My Latest Chronicle Column: You Have Options in These Elections — Choose Wisely

This article was first published in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle on October 21, 2022.

The 2022 midterm election is in progress in Colorado, with ballots distributed and early in-person voting underway.

Our Colorado midterms have been the subject of national news in recent weeks, with Secretary Jena Griswold “accidentally” sending 31,000 registration invitations to ineligible voters. Many have forgotten: She did the same thing prior to the 2020 election, though she defended the action two years ago. Now they now call it a mistake.

Secretary of State

The Denver Post gave a strong endorsement of Secretary Griswold’s opponent, former Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder Pam Anderson, who is also the former Director of the Colorado County Clerks Association and the Executive Director of Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civil Life. She is currently on leave from CTCL to run for Secretary of State.

The Post endorsement tells you everything you need to know about the Secretary of State race: A vote for either major party candidate in this race is effectively a vote for the fraud-denying establishment. Soros (Griswold) or Zuckerberg (Anderson) – that’s the “choice.”

The uniparty wants you to believe these are your only choices, though the American Constitution Party has put up Amanda Campbell and the Libertarians are running Bennett Rutledge. Either is a vote for change.

US Senate

In the Senate race, it’s incumbent Michael Bennett or Pro-Choice, Never Trumper Joe O’Dea. President Trump came out against Joe O’Dea in October in response to the candidate’s recent attacks against 45.

Pro-Life, Libertarian Brian Peotter is also running for Senate in Colorado, and he is the top polling Libertarian in America. Despite Peotter’s popularity, he is being restricted from debating, an obvious attempt to limit his exposure to the people.

Attorney General

For Attorney General, arguably the most important statewide race this election, incumbent Democrat Phil Weiser is facing off against Republican John Kellner, sitting District Attorney for Colorado’s largest judicial district.

Both Weiser and Kellner view the role of AG as protecting the legal interests of the state – based on their actions. For example, Weiser has defended Griswold in litigation between her and other elected officials in the state. Kellner, despite receiving multitudes of reports, petitions, affidavits, and evidence of election fraud in his jurisdiction has thus far refused to pursue the leads.

During the Republican Assembly and Convention in the spring, former Republican Stanley Thorne won a spot on the primary ballot for AG, but the Republican establishment – led by Kristi Burton Brown, George Brauchler, and Kellner himself – kept Thorne off the ballot. Thorne has qualified for “write-in” status, and voters can simply write “THORNE” into the space indicated on their ballot.

Stanley Thorne is distinct in this race as he has openly committed to prosecute government corruption and credible claims of election fraud. In a state were nearly 45% of voters are disillusioned with the two parties and unaffiliated, this vote seems like a no-brainer.


Then of course, there is the Governor race, where incumbent Democrat Jared Polis is facing off against Republican CU Regent Heidi Ganahl. There is zero excitement for either candidate across the state.

The American Constitution Party is running Danielle Neuschwanger in this race. Remember the Governor’s results determine major or minor party status in Colorado, and voters need another party choice in our state. Bonus points for banishing the Republicans to minor status with less than 10%.

This is usually the point where I get screamed at: “You’ll split the vote!”

When either party runs terrible candidates, that’s the argument. “You MUST vote D or R or you’re handing the election to the other party!”

As the 2010 gubernatorial race proved, independent and third party candidates are more popular in our state than Republicans. By more than 200% in 2010 – and Republican popularity has nose-dived since.

You Have Options

Election day turnout breaks their algorithm so be sure to cast your vote in person on election day – not via mail or drop box.

The parties want you to think you have no choice. All D and R statewide candidates are unpopular, so they rely on fear of “splitting the vote” to convince you that you have no choice.

But you do. You have options when it comes to your representation.

Choose wisely.

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4 thoughts on “My Latest Chronicle Column: You Have Options in These Elections — Choose Wisely

  1. Ashe, how about sharing your opinions regarding the State Ballot Measures on the backside of the Colorado State ballot, to assist us in our voting.

    1. Ok I finally did this and I am BIG MAD about what I learned. Report coming tomorrow and expect this to come up on Conservative Daily shows this week. For example, the general assembly wants to restructure the tax code in the name of free school lunch. Sinister and evil.

  2. Independent candidates are always a long shot. However whenever they do breakthrough they have a powerful impact on the old norms and beliefs that only the two parties matter! Nice assessment and shinning a light on candidates that could actually make a difference.

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