“Blessed Be The Fruit”: Trump’s Speech and America’s Institutional Slavery

When I was allowed on Parler, the only social media experience I ever truly loved, I would change my display name to reinforce my current state. “Director of Morale,” “PsyOp Decoder Ring,” “Ashe in the Swamp” (when I traveled to DC). 

If I were to revive that practice following President Trump’s “big announcement” on Tuesday, I would be:

“Underwhelmed and Disappointed in America.” 

First let me be very clear that I believe Trump is the only man who can lead America during this time, and I very much want him to be our President again. The enemies of America are inside the gates and actively keeping Americans in a state of institutional slavery. 

There is nothing you can do without asking the government. You cannot buy or drive a car, work a job, purchase food, eat food in a restaurant, own a pet, collect your own rainwater, or visit a national park. You can’t do anything, really, without having permission AND paying tribute for the privilege. They tell us this is “the price of living in a civilized society.” 

This is just for us regular folk, of course, because the ruling class elites play by different rules. Trump showed us all of this. He pulled the curtain back. Dave Chappelle said it best:

“…the reason he’s loved is because people in Ohio have never seen somebody like him. He’s what I call an honest liar. And I’m not joking right now, he’s an honest liar. That first debate, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen a white male billionaire screaming at the top of his lungs, ‘This whole system is rigged,’ he said. And across the stage was white woman Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sitting there looking at him like, ‘No it’s not.’

I said, ‘Now wait a minute bro, it’s what he said.’ And the moderator said, ‘Well Mr. Trump if, in fact, the system is rigged as you suggest, what would be your evidence?’ Remember what he said, bro? He said, ‘I know the system is rigged because I use it.’ …No one ever heard someone say something so true and then Hillary Clinton tried to punch him in the taxes. She said, ‘This man doesn’t pay his taxes,’ he said, ‘That makes me smart.’ And then he said, ‘If you want me to pay my taxes, then change the tax code. But I know you won’t because your friends and your donors enjoy the same tax breaks that I do.’ And with that, my friends, a star was born. No one had ever seen anything like that. No one had ever seen somebody come from inside of that house outside and tell all the commoners we are doing everything that you think we are doing inside of that house. And he just went right back in the house and started playing the game again.”

Dave Chappelle, Saturday Night Live

We need someone who knows the game, and is on our side, on the inside. Donald Trump is the only one who can do it. That said, one man does not make a movement, and ours is not about Donald Trump or elections or who is President. 

It’s about us. 

President Trump was right about much. We need to close the border, reinstate unvaccinated servicemembers with backpay, and unleash American energy. We need to preserve parent’s rights and farmer’s rights and address the opioid crisis. 

I Call Top Bunk in the Gulag

I agree with many things that President Trump said tonight – not planting a flag on Mars or authoritarian and blanket executions for drug dealers – but after the past two years, I am wholly and resolvedly opposed to giving the government power under Trump that it would abuse under Biden.

That’s a secondary discussion, of course, because despite agreeing with Trump on much, none of it matters if we don’t stop all the global corporate communism. I am not talking about any sort of academic discussion of utopian ideals or false sliding scales of socialism. 

I am talking about our current reality. 

In 2020, there was a communist takeover of the United States of America. I wrote about it as it was happening. 

A grand national gaslight took place as COVID-19 prepared the field for widespread election fraud across the nation while Black Lives Matter and Antifa took over (and burned down) federal buildings. The Summer of Chaz. The summer we lost our last perceptions of freedom. 

We were distracted with the violent public spectacle while all the systems and processes and systems within systems were activated to prevent another 2016, another Trump victory.

So much of this Insurrection happened in the mind. Half the nation was paralyzed in fear of a mostly non-lethal virus, and they willingly handed over their natural rights as legacy media and government collaborating to terrify the nation. 

The other half of the nation was enraged by burning cities and ineffective law enforcement, but paralyzed by their commitment to decency and peace and the rule of law. Defunding the police, almost a billion dollars in corporate donations, riots and Insurrections of local authorities infuriated Americans who, because “violence is not who we are” waited around for months for sanity to return. More intimately, work life in those same corporations was suddenly (or not so suddenly for some) all about equity and Racial Justice Task Forces, and “hearing from all voices.” 

Enforced equity is communism by definition. 

In the name of George Floyd, freedom became a disposable mask. Also, there were a lot of disposable masks and fights in stores and “you’re killing grandma,” and the rest. 

