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  1. had the displeasure of reading your latest piece in my local paper “grassroots vs. establishment,” what utter nonsense. you must be smoking so very intense dope (please share) if you think Denver is controlled by commies. Get outside and breathe some air honey, it’s clear your brain is suffering from something! PS almost 2 years since Nov 2020, you can’t be writing any nonsense on “sound logic” with ZERO evidence produced since then. Either prove it in a court of law or forever and always keep logic out of your mouth as you have no idea what that means.

      1. A totalitarian that pushes for the government to control the means of production and define every aspect of citizen existence through “law.” In a Colorado, that means both parties. The people need to rise up and eject the marxists from our society at every level.

  2. Ashe… Vince Edwards. Costilla County CO R Chair, Followed you for a bit, working a wider solution around taking away the power of a politician to regulate all of our resources. We’re taking back all of our power. https://t.me/GardenOfEdenProject would love it if you dropped by and said HEY!

  3. Greg Lopez Running for Gov in Colorado Has a domestic violence charge on is record as well as his wife also, yet he claims to want to protect our 2A and he open carries to many of his debates. To my knowledge with a domestic on your record it is against the law for him to poses or even try to purchase a fire arm… i am confirming this information yet you might dig and find out before i do.. Please keep us updated and keep up the good work

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