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STOP PRINTING MONEY! Tell Congress to kill the “inflation-fighting”spending package! 

Congress is fighting inflation by taxing the supply chain to make the goods more expensive, printing nearly a trillion dollars and spending the majority of it on climate change, and building an army of IRS agents to make sure you don’t keep a penny more (of your earned money) than the federal government says you can.

Are they intentionally destroying America or just too stupid to govern? 

As we reported last month, the Democrats are pushing inflation-fighting federal spending package – yes, you read that correctly.

The legislation was unveiled just after the Federal Reserve raised interest rates again, as the U.S. central bank aims to make your credit cards, mortgages, and car loans more expensive in hopes you’ll spend less and help cool inflation. 

You hear that? Inflation is your fault. 

STOP PRINTING MONEY! Tell Congress to kill this irresponsible spending package! 

This is NOT one of those times when we expect the radical House legislation to die in the Senate. Both sides of the aisle love to print and spend money. They’re really quite gifted at it. 

Senator Kristen Sinema (D-AZ) was the lone hold out on the Democrat side of the aisle, and earlier this week she agreed to move forward. The bill is co-sponsored by nine Republicans, meaning the Dems need just one more vote to pass this economically-illiterate legislation.

U.S. News described the package as a, “not unsubstantial, compromise package of inflation-fighting health care, climate change and deficit reduction strategies that appears headed toward quick votes in Congress.”

Yahoo! Finance tried to reset expectations on Wednesday, “This bill is not going to get us from 9% inflation down to the 2% to 3% [the target range for the Fed],” Marc Goldwein, a senior director at the committee [for a Responsible Federal Budget], told Yahoo Finance Live. Goldwein, who supports the bill, argued that it aims to “make the Federal Reserve’s job just a little bit easier so that they can fight inflation with fiscal policy moving in the same direction.”

That committee is ironically named, right?

More than half of the bill’s estimated spending is being messaged as, “The single biggest investment in climate change in U.S. History.” That feels like exactly what middle class Americans struggle to buy food, gas and other necessities need right now. 

The narrative on this bill is, “inflation-fighting health care, climate change and deficit reduction strategies.” The strategy for Washington lawmakers to fight inflation is to print and spend billions on Obamacare and climate change. I wish I was making this up.

Just in case you think they don’t have a way to pay for this, the bill includes a new 15% minimum tax on corporations that earn more than $1 billion in annual profits. They also included an $80 billion investment in the IRS to make sure you pay every dollar you’re supposed to on tax day.

It’s painfully clear that Americans can’t take much more of this great reset. 

The inflation relief that Americans need most is for the “lawmakers” in Washington to take a recess. A long one. 

Fax Congress today and demand a no vote on this destructive spending package! 

To those who claim to represent the People in the Federal Government:

“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

You took an oath when you accepted the sacred position of representing the American People. 

When you ran for office, the constituents that elected you presumed that you understood basic economic principles. Yet, this Congress is on the cusp of passing an “inflation-fighting spending package.” 

You’re messaging this spending package as, “inflation-fighting health care, climate change and deficit reduction strategies.” Your strategy to fight inflation is to print and spend $739 billion on Obamacare and climate change?

More than half of the bill’s estimated spending is being messaged as, “The single biggest investment in climate change in U.S. History.” As Americans struggle to buy food, gas and other necessities, you align with Buttigieg who told us to fight inflation by buying electric cars. Shameless.

Americans don’t need billions in green investments. We don’t need the central bank to make our purchases more expensive, and we don’t need congress increasing taxes on the supply chain. We don’t need to expand federal agencies and send tax collectors to people’s homes.

We need you to stop printing and spending money. We know it’s hard. We know it’s all you know how to do. But you need to stop. You’re crushing us. 

If you continue this destructive course, we must resolve that you’re doing it intentionally.

These actions are punishing the American people, while stealing our wealth and enriching your friends. Inflation is not something that just happened – it is the direct result of Congressional print and spend policies going back decades.

Take responsibility for your actions, and change course. 

Your policies and actions are directly making life even more painful for everyday Americans. Either you’re doing your part for the great reset, or you’re too incompetent to govern our nation.

We sent you to Washington to represent our interests and protect our rights. Instead, you’ve enriched yourself while bankrupting us, and our children, and their children. 

Take a stand and get in the gap for the millions of Americans who are struggling to make ends meet. 

The enemy is inside the gates. If you cannot do your job, resign in disgrace immediately.

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