President Lincoln said “A Nation Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand.” We were horribly divided and, with the obviously stolen election, we fell. 

Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum

Since that fateful stolen election, the American people have been stripped naked, brutally raped, and deeply enslaved by their government – Federal, State and Local – as well as the non-government organizations and corporations that infect every aspect of our lives. 

Third world elections and government propaganda (aka legacy media) tell us that we like it. It’s the proper way of things.

We need more decorum, less expression, more conformity. 

During the last legislative session – most of which I watched, much of which I reported, and on a few occasions where I provided public comment – Colorado Republicans often offered gratitude to the Speaker and Democrats for letting them speak and make an argument. 

It was all very proper and respectful. It reminds me of scripture reading during The Ceremony in Handmaid’s Tale. 

What followed the rhetorical knobbing from Colorado Republicans was a concession, followed by the American People pinned down and turning their heads with tears as they took it hard – but with the utmost decorum. Praise be. 

So, We’re Campaigning Again?

My biggest disappointment in President Trump’s campaign announcement is that it was a campaign announcement. 

When the midterm election year came into focus – the day after the November 2021 local elections – most of the election activists in Colorado joined Republican campaign teams and fighting for election integrity became secondary to fighting for preferred political candidates in rigged contests. 

Then the same people who fought for months to find the truth, expose the truth, and restore election integrity were stunned when the results defied belief. 

Breaking News: They steal elections.

Then, the candidates that people rallied behind and fundraised for and hoped in conceded – damn near immediately. After rigged caucus, assemblies, and primaries, I suppose you get what you pay for. 

Back to the “big announcement,” the Insurrection of November Third sealed into existence what President Trump referred to on Tuesday as “The Pause” – this third world dystopian sci-fi tragedy in which we currently find ourselves.

This had the hilarious and likely intended effect of making the left lose their minds, with the New Yorker crying, “In fact, he never even mentioned his defeat, referring only to ‘the Pause,’ as if his time out of the White House were a little vacation, a short respite at Mar-a-Lago.”

But was Trump referring to a pause for himself and his political office or a pause on American greatness? And does he see these as mutually dependent? 

Do we?

I often tell people, as my simple example of the direness of our times, that the dollar store now costs a dollar and twenty-five cents. I use this example mostly because I shop at the dollar store. I have three growing boys and a grown but hungry husband, and Bidenflation is painful. It’s a simple but relatable example of the devastating impacts of global corporate communism on regular, individual Americans. 

President Trump’s announcement felt out of touch, maybe even unaware, of this daily reality for millions of Americans who support him. He held an elegant event where he reminded us of how awesome things were before the Insurrection of November Third. Before the establishment got away with a stolen election and everything went bolshevik. 

It’s Not You, It’s Me

Additionally, the speech felt reminiscent of his prior runs. In 2016, he ran on promises and, in 2020, he ran on his record. But for 2024, he is running on both. 

The disconnect I’m feeling, I think, is that we are not the same American people or Trump supporters that we were in 2016 or 2020. The past six years have changed us. Hardened many of us.

We aren’t the same American People we were six, or even two, years ago.

I had so much belief in the system six years ago. Now I have none.

I will never deny that President Trump has selflessly sacrificed much. He could have enjoyed his billions and left us in our confusion and chaos. I have nothing but gratitude for all that he has done for our nation. 

My heart, however, is with the many people who have sacrificed everything. People who were inspired by President Trump to fight for America. People who the public has forgotten. 

There are actual political prisoners on American soil who are being persecuted for peacefully protesting the Insurrection of November Third. The latest rally for J6 prisoners had a couple hundred attendees, most of them immediate family and friends of the prisoners. Many of these prisoners have been detained “pretrial” for over a year. They have been forgotten by most. As far as I heard, they weren’t mentioned in Trump’s speech. 

Once the establishment cartel decides you don’t have rights, you don’t. Worse, the crimes of the cartel are not even hidden any longer, they are just ignored. Those who rule us are never held accountable for anything. 

Like signature verification is the single, ineffective control for mail-in ballots, the “Oath of Office” is the single, ineffective control for government corruption. Both present only a façade of integrity. Neither are actually what they claim. 

“We’re waiting on the government to prosecute the government, so we’re gonna be waiting a long time.”

my buddy jason

It’s against this backdrop that Trump just launched us, immediately following a stolen election, into a new two year political campaign season. In the midst of Arizona’s communist takeover, Trump provided the Narrators with a reasonable distraction from all the bolshevism. 

