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daily redress: biden’s expanded irs armed force is four times the size of the us border patrol


Each day, I write an article and letter to Congress on Conservative Daily, petitioning for redress, or remedy, of our grievances. Our voice is the most important tool we have and, if we are awake, we have a duty to speak up. There is a small fee to send this to your legislators on Conservative Daily, which supports both the show and my writing. You can also copy it below and send it. With a Conservative Daily membership, you can customize and send this letter to your legislators each day for free, with the touch of a button. In Liberty, Ashe

Here is today’s letter to Congress. Customize and send to your legislators. Use Your Voice!


We haven’t yet heard your statement denouncing the Biden regime’s weaponization of the federal government against American citizens. We’re still waiting for you to go on record about the US government’s violations of the Bill of Rights.

Now as we dig into your latest money laundering scheme, also known as the Inflation Reduction Act, we learn that you’re building an army of armed IRS Special Agents who must be ready to use deadly force in the field. In the IRS. 

You’ve also taken President Trump’s simplified tax system — one that made OUR lives easier — and made it even more complicated than it was before. 

Is prosecuting taxpayer confusion as a crime the intent of your new IRS Army? 



This newly expanded law enforcement force is four times the size of the US Border Patrol. It is more than eight army infantry divisions; more than four army corps. And for a really poignant comparison, the US committed around 73,000 troops on D-Day to punch a hole in Hitler’s Atlantic Wall—to defeat tyranny. Biden needs 87,000 jackboots to ensure tyranny succeeds in America.”

The online job description originally called for applicants to be willing to use deadly force. As we discussed on Wednesday’s afternoon show, the job description we were able to find changed yesterday; now the National Review is reporting that the IRS deleted the job description.

Why did they delete it? Too much honesty? You all certainly didn’t change your plans.

We are alarmed. And we have had enough.

You promised to protect our rights on the campaign trail. You swore an oath to protect them when assuming office. We don’t want to hear your empty rhetoric and unfulfilled promises any longer. We demand you set this right. 

Remember your oath, and start doing your job. If you cannot, then resign in disgrace for the complete and total failure to achieve the objectives for which you were hired. 

Fax your legislators today — demand they stop Biden from creating his armed force of IRS troops!

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