daily redress: they passed the inflation spending…read that again

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To those who claim to represent the People in the Federal Government:

An inflation reduction spending package. You really did it. You’re messaging this as, “inflation-fighting health care, climate change and deficit reduction strategies.” 

“The single biggest investment in climate change in U.S. History.” 

As Americans struggle to buy food, gas and other necessities, you’re printing money for climate change. 

Americans don’t need billions in green investments. 

We don’t need the central bank to make our purchases more expensive, and we don’t need congress increasing taxes on the supply chain. 

We don’t need to expand federal agencies and send tax collectors to people’s homes.

We need you to stop.

Stop printing money. 

Stop coming up with ideas.

Stop trying to help. You are absolutely terrible at this. 

The American people are well equipped to fix our economy. We did it when the 45th President moved the government out of the way. 

Now you want another at-bat and, through a stolen election, you got that chance. You’ve put it back they way it was before President Trump woke up the American people to the problems with their government and institutions.

This Congress hasn’t even been in power for two years, and you’ve proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that you’re incompetent, ingorant, and incapable of anything other than shameless self promotion and advancement. 

We haven’t met, but I’m willing to bet that you campaigned on fiscal responsibility and putting an end to corruption. It’s a safe bet, because you all do that. When campaigning, you all make strongly-worded speeches with high ideals of how you’re so much different than the swamp scum you seek to replace. You’re different, right?

Wrong. You failed. You’re campaigning all the time and have forgotten why we sent you. 

You can consider your job performance, for the past two years, a complete and total failure to achieve the objectives for which you were hired. Just so there is no ambiguity, here is what you were hired to do: 

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

Take responsibility for your actions, and change course. We are watching and tracking the metrics. We are not some media organization that you can buy off to change the definition of recession. We the People are watching, and we can’t be bought. 

You’re exposed. And we will be tracking how your Inflation Reduction Act impacts inflation. We will hold you accountable for the outcomes.

If you continue this destructive course, we must resolve that you’re doing it intentionally. You’re punishing the American people, while stealing our wealth and enriching your friends. Inflation didn’t just happen – it is the direct result of your reckless policies. 

The Constitution is under attack. The enemy is inside the gates. Where are you?

Redress this egregiously offensive legislation – send today’s rebuke to your legislators! 

USE YOUR VOICE! Customize and fax this letter to your legislators, and get in the gap for free and fair elections!

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