daily redress: immediately stop tax-payer funding of fake news

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To those who claim to represent the People in the Federal Government:

Demand Congress abolish all tax-payer funding of media companies immediately. 

“Trump colluded with Russia.” “The machines don’t connect to the internet.” “Two weeks to slow the spread.” “Masks prevent the spread of covid.” “Safe and effective vaccines.” “Putin’s Price Hikes.” “Insurrection!” “The Big Lie.”

The First Amendment protects media companies from being held accountable for lying to the American people. Even when those lies lead to $40M, multi-year, outcome-less investigations. Even when those lies tell us Joe Biden won the Presidency. Even when those lies coerce people to take experimental gene therapies. Even “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.”

According to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, about $1.14 billion of the $2.85 billion spent on public broadcasting comes from federal and state government sources. That’s YOU. During Covid, the government printed several billion in relief loans for major media companies. 

I’m sure it will all be paid back to the People. YOU have proven to be such great stewards of the People’s resources. 

While media lies are (for now) protected, the idea that we need to fund their “best-selling truth of the day” is a bridge too far (and probably to nowhere because, government). 

Public broadcasting is irreparably biased. Failing for-profit media companies that cannot secure readers or develop a successful business model should fail. They’re likely being held accountable to the truth – before YOU swoop in and bail them out with our tax dollars. 

Remove the subsidies, and the market – the People – will determine what outlets will receive our time and attention. 

Media relying on government favor and funding cannot hold the government accountable. Like every other action YOU take, the People are the ones who suffer. 

Stop funding media companies with our tax dollars. Now. Today.

You took an oath when you accepted the sacred position of representing the American People. If you can’t honor that oath, resign in disgrace immediately.

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