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colorado senator kevin priola insults constituents, wastes tax dollars and time

Mike Lindell talks to reporters, including Quentin Young and Poodle, outside the Denver Capitol on Tuesday. Photo credit: Timothy Hurst/The Denver Gazette

I spent most of Tuesday enjoying Colorado’s bipolar weather while hanging with a few hundred dedicated and passionate patriots – and a lot of press – at the “Election Truth Rally” in Denver, Colorado.

Word definitely got out that Mike Lindell was heading to the Colorado Capitol, because all the outlets showed up. Reporters from Fox31 and 9News were present as were all our old friends in the Antifa press who lurk around Denver waiting for someone to pay them to have an opinion.

Vice News flew in a four-person team, quarterbacked by a frustrated-looking blonde lady who just couldn’t deliver her exclusive with Tina Peters. She chased her all over the Capitol, but left empty-handed. 

Blonde Vice did, however, get a generous amount of time from Lindell. All the reporters did. They’re leftists and mostly millennials; so they are much too entitled and vapid to understand that value exchange, but Mike was surrounded by reporters for nearly an hour. He answered all their questions, even the stupid ones, though he didn’t let them off the hook for those without some ribbing. 

All of the leftie outlets are whining about Lindell saying, “Another stupid question by a stupid journalist.” I’ve read the quote several times from several different outlets. This is a bit of a disingenuous pearl clutching moment given the headlines the same people print about Mike, but it’s OK. We all understand what is going on here.

They have to find a way to make Mike Lindell seem like a bad guy.

And that’s not easy.

Also, he’s not wrong — they are stupid, though “journalists” is generous. Just read their propaganda.

Towards the end of the event, someone shared with me a tweet from Alex Burness with an amendment from Colorado Senator Kevin Priola – a Republican, but the kind of Republican that prioritizes legislation on climate change and retweets Adam Kinzinger.

Why didn’t you introduce this amendment, Senator?

“Senate Floor Amendment

Second Reading

By Senator Priola

Amend printed bill, page 13, after line 18 insert:


Preparing the messaging, getting the wording just right, getting it all typed up and ready for the floor of the Senate – this was Senator Priola’s priority in advance of an important piece of legislation (at least to his constituents). This amendment was prepared for the second reading of the bill and, the morning of the second reading, dozens of Colorado citizens handed out notices in opposition to SB22-153. 

Senator Priola did not respond to requests for comment, but I directly asked him:

What was the inspiration for this amendment? Why did you ultimately decide not to introduce this amendment? Did you involve additional Capitol staff and taxpayer / legislative resources in the production of this amendment?

Senator Kevin Priola, Colorado SD-25

After reading the insufferable Senator’s Twitter, I personally think it was the optics of mocking his constituents’ concerns while they were still in the building that made him pull the plug on the amendment. Let me know in the comments why you think he chose not to introduce it.

Remember how I wrote about the Senate Republicans’ sackless attempt at stopping the terrible “Colorado Election Security Act” (SB22-153)? Now we know why they couldn’t be bothered to listen or respond to their constituents on the matter.

They were too busy insulting the people who pay their salaries by making a mockery of what should be a serious process. 

Mike Lindell represents a movement of millions of people

Propagandists like Kyle Clark and his poodle (Marshall something-or-other – the guy with the douchey glasses who reminds me of the human version of a purse dog) as well as elitist legislators are focused on telling everyone to ignore their own eyes and trust the regime.

Marshall Zelinger, 9News

In contrast, Lindell and the People have actually done the forensic analysis work that you’d expect from the investigative functions of government or real journalists, if those journalists weren’t overpaid and overly coiffed betas without an original thought (and obviously that isn’t the case in this example). 

tell me what you want, what you really really want

Establishment Republicans like Senator Kevin Priola want the People’s respect – while openly mocking them. And, spoiler, they don’t really even want your respect; they just want your vote. And, double spoiler, we’ve already passed the point in this devolution where the votes no longer actually matter because it’s all rigged.

In other words, Senator Priola believes he can mock the People without consequence. 

I wonder if he was frustrated that he had to scrap his amendment to avoid upsetting the unwashed masses (that pay his salary). This is what we pay you for?

The levels of elitism and taxpayer waste are astonishing.

The People of Colorado don’t need another reason to view the General Assembly as the Imbecile Theater that it is, but Senate Republicans are hell bent on giving us one. 

Well done, Priola.

In the old days, I’d suggest you move to a blue area or retire from politics. But, who are we kidding? You’re the kind of Republican that won’t have any trouble winning a rigged (s)election.

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