exculpatory report on elbert county elections destroys griswold’s narrative. so she’s suppressing it.

Someone in the comments on my site said I was crazy for believing Colorado is run by commies. The matrix is powerful.

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has dropped the hammer on local governments and individual citizens around the state. 

Regardless of whether you label it “fascism,” “despotism,” “tyranny” or, my favorite, “global corporate communism,” Griswold is an authoritarian and has centralized power such that no one dares question her. 

If you question her, she will make an example out of you. She likes to make examples. Just ask Tina Peters.

let’s take a trip to elbert county

Most Coloradans – and Americans – are familiar with Mesa County and the tale of Tina Peters. She has been the public face of Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s widespread state overreach and centralization of power. 

Lesser known, but just as tyrannical, is the story of Elbert County and Dallas Schroeder. Clerk Schroeder also took a forensic image of Dominion machines prior to Griswold’s “trusted build” that wiped state election records, though he has successfully avoided the media circus that hounds Tina Peters. 

I’ve written about Clerk Schroeder and Griswold’s unacceptable advances in Elbert County, but let me catch you up before I give you the latest.

Clerk Schroeder legally imaged his machines. Griswold found out about this when Schroeder disclosed it in a lawsuit against her (classic). Griswold then went all “Mesa County” and declared the clerk a criminal, descending upon his office to the ravenous cheers of the four active members of the Elbert County Democrat Party (who all happen to have Griswold and team in their “Favorites” list). 

Griswold then appointed a babysitter to oversee Elbert elections, like she has done in Mesa, Pueblo and, potentially, Alamosa (more on that in a minute). Fast forward to the scandalous June 28 primary election, and that’s where our story begins.

you need a consultant. that’s not a request.

Secretary Griswold appointed consultant Christi Coburn to oversee elections in Elbert County. There was absolutely no legitimate reason to do this except that Griswold is panicked that the truth about Colorado elections will come out. Any election official who shows an inclination to find or speak the truth attracts Griswold’s fury. That’s happening big time after the recent primary results that saw multiple anomalies and vote swaps

Griswold just keeps screaming “Gold Standard” at everyone and pretending not to see the new — and all the prior — evidence of anomalies and violations.

Elbert county is small with just under 22,000 active voters. According to the Clerk’s office, Coburn was present from the beginning to the end of the primary election in Elbert County. For her extraordinary fees, she produced a report that suggested that the county buy bigger monitors. 

The report also confirmed what election integrity activists have been saying for over a year: The state’s signature verification processes — the lone and overhyped control for mail-in ballots — is completely insufficient. 

My favorite is, “Best Practice Recommendation 5. The County should create and implement a structured, documented audit process for signature verification judges.” Indeed.

Note that pretty much every recommendation is preceded with some variation of, “While the county operated in accordance with applicable law…” In other words, “I got nothing, but I have to come up with some sort of recommendations or Jena won’t pay me.”  

Think I am exaggerating? Here is the report summary:

“Elbert County conducted the day-to-day operations of administering the 2022 Primary Election through Election Day in substantial compliance with applicable laws and rules. County staff were diligent, thoughtful, and voter-focused. The County has implemented compliant processes but could benefit from adopting the Best Practice Recommendations listed above to improve efficiency, accuracy, transparency, and security.

Given that the County’s observed processes are substantially compliant with applicable laws and rules, and, given that Elbert County successfully conducted operations through Election Day during the 2022 Primary Election, it is my opinion that daily monitoring and oversight is no longer necessary. The County appears well-equipped to conduct future elections with current staff, facilities, and resources. Therefore, it is my recommendation that the Secretary terminate her Election Order 2022-09, dated June 9, 2022, at this time.”

Christi Coburn, Consultant Assigned by Griswold to Oversee Elbert Elections

Who thinks that Jena is going to terminate her order before the general? Me either. You can read the entire report here:

Keep in mind that every single process Coburn is criticizing and recommending for “Best Practices” is one mandated by Griswold in the name of “defending democracy!” These are Griswold’s processes and HER failures, especially since she wrote the nonsensical legislation that Colorado’s General Assembly recently passed, which concentrates election power in the hands of her office.

who pays for this?

Elbert County taxpayers, of course! But before I get to that, according to my sources in the clerk’s office, prior to completing her engagement to oversee the primary in Elbert, Coburn claimed it would be customary to send a copy of the report to the county. As of press time, the report has not been delivered to the county. We obtained a copy through an open records request.

