My Latest Chronicle Column: The Deceptive Danger of Unity

This article was first published in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle on May 20, 2022.

In April, the NY Times published another bit of fiction, “A Crusade to Challenge the 2020 Election, Blessed by Church Leaders.” The piece highlights Colorado’s election integrity activists and offers as a premise: “Some evangelical pastors are hosting events dedicated to Trump’s election falsehoods and promoting the cause to their congregations.”

Charles Homans, an activist in disguise based on his body of work, reached out to me in April for comment on this piece. He wanted to talk about Colorado churches and the election integrity movement. After reviewing his work, I ignored his four emails.

A Unified Media, Attacking The Church And The People

The Times’ piece demonizes Colorado pastors, who’ve provided their facilities for use by grassroots activists, often for a fee. He conflates this normal business practice of churches everywhere with some sort of apostasy, even claiming, “In the 17 months since the presidential election, pastors at these churches have preached about fraudulent votes and vague claims of election meddling.” (emphasis added)

I’ve been to and spoken at many of these meetings. At no time have we made “vague claims of election meddling.” Rather, we delivered detailed analysis, forensic evidence, expert-generated and peer-reviewed reports that describe in exquisite detail exactly how the fraud is architected and executed, in Colorado and nationally.

Further, since election day in 2020, I have been writing about all this nerdy/technical/detailed evidence to make it consumable and understandable for non-technical audiences. I have been called many things, but vague would be new. I try to paint a vivid picture for my readers, and I always provide receipts. Homans should go read up at

In early May, The Denver Post — never one to rely on original reporting — picked up the Times piece, and further explored the space. Krista Kafer wrote, “Zealous Trump supporters…hope that miraculous proof will surface to support their speculations.”

“Zealous Trump supporters” is a false premise that assumes our efforts are about Trump. Everything after use of this wording can be discarded. She revealed her bias — and so early in the piece!

Homans ascends pretense. His bias is on full display in everything he writes.

Nationally, election integrity activists expect The New York Times to slander and defame their efforts. Those of us in Colorado certainly expect the same from The Denver Post and their family of local leftist mockingbirds. These published opinions aren’t truth. They’re bought and paid for narratives, brought to you by the political establishment. They’re basically ads.

While the Times and the Post focus on attacking Colorado churches and their pastors, both outlets — and the majority of other “news” outlets — are ignoring the real story.

For Jena, Unity Means Unity Colorado’s

Three Government Branches

The passage of Griswold’s “Colorado Election Security Act” (SB22-153) transfers election oversight from the local counties to the state, with the original draft aiming to criminalize criticism of the doe-eyed Secretary.

Over in the Judiciary, Griswold neutralized the threat of Elbert County Clerk Dallas Schroeder, an honest public servant who complied with a court order to hand over the Elbert County 2020 forensic images of the Dominion machines. She now holds all the cards from Elbert County, though she continues to press for the names of those involved. No loose ends can be tolerated.

On Tuesday, May 10, a Mesa County Court Judge ruled to remove Clerk Tina Peters as the Designated Election Official for Mesa County. Peters has been repeatedly vindicated by multiple peer-reviewed reports, including three Mesa Forensic Reports, the Antrim Audit Report (December 2020), the Maricopa Audit Report and, most recently, the preliminary findings from Otero, NM.

Yet, despite overwhelming evidence that Griswold is guilty of election crimes (at best) and is engaged in a coverup, Clerk Peters is spun as the villain.

Before you blame Democrats for the “balance of powers” achieving mythological status in Colorado, remember that SB22-153 was cosponsored by Republican Senator and Massive Disappointment Kevin Priola. Priola is known for using his taxpayer funded time and resources to draft pillow-related election amendments.

The rest of the Party has been silent on the lawfare, despite the involvement of multiple duly-elected Republicans.

Kind of makes you wonder what Republicans mean by unity.