daily redress: get your legislators on the record about these bill of rights violations

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As you passed almost a trillion dollars of spending in the midst of record high inflation, the people are sobering up to the reality that you’ve tacitly suspended the Bill of Rights. 

Consider that there are now speech and thought crimes in law books around the country. Assembly and movement have been suppressed by government overreach and manufactured crises. Synagogues and Churches have been persecuted for religious observation without The State’s permission. 

Disarmament of peaceful Americans is now the mainstream policy of the US government. That’s a line. 

You haven’t had us quarter soldiers (yet), but most wouldn’t dare oppose it. And if your victims weren’t so scared of your FBI brownshirts to share their stories, we’d probably discover that this, too, has happened.

Your continued reauthorizations of the Patriot Act (and its expansive successors) have eliminated protections from unlawful search and seizure, as President Trump experienced on Monday. 

People can still “plead the fifth,” in court so as not to incriminate themselves, but secret courts and politicization have called the entire system into question. Also, victims of government are never properly compensated for what The State decides to take. There is never accountability for The State.

The January 6 political prisoners annihilate any argument that the right to a quick and speedy trial by jury still exists. Many of them haven’t even been charged. 

Federal cases are no longer tried in accordance with Common Law, as it was defined when the Seventh was written and, again, secret courts and politicization have called the entire system into question.

Excessive bail isn’t required for those who agree with The State’s ideology of enslavement and oppression. Bail is rarely an option for prisoners of The State and, when it is, it is most definitely excessive. Cruel and unusual punishments are the norm for those in the DC Gulag.

There are no rights left for the people outside of The State because you have infiltrated every aspect of our lives down to what we can say in the “privacy” of our own homes. So the Ninth is moot at this point. 

Your response to the Supreme Court reinforcing the Tenth and overturning Roe has shown us where you stand on that one.

Which of our rights remain? Where can we go that The State won’t follow? How have you redefined Liberty to rationalize such violations of your sacred oath? 

You must go on the record today about the Bill of Rights. We the People deserve and demand to know your stance on every one of these violations. If you remain silent, we will assume you are supportive of these infringements and that you are willfully violating your oath. If you remain silent, you will make clear that you are an enemy of We the People. 

The People have not escalated.  The State is escalating. That is dangerous. 

Come out publicly about The State’s violations about the Bill of Rights and what you’re going to do about it. Now. Today. 

Remember your oath.

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