Let me repeat: Secretary Griswold DID NOT deliver a copy of the report to Clerk Schroeder nor did she issue a press release about the report findings. 

Seretary Griswold released multiple press releases about this situation earlier this year. You can read those here, here, and here. When she appointed Coburn, she announced it here.

She’d likely say that she did that to keep the public informed

But if the initial press overload about Clerk Schroeder was meant to keep the public informed, why has there been no announcement informing the public of the report that destroys her narrative and vindicates the Elbert County team?

Because it’s off narrative, of course.

When asked for comment, Clerk Schroeder shared:

“Secretary Griswold’s continued politicization of her position as Secretary of State is contrary to her oft-repeated line that she is doing all of this for ‘free and fair’ elections. It is disappointing, but not surprising, that the Secretary of State has somehow tried to connect a dispute on election records and retention of those records, to how Elbert County Elections department conducts elections. These are two very different events. Elbert County Elections goes above SOS minimums in every area to ensure every valid ballot received is counted and counted correctly. This is a direct attack on my dedicated, hard-working and knowledgeable staff and on our outstanding, dedicated group of bipartisan judges and is unwarranted.”

Dallas Schroeder, Elbert County Clerk and Recorder

Remember, Griswold never even sent a copy of the report to the county.

You know what she did deliver? An invoice.

For Coburn, for the unnecessary task of babysitting Elbert elections, and finding nothing wrong, but racking up travel expenses to be incurred by the taxpayers, Griswold sent Clerk Schroeder — in a small county with a small budget — an invoice for $12,661.15

Notice that the invoice is not itemized. It says “assistance” and then “Consulting Services and Travel Expenses from 6/13/22-7/01/22.” That’s transparency for the Griswold camp. And remember, Clerk Schroeder never received the report.

Curiously, or not-at-all surprising given the level of sloppiness we’ve come to expect from the Secretary’s office, the invoice appears to be a copy and paste from Alamosa county. I wonder what Griswold is up to in Alamosa County? Is Griswold asking Elbert to pay for activities in Alamosa? Or, does Griswold apply the same level of rigor and standards to her invoicing process as she does to our elections? That’s it.

So, what did they pay for? That’s a reasonable question given that Clerk Schroeder never received the report. I can’t answer it in terms of value for the $13k price tag.

What should alarm Coloradans most, however, is that the Elbert County Clerk’s office has barely received any communication from the Secretary at all. In fact, the office learned about the litigation she was bringing against them from the press release, linked above. They weren’t even notified prior to the press release. Classy, Jena.

You can’t convince me that Griswold is anything other than a partisan hack. Every accusation she has made against Schroeder and Elbert County has been laid bare as an unvarnished lie in this report, and her rantings are exposed as those of someone (rightfully) afraid she’ll be exposed as a fraud.  Now, she’s charging Elbert citizens for the privilege of indulging her lies and ambitions. Yes, really.

maybe that’s just how they operate?

In case you think the Secretary’s office is just shy, or that they don’t engage in regular back and forth communication with anyone in rural counties like Elbert, remember those ravenous cheers of four (probably) Democrats I mentioned earlier? 

Well, let me introduce you to two of them: Karen, er, I mean, Jill and Jim Duvall, Democrat Co-Chairs in Elbert County. I can’t comment on Jim. I doubt he ever gets a word in. Poor Jim. 

Poor Jim. credit: megalawlz.com

Jill, on the other hand, makes me almost feel sorry for Judd Choate, for which I needed to burn some sage and perform an exorcism before continuing this piece. Get behind me, Choate!

Also, I said “almost.” Choate is the original gangsta of Colorado elections, and his face likely pops up in the dictionary under “bureaucrat.” Many of us have long speculated he’s Jena’s perfect patsy for when all this finally boils over.

Back to Jill. Jill is that one that, when she calls the office, there is some sort of ceremonial short straw that gets pulled before the phone gets answered. I bet every single person that comes in contact with this woman has a nickname for her. And a voice. And if you’re around me, a theme song.

Copyright, Randy Glasbergern 2006. Department name modified by Ashe.

