A Hundred Years of Invisible Governance

It’s Memorial Day, a day that the whole nation remembers our fallen soldiers who gave their lives to safeguard the rights enshrined in the US Constitution.

I intended this weekend to write a tribute piece for our American heroes, but I am too angry. It hasn’t even been two years since the establishment retook the White House and Congress.

Remembering those who died for Liberty hurts when we’re in the process of giving that Liberty away.

paint is an anxiety holder

It’s a weird time in America. You could argue that it’s the best time in terms of raw liberty. You can do any drug you want in Oregon and states are trending toward decriminalization of drug-related and other non-violent crimes, generally. (Hey, I said “liberty” not “morality.”)

Abortion has been expanded to now include a crowning human child, and the left has not yet succeeded in disarming the American people (though not for lack of trying) so guns are still legal (for now). #GhostGunsIRL

Stigma itself has been stigmatized, though from a liberty standpoint, one must wonder where this logically concludes now that misgendering, dead-naming, and using the wrong pronouns are on their way to hate crime status. 

Just yesterday, I learned that real people – actual adult American humans – are now creating brand new pronouns for their completely imaginary but just as mentally ill “head mates” (see: paint/paintself). They want you to know that they are also struggling to not assign the wrong made up pronouns to the nonbinary voices in their heads. We’re all in this together. 

the deep state, controlling elite conspiracy theory

I believe in freedom most profoundly. I watched “The Island” this weekend which, spoiler, is about a private company in 2019 that grows human adults in embryonic sacs from which the wealthy elite can harvest organs, surrogate pregnancy, and anything else they desire. “Insurance Policies” are how they refer to these clone humans, who live a Huxley-esque existence underground in a controlled simulation. 

The 2005 film stars Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson as two clones that awaken to their real purpose and decide to fight back. The film probes the debate on the value of human life in a way that would be fact-checked in 2022, and it shines a bright spotlight on the growing divide between the controlling elite and the modern proletariat. 

The controlling elite is a modern day myth for many in American society. When Donald Trump elevated the term “Deep State” during his 2016 Presidential run, there was heated debate about who that comprised. The future President Trump promised to “drain the swamp,” which most everyday Americans took to mean purging Obama loyalists from within the government. 

Over the course of his presidency, however, the Deep State and The Swamp became clearer for those Americans who weren’t distracted by the many vociferous and enthusiastic lies and distractions from the uniparty. #russia!

For the first time, for many of us, the moves and counter moves of the “left” and the “right” came into focus, but what was most interesting was when these two “sides” agreed. The moments of Trump’s presidency when the congress, the media, the corporations, and the rest of the institutional establishment agreed were most telling. Russia…Ukraine Phone Call…Hunter’s Laptop…January 6…and so many more.

As Trump drained the swamp, the swamp fought back. And in fighting back, they became more exposed than ever before. 

our invisible governors 

In the opening lines of his 1928 book Propaganda, Edward Bernays writes: 

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.” 

Edward Bernays, Propaganda (1928)

Propaganda was Bernays’ astonishingly honest attempt to reclaim the word “propaganda” as a social positive. The Allied propaganda of WWI had propagandized the American people into disdain for propaganda, generally, and Bernays set out to propagandize propaganda as good. 

He ultimately failed – we still see “propaganda” as bad although Public Relations is seen as relatively okay which is just more propaganda. But in his effort to reclaim the specific word, Bernays tells us a lot about the foundations of our current authoritarianism.

Declaring that our need for “intelligent manipulation” is indisputable, Bernays barely even makes a case before asserting that simple people cannot possibly organize their own lives and communities. No, we need invisible governors who are smart and well-equipped to handle the big, hairy objectives of collective society. 

Lest you think I am exaggerating, here is part of Bernays’ assertion:

“Universal literacy was supposed to educate the common man to control his environment. Once he could read and write, he would have a mind fit to rule. So ran the democratic doctrine. But instead of a mind, universal literacy has given him rubber stamps, rubber stamps inked with advertising slogans, with editorials, with published scientific data, with the trivialities of the tabloids and the platitudes of history, but quite innocent of original thought.” 

I believe our Founding Fathers would have tarred and feathered Edward Bernays before ending his life in a way that would become American legend. 

Unfortunately, the current “leaders” in our society believe Bernays had it right, and they are quite happy to be the puppets of their invisible masters. The same invisible masters who got us to the point of needing a global reset. The same invisible masters that have given us modernity. 

tax the rich (don’t eat them, we sort of need them)

In Davos: The Left Didn’t Eat the Rich. The Rich Ate the Left., Raheem Kassam of the National Pulse succinctly summarizes the moment that the values-based movement of the left (if ever there was such a thing) was destroyed:

“So what happened to the chants of that day? ‘Our world is not for sale!’ Or, ‘The people, united, will never be defeated!’ Well, as far as its own admissions make clear, the Left has failed to remain united. More importantly, the Left decided that the world was, in fact, for sale. With great corporate greed came great corporate largesse—which meant a reprieve for those willing to pipe down, and cash for those willing to become complicit in corporate globalism.”