The last thing America needs right now is a political campaign. We need some accountability and a restoration of public trust. That will never come from politics. 

It has to come from us. 

It Had to Be This Way, Or Something

While underwhelmed, I am supportive of President Trump’s message Tuesday.

“This will not be my campaign, this will be our campaign, together.”

President Donald J. Trump

He is mounting another Presidential run on a rigged election system, and he has already begun fundraising for that effort. Those who are excited to campaign should support 45.

Oh boy, the “Founder List!” 

Those of us who are drained and discouraged by politics – but resolved and committed to reclaiming American civics to restore our self governance – are in exactly the same position that we were prior to Tuesday’s announcement.

We have always been the plan. 


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7 thoughts on ““Blessed Be The Fruit”: Trump’s Speech and America’s Institutional Slavery

  1. Hit the nail on the head again Ashe ❤️ I think the good people of Colorado are fighting the head of the monster, we started much earlier than the rest of the country…I believe we are the birth place of all the evil voting scams.
    I just got a new set of eyes so I’m back in the fight, well, as much as an old fat lady can. Please let me know if you need help with anything. Jennifer I love your comment. I woke up with what felt like a hangover…literally sick in the pit of my soul. Cried for a few hours. Went out and beat up some dirt. Came in and looked for land in Wyo. Changed from a republican to a libertarian. I feel helpless 🙁
    Ashe we need to get the word out on the western slope…they are asleep. Should I start a new newspaper (might need some help), newsletter mailed to people, billboards? Okay deep breath, thanks ladies!

  2. Hey Ashe. Great commentary which brought up a couple of things for me.
    I to would have liked more talk on the fraud and steal that we, AGAIN, saw happen. I would have liked to hear him have said that he will immediately pardon and release all patriots held illegally due to the “insurrection” on Jan 6th.
    However, I find myself thinking this man and he is only a man, one man who is willing to sacrifice himself (albeit financially and psychologically) and his family to make our country what he believes, and most Americans believe, to be a great nation again. And yet, he can only do so much.
    He has been dragged through the mud for YEARS. Years! The state run media are already saying that he may not be able to run due to the myriad of investigations and lawsuits he is facing. None of which have resulted in anything BTW.
    When he was elected president which the deep state truly did not see coming and did try to steal it, I truly believe that he did not know the extent of the corruption there was in all of the branches of government. We do not elect a king; Presidents do not have the power to legislate nor persecute (ahem Biden). He can only do so much…. He was re-elected in 2020 and I am sure that steal was also a realization of just how corrupted our system is now. They do not want him in, and they will do everything they can to stop him. He needs boots on the ground, us, the people to help pave the way so that he can regain his presidency.
    Another thought I have had as I am seeing the comments about how so many are “disappointed,” “dejected,” “underwhelmed,” etc. I feel this to. After Selection Day, I was angry but also depressed. I still am.
    I am a mental health therapist, and this reminds me of grief. Americans are depressed, we are grieving right how. We know our elections were stolen, it has become blatant, the establishment doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. Days, weeks, to count ballots?? Machines breaking down? No debates? Republican treasures win and mining supervisors win but not the Republican Governor?? We know this is happening and we are trying to fend off helplessness and hopelessness. But grief is a process…We are in the first stage of grief: depression (and side note grief is not linear, we go through each stage differently and at different times). Once we process our depression and for some, we are in anger already; I hope that we will see the light and realize how we can come back to continue the fight. If we don’t, we are lost. We must fight to continue to purge the RINOS and Communists that are still in our way. That may take 2 years who knows.
    I understand that you are not stating that you are giving up. Allow yourself time to grieve. We must get back up and continue this fight.

  3. I’m so weary. I hoped for much more last night than the simple announcement of his 2024 run. There were nuggets in the speech. The most important was his declaration that the 2024 election would be different… paper ballots? Quantum voting? I’m not sure what the different system he was referring to is, but there is hope in this idea.
    We much remove Electronic Voting Systems, no mail in ballots, no Digital ID, No Blockchain, No Internet Voting….
    Thanks Ashe. Great article.

  4. I will vote one more time in the 2024 election for President Trump. If the election is stolen again, it will be my last. Three strikes and you’re out, government. That doesn’t mean I’ll quit fighting for the restoration of America–just voting. So think deeply about the implications of what THAT means!

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