I clipped 36 individual emails out of the 79 PAGES of emails included in the records response, but I can’t do that to my readers. I love you guys too much. The relationship between the Secretary of State’s office and the Elbert County Democrat Party can be ascertained with this small sampling:

Karen, indeed. I am quite curious about the timing of this one:

This request – from the Chair of the Democrat Party in Elbert County to the Secretary of State’s office – was made on May 17, 2022. A few weeks later, on June 9, 2022, Griswold issued the press release that granted the Democrat chair her wish. I’m sure it’s a coincidence.

Also, is that Reuter’s reporter on the payroll?

Remember, no communications from Griswold’s office to the People’s elected officials in Elbert County, but quite the cozy collaboration between her office and the County Party. Has Griswold’s office substituted the Democrat Chairs for the People’s elected officials in Elbert?

I’m not a lawyer, and this may not be illegal, but it’s definitely unbalanced, asymmetrical, and gross. Of course, we expect nothing less from this administration. Gross is on brand.

what happens next?

I will continue to cover this story and bring you more details of the obvious corruption that is spilling from Boulder and Denver to the reddest of counties in Colorado.

Dallas Schroeder, Rhonda Braun, and the team at the Clerk’s office in Elbert County have been vilified by Secretary Griswold without cause. Like I said, Griswold makes an example out of anyone who opposes her tyrannical ambitions. 

Deputy Clerk Rhonda Braun made the point explicitly, “People wonder why no one stands up? This is why no one stands up. There are no clerks lining up in support of us. This is what happens when you stand up for our elections in Jena Griswold’s Colorado.”

And yet Dallas, Rhonda and the rest at the Elbert County Clerk and Recorder’s Office still stand. They are holding a public meeting on August 18, 2022 to share their story of standing in the gap for Colorado elections. This writer will certainly be in attendance.

you can help expose this corruption!

We the People must, once again, stand in the gap of the Colorado press’ absolute dereliction of duty.

First, every one of us needs to call on Secretary Griswold to explain what she found on the hard drives she seized from Elbert County. Do the Elbert images show the same deleted records and vote manipulation that was found on the images in Mesa?

Remember that Griswold seized the Elbert images on the premise that she — the very individual who directed the destruction of Colorado’s election records — needed to “investigate” the preservation of those records. What did she find? Does she still have them? Did she destroy them?

Neither the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, nor its (now) accredited Voting System Testing Labs, nor the Colorado Secretary of State have anyone qualified to conduct cyber forensics on those hard drives or the images they contain. Watching them squirm as they try to explain this should be fun.

Second, why didn’t Griswold do a press release on the report that destroys her narrative? Call her office and ask. Given the flurry of press releases announcing this drama in Elbert, why are they hiding the season finale? What is the outcome, Madam Secretary?

Finally, share the Elbert County election report everywhere, and expose that Griswold has been suppressing information that vindicates Clerk Schroeder against her allegations. Demand that she back off Elbert County elections.

Griswold, while vile, is just a puppet. Exposing her coverup will expose who is pulling her strings. Let’s go.

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  1. This article needed to be in the Denver Post, AND local Newspapers

    1. All the local news has done is carry the sec states messaging. You need to tell people and share it because that’s how we are making an impact. Tell 5 people and tell them to tell 5 people. This is the way we take our state back. Every one of us uses our skills talents and passions to drive change. We each do our part. They have lies, coercion and corruption. We have the truth and the power of the people.

  2. Excellent article, captures what is going on here in Elbert County. If our county citizens do not get involved then change will be almost impossible. If our county BOCC does not speak up against Griswold’s assault on our county, not just once, but loudly and often then change will be impossible. If our county and state republican party are not banging the drum and helping to organize the citizens, then again, nothing. But the bottom line, it all needs to start from the citizens. This is our county and country and we need to start acting like it is. Trusting politicians to do what is right is just downright naive.

  3. One side is bad (ECR), the other side is even worse (commies). Of course the voters lose. Reminds me of the song lyrics:

    “Clowns to the left of me
    Jokers to the right
    Here I am stuck in the middle with you”

    As I see it the only hope we have is to outlast them – most of them are in the 4th Quarter of life and are ready for the pasture. Can’t come soon enough, good riddance!

  4. My stepdaughter lives in Vail. I will forward this to her. Whoever commented your piece that Colorado is not under commusist influence is not paying attention. I have known of this for quite some time, and I live in Wisconsin. We are also being attacked because the state legislature wants to decertify the 2020 election.

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