narrative allows the White House to plow ahead with their unpopular “Build Back Better” agenda. 

That brings us to today’s press briefing where KJP quickly handled the podium over to National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan. 

“This trip comes at an important moment. President Biden heads off with the wind at his back.”

Biden and Xi Xinping are Hooking Up

According to Sullivan, next week Joe and Xi will meet face to face for the first time since Biden allegedly became president. It’s in all of our best interest. Responsible powers, and all that. WATCH:

When asked what we can expect from this “collaboration” between Joe and Xi:

“I don’t think you should look at this meeting as one in which there’s going to be specific deliverables announced. Rather, the two leaders are going to give direction to their teams to work on a number of areas, both areas where we have differences and areas where we can work together. That will include direction to the economic teams to address our concerns about Chinese economic practices and to deal with some of the underlying differences of view and perspective on economic matters. It will also involve giving direction to try to work on issues on which we do have common interest, whether it’s health, counter-narcotics, climate, or other areas.”

Jake Sullivan, National Security Advisor

Oh, so it’s a boondoggle. Expect lots of rhetoric and a big hit to the expense account, but no actual work or deliverables. Got it. 

Nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine

On Ukraine, Sullivan declared, “Today, the United States will be announcing another package of security assistance for Ukraine, including important air defense contributions like missiles for HAWK air defense systems, as well as four U.S. Avenger air defense systems that come equipped with Stinger missiles.” 

Full steam ahead. WATCH:

When asked about plans to meet with the Russian foreign minister, Sullivan took another opportunity to reinforce the Biden Administration’s unwavering commitment to Zelenskyy and his war, but that Zelenskyy is firmly in the driver’s seat. 

Sullivan answered a few more questions about who Biden will meet with on this North African and Asian tour to combat climate change while, as reported Monday, consuming an estimated 2.16 million points of carbon every five days – and that’s just for Air Force One and the four large jets that accompany it.

This is good for the planet as long as you all stop eating meat and stay home to save lives. Climate reparations and lockdowns are coming soon. 

The American People Made Themselves Very Clear

Karine took a few questions after Sullivan, and reinforced that the Biden Administration believes they have a mandate for their devastating agenda. WATCH:

There were a lot more non-answers and refusals to comment, but KJP managed to get “Maga Extremism in before closing. WATCH:

The White House and establishment Republicans are on the same message about the 2022 Midterm Elections. 

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  1. Those “high profile” candidates were the ones they focused on stealing! The REAL question is why didn’t the RNC “focus” on protecting those high profile candidates? The answer is we have a uni-party so corrupt and supported by a corrupt government bureaucracy that they don’t even pretend to be for the conservative agenda anymore!

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