My Latest Chronicle Column: It’s Time to Split the Vote

In 2021, I gave many speeches that included some variation of, “How are we going to fight Democrats with Republicans stabbing us in the back?” I was told to rejoin the party and attend caucus.

That went well.

Back then I was attempting to convince Republicans that their party was evil. They no longer need convincing.

I was a flag waving, Bush-defending Republican from my 18th in ‘97 to my disillusioned departure in ‘11. My first Presidential was 2000’s Bush v Gore and, as a Floridian journalism student at CU Boulder, I voted absentee.

I spent the early days of the Colorado winter with my eyes fixed on Fox News’ coverage of hanging chads while my liberal—at CU to become hardcore leftist—roommate and friends mocked and belittled my backward Christian, conservative values. I was used to it by then, my junior year. Even in those early years of adulthood, I had a big mouth and an enthusiasm for debate.

Realizing the depths of my deception was a rough awakening. Based on public records and the original reporting of brave eyewitnesses to uniparty corruption, we now know that the 2000 election was like 2020. And 2018. And 2016.

It was theatre. It was rigged.

“But Republicans won!”

Yep. They sure did.

I’ll say it again. It’s a uniparty.

I came to comprehend the reality of the uniparty in 2011, after the left and right came together to destroy Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. From mockingbird hits to orchestrated walkouts of Bachmann’s campaign staff, many of whom were then rewarded by the party, I ragefully unregistered from the Grand Ol’ Party.

In early January, Bachmann withdrew from the contest and six-months later I moved to Colorado, swearing off politics forever. It’s going well.

A couple years earlier, the GOP’s destruction of the Tea Party in Colorado was rhyming with the national story. The Republicans put up embattled candidate Dan Maes, a non-starter for Coloradans due to plagiarism allegations and likeability problems. As an uninvolved observer—and history—would tell it, the American Constitution Party’s Tom Tancredo was the better choice for right-leaning Coloradans in 2010. Tancredo received over 36% of the vote to Maes 11%. Hickenlooper won handily with 51%. The GOP narrowly missed a demotion to Minor Party status (<10%).

If GOP leadership listened to the people rather than their instincts, they would have secured at least 47% of the vote. If a candidate cannot secure the conservatives in the party, they have no chance for the Americans in the middle who are finished with the two-party system, many former Republicans.

If we don’t vote for Republicans, who can we vote for?

While Heidi Ganahl seems like not the worst governor, based on historical data I don’t think a Republican can win in Colorado. The label carries too much baggage because COGOP leadership comprise elitist, authoritarian, big government globalists. They’ve lost the trust of the electorate.

This year, the American Constitution Party has put up Danielle Neuschwanger, a candidate with common sense policy proposals and without the baggage of the “R.”

Similarly, the Libertarians are running a strong, unapologetically prolife US Senate candidate Brian Peotter – against Republican Joe O’Dea who supports codifying Roe v. Wade into federal law.

This story is repeating in contests around the state as voters look for a choice outside the corruption of the uniparty.

If the vote splits in 2022, which way will it break?

Elections are rigged, but you want us to vote?

In case you think I’m contradicting myself, please know that I believe the elections are rigged. All of them.

 “So do you vote?”

Of course. Voting is my duty.


I have zero interest in candidates or campaigns. Elections aren’t about them. Elections are about us, the will of the People.

Every time they steal elections, we get more evidence of how they steal elections. For example, we now know that high turnout impacts their pre-planned efforts causing them to adapt in real-time and make mistakes.

The fact that high turnout in November’s election could also radically change the political landscape in Colorado by establishing a new (uncontrolled) major party is just gravy.

Rock the vote.

This article was first published in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle on July 22, 2022.

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7 thoughts on “My Latest Chronicle Column: It’s Time to Split the Vote

  1. Another excellent article! Would you help me out please and Define for me what is or who are the Colorado gop?

  2. I have mixed thoughts concerning voting in November.
    I firmly know that the election system is corrupt, participating in the corrupt process is accepting it. I know that polis will be re-selected and that the dominion selection system will chose the winners in all elections.
    Know the above, I will still cast my worthless vote in November.
    Thank you Ashe for all you do.

  3. Thanks for all of your hard work Ashe
    The unspoken part of the battle is that people just don’t have access to truthful journalism to base their decisions on. Thats why I’m grateful to you for what you are doing.

  4. Love this! I knew from the article title exactly who you were talking about because once I heard her speak at state assembly, I previously didn’t know she existed(!), I knew I was voting for Danielle any which way! And if I have to vote for her in another party, so be it. As well as Joe. I’m unapologetically pro-life, and there is no way I will vote for him, regardless of the letter behind his name. And I agree with you, that there’s about zero chance a non-Democrat will win any state office in November, so what do I have to lose. KBB and her disgusting GOP cronies have disappointed me very much this year. I haven’t left the party yet, but I’m right there with you. Uniparty is right. Love your blog and insight!

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