daily redress: demand equal treatment – sanction rep. sanchez

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To those who claim to represent the People in the Federal Government:

Before all the kneeling in protest of our flag, most of us considered Baseball the great American pastime. This is enshrined in the annual Congressional baseball game, a contest that has been played since 1909.

The 10-0 score of Thursday’s contest is a metaphor for the midterms, and you’d better pay attention. Americans are finished with the radical left’s agenda. 

Representative Linda Sanchez (D-CA) seems to understand the stakes, though she displayed her frustration with being on the losing team by publicly making an obscene gesture to the GOP baseball team after her walk, before returning to the bench to be replaced with a better runner.

This is the level of respect and decorum that we expect from the radical left, and Sanchez represents that classless lot with perfection. If baseball is America’s pastime then sportsmanship is America’s virtue. It’s not surprising that Sanchez respects neither. Like the rest of the radical left, she fundamentally hates America. 

Since this Congress came into power, Republican lawmakers have been sanctioned, stripped of committee assignments, and publicly flogged for much less than the behavior we saw from Representative Sanchez on Thursday. 

We, the People of this great nation, know that the radical left is destroying our nation and punishing anyone who dares get in their way. 

We, the People of this great nation, know that justice in Democrat-controlled America is asymmetrical and ideologically dependent. 

We, the People of this great nation, are watching to see if anyone in either chamber is willing to stand for us. But we aren’t holding our breath. 

Surprise us, please. Treat representative Sanchez the way you’ve treated Republican lawmakers like Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO). Sanction Representative Sanchez and strip her of her committee assignments today.

We believe that you’ve abandoned your civic and constitutional duty to play politics. Prove us wrong! 

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