Raheem Kassam, Newsweek (2022)

Before you dismiss the idea of leftist complicity in corporate globalism, note that this complicity came at a price for the corporations (and the rest of us). From earlier in the same piece:

“‘When the people shall have no more to eat, they will eat the rich,’ goes the old Rousseau quote truncated for the placards of the dreadlocked white boys from the early 2000s. Instead, it was the Left that got eaten by the rich, who, between 9/11 and the Great Recession, caught populist-left politicians licking their lips and sharpening their knives. Very quickly, though, ‘corporate social responsibility’ took center stage. Soon after, there were Pride flags on every brand’s logo.” 

Kassam’s piece makes the case that the left sold out but they can rationalize it because they got social responsibility, inclusion and diversity. I see his point but, having lived this transformation working 12-15 hour days in corporate America from 2001 to 2021, I also understand why the left would never consider the trade off as “selling out.”

They’d consider it winning. 

they’re certainly optimistic for supervillains whose plans are out in the open

To be clear, I don’t believe in left and right. It’s divisive manipulation put on us by our “invisible governors” to keep us from uniting against them. The establishment running the nations of the world – we saw them all last week in Davos and Geneva – view the people as herds or flocks to be maintained. 

They’ve always viewed us this way, but never have they been more exposed than they are now. That said, the sociopaths in Switzerland last week (both left and right) didn’t seem terribly concerned about that level of exposure. 

That I find terrifying. 

a tale as old as time

Bernays entire philosophy on mass communication and human behavior can be boiled down to manufacturing consent. One hundred years later, we are living out that philosophy’s logical conclusions. 

Some of it is mildly amusing, as in the case of King and Paint and all the other voices in that poor, tormented they’s head.

Some of it is downright terrifying, as in the CEO of Pfizer openly imagining the compliance implications of biometrically tracking whether or not you’ve taken your medications.

But whether you find it amusing or alarming, it’s all connected to the same original sin that put the snake in the garden: 

Wanting to play God. 

In the third act of The Island, Albert Laurent, the private security who has been hired to retrieve the two clones after they escape the facility, is talking to Dr. Merrick, a Bill Gates mad scientist type that runs the clone-making operation. 

Albert Laurent: (showing Merrick his marks) When my father was killed, my brothers and I were branded, so everyone would know we were less than human. I’ve said and done things I’m not proud of, but sooner or later you realize, killing’s a business. So… when did killing become a business for you?

Dr. Merrick: Oh, no. It’s so much more than that. I have discovered the Holy Grail of science. In two years, I can cure children’s leukemia. How many people on Earth can say that?

Albert Laurent: I guess just you and God. But that’s the answer you want, isn’t it?

The Island (2005)

in memoriam to our fallen heroes

What makes this day so important in American culture is not that our soldiers died, but why they died. They died in service to our nation, in protection of our God-given rights. They died to safeguard freedom for future generations. They made that choice, most of them, to serve their country and countrymen knowing they might die in the process.

There isn’t much on this earth more honorable than the Oath, and my heart is with the families of our fallen today.

While my heart remembers, my head looks forward. We are remembering those who died because of the decisions of the invisible governors. People who see our heroes as a quantity of “troops” and talk in ratios of how many are expendable.

People playing God.

Now that we are beginning to see the extent of the “intelligent manipulation” by our “invisible governors,” let us not pretend or turn away or return to our slumber and delusions. 

It was surreal watching the invisible governors come together to determine our collective fate last week in Switzerland, but it is even more so to consider their discussions as we mourn fallen Americans while anticipating those “invisible governors” committing us to more dead Americans through war with Russia. 

Now that we see the pervasiveness of our governments’ corruption, we do not have the luxury of inaction. Those who came before us fought and died for freedom, for the promise enshrined in the US Constitution. 

Let’s not be the generation to make their sacrifice in vain. 

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  1. You are so on the mark! I know you through our Signal group and a couple articles I have read. I must start listening to your show now! You are so impressive and have my true respect. We are in this fight together!

  2. I look forward to your articles, Ashe, and they never disappoint! You have the pulse of what’s happening not only in Colorado, but around the globe. I continue to fight the good fight while trying to share the truth with those that are somehow still asleep and still believing the “resident” in the WH. We know it’s going to get much worse and now hearing that something huge will be revealed in about 6 weeks. Whatever is in front of us, I am so grateful for those before us who fought and died for our freedoms, and most important, for our GOD of the Universe who is allowing Satan to run amok but who will return one day as the LION to right all the wrongs! God Bless you and keep you safe!

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