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nearly half of nation’s AGs fight back against national gun registry; congress silent


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If you google this story, you won’t find it. 

Late Tuesday, Breaking911 reported that the Attorneys General of 24 states, led by Tennessee and Montana, are opposing the new merchant category code (MCC) announced by credit companies earlier this month for firearm and firearm-related purchases. 

Joining Tennessee and Montana were Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Wyoming, West Virginia.

Tell your legislators to get on the record about the MCC, and use the power of their office to prevent further implementation of the MCC across our country.

The new MCC flag is being advertised as a way to combat mass shootings and gun trafficking. It’s unclear how it will do that considering this code will be used to track the gun and ammo purchases of American citizens. 

To their credit, the AGs of almost half of these United States are fighting back. The letter released today was intended to alert the chief executives of VISA, MasterCard, and American Express that the new MCC is potentially a violation of consumer protection and antitrust laws.

“We, the undersigned Attorneys General, write to express our concerns about the legality of recent actions you have taken or are considering taking at the behest of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). As our respective States’ chief legal officers, we are tasked with protecting the constitutional rights of our citizens, defending our consumers from privacy intrusions and other abuses, and enforcing antitrust laws. Accordingly, we share our concerns and ask that you take immediate action to comport with our consumer protection laws and respect the constitutional rights of all Americans.”

Privacy is a myth (and a meme) in modern America, but these AGs have the right idea. The letter continues:

“Recently, the ISO voted to create a Merchant Category Code for gun stores to use when processing credit and debit card transactions. The move was prompted by years of pressure from ideologues and accomplished via an application by the union-owned Amalgamated Bank. Troublingly, some of you have already begun implementing this new policy.”

From Influence Watch on Amalgamated Bank:

“The bank also uses its considerable financial resources to pursue a left-wing corporate governance agenda. Through activist investing, the bank only invests in companies that share its liberal social and environmental goals. Amalgamated seeks to force corporate boards to implement left-of-center policies, including environmentalist policies, political spending disclosures, and labor restrictions.”

To summarize, the labor unions worked with the credit card companies to create a national gun registry, stripping you of your privacy and putting you on a list for future disarmament initiatives. 

As the AG letter says, “…generating a “list of gun buyers” creates the obvious risk that law-abiding consumers’ information will be leaked, discovered, hacked, or otherwise obtained and misused by those who oppose Americans exercising their Second Amendment rights.”

It’s not a risk, it’s a certainty. In fact, that is the entire point. 

What those leftists plotting to disarm you know is that an authoritarian regime will not last long in an armed society. They must disarm the American people to bring about their Great Reset. To disarm the American people, they must know who has the guns. That’s why the MCC.

If they’re flagging purchases, they’re tracking purchases. If they’re tracking purchases, then how that information and data is used will, obviously, change and grow and evolve as the political winds change and grow and evolve. 

This is why gun registries are wholly unconstitutional, whether they’re created by the government or by the credit card companies on behalf of the government. 

This effort is already being implemented, and it must be stopped.

While these 24 attorneys general are fighting back, Congress remains silent.

Nearly half the nation’s AGs agree with the American People: The “flagging” of problematic purchases is a violation of Americans’ second amendment rights.

Tell your legislators to get on the record about the MCC, and use the power of their office to prevent further implementation of the MCC across our country.

Here is today’s letter to Congress: 

You cannot have an authoritarian or totalitarian regime for long in an armed society. You know that you have to disarm the American people to bring about the Great Reset. To do that, you need a registry of who has the guns.  

The credit card companies and the Democrats union-owned bank have created this registry through the MCC. The Constitution won’t allow YOU to do it, so you got your union thugs to make it a public/private endeavor. 

You know it, we know it, and the Attorneys General of 24 states know it, which is why they sent a letter to the credit companies CEO alerting them as such. 

It’s becoming clearer and clearer that Congress’ inaction and impotence in protecting our rights has put those rights in jeopardy. All you do is waste our money and trample on our rights – why do we need you at all?

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: You were sent to DC to preserve and protect our rights. The 2A is explicit in the Constitution, and your literal job is to protect our rights. Get on the record about the MCC, and use the power of your office to prevent further implementation of the MCC across our country. 

Tell your legislators to get on the record about the MCC, and use the power of their office to prevent further implementation of the MCC across our country.

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