We Will Not Stand For Stolen Elections

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Since the government and corporations, but I repeat myself, have aligned to construct reality in their image, the lives of Americans have consistently degraded. 

The American Rescue Plan made us hostages to trillions in debt. The Inflation Reduction Act increased inflationary pressures, exacerbating the looming economic crisis created by pandemic policies and the CARES Act. You remember the CARES Act – that’s when they gave Americans $600 and spent billions on Pakistani Gender Programs and other obvious money laundering schemes. 

The CHIPS and Science Act and the BioTech Executive Orders released earlier this year further enmesh the Public-Private Partnerships that are driving the Great Reset. In the midst of unprecedented crises in every corner of the world, governments are advancing an aggressively progressive world realignment. And Biden is leading the way. 

A loathed, demented, criminal fool is acting largely by executive order to bring about the world desired by the World Economic Forum – will of the people be damned. Then he and his surrogates look you in the eyes and tell you that you want it. That what they are doing is incredibly popular. 


Everyone keeps talking about a red wave. Everyone except the White House and Congressional Democrats. They are talking about Mega Maga Militias and political violence, as if that’s really happening. Their only example is a homeless, potentially nudist, LGBT activist who has always been a leftist until he allegedly attacked Paul Pelosi. 

They are also telling everyone that “it takes time to count all the votes” and “you won’t know the winners on election night.” These messages pop up in search browsers and social feeds, attempting to convince Americans that counting the vote is somehow more complicated and difficult now than it has been…since forever. 

Then, because they consider us all (regardless of how woke you are) stupid and useless eaters, they tell us that we NEED electronic voting equipment for “efficiency,” even though it’s apparently not very efficient since it now allegedly takes longer to count the votes. 

Finally, they tell us the super slow but necessary technology that brings us unprecedented election uncertainty is safe and secure – in contradiction of their own election experts, whose testimonies are kept under seal by establishment judges protecting the narrative. (Spoiler: It’s also not secure.)

The reality is that an overwhelming majority of Americans are awake to the psychological operation and watching the narrative, comparing it against reality. The global corporate communists are found wanting in the disinfecting sunlight. 

We speculated back in the summer that Kari Lake would win her primary so that the court could throw out her injunction to remove the electronic voting equipment. She won, and the injunction was tossed. Then, we predicted, the race would appear tight and Katie Hobbs would edge her out as Governor of Arizona. Last week a news station “accidentally” aired that exact scenario, but they claimed to just be testing. Right. 

We will find out on Tuesday whether or not we were right in the totality of our prediction, or if Lake will rightfully become Arizona’s Chief Executive. For the record, we hope we are wrong because Kari Lake will make an excellent governor for the people of Arizona, and Katie Hobbs has already proven repeatedly that she does not care about or represent the people of her state. 

Correction – we will find out whenever allowed by the new, inexplicably slower process the establishment has recently cooked up. Because, “It takes time to count all the votes.” 

In Ohio, Independent Secretary of State candidate Terpsehore “Tore” Maras has been fought by her opponent, incumbent Ohio Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose. She is on the ballot, and her case for equal treatment was just filed in the Supreme Court. 

Here in Colorado, enthusiasm is low since the June 28 primary elections were lousy with irregularities and all efforts at transparency were obstructed by The State. The choices posed to Colorado voters are effectively Soros v. Zuckerberg, distinct varietals of the status quo. 

In Wisconsin, write-in candidate Adam Steen is billed as the “easiest write-in ever,” but of course he lost his primary against WI Speaker Robin Vos via electronic voting. The write in aspect of this contest will make for interesting post election audits.

In the final push for power, political activity is frenzied and every-present. In less than a week, we will have new stories, new questions and, of course, new narratives. We may even have some new leaders, depending on the geography. That is unlikely here in Colorado, where all the incumbents won their primaries, because people are so happy with the status quo in 2022 that they voted to keep it…

Whatever happens on Tuesday, make your voice peacefully and patriotically heard on Election Day.  Vote like your childrens’ lives depend on it. They do. 


Here’s today’s letter to Congress.

Everyone keeps talking about a red wave. Everyone except the White House and Congress. 

The Democrat Trifecta in DC is now telling everyone that “it takes time to count all the votes” and “you won’t know the winners on election night.” Many Republicans are going along with this nonsensical narrative. 

These messages pop up in search browsers and social feeds, attempting to convince Americans that counting the vote is somehow more complicated and difficult now than it has been…since forever. 

Inexplicably, you also tell us that you need electronic voting equipment for efficiency and “security,” but apparently it’s not very efficient since it’s now taking longer to count the votes. It’s also not secure, as J. Alex Halderman pointed out over five years ago.

Why are you – those who claim to represent us – not interested in that sealed testimony that shows the vulnerabilities of electronic voting equipment. You know why. We know why. You know we know why.

But you’re still lying and obstructing and desperately trying to maintain your narrative. But 68% of Americans believe that government corruption is our nation’s greatest threat. 

We will not stand for stolen elections, opaque processes, and black box voting anomalies. We will not stand for overt gaslighting and blatant lying as you systematically destroy America. 

Biden said during his second Red Sermon on Wednesday: 

“As I stand here today, there are candidates running for every level of office in America — for governor, Congress, attorney general, secretary of state — who won’t commit — they will not commit to accepting the results of elections that they’re running in. That is a path to chaos in America.  It’s unprecedented, it’s unlawful, and it’s un-American.  As I’ve said before, you can’t love your country only when you win.”

It’s almost like you think there are Americans that still believe that bumbling demented psych patient got 81 million votes. Of course no one is going to commit to blindly accepting the results of an election conducted on a system that is conducted in a black box, with zero transparency, that is proven to be designed for election-rigging. This is especially true since any inquiries are met with major gaslighting and political persecution. 


Remember Your Oath. 


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