My Latest Chronicle Column: The War On The Right — A New Republican Majority Emerges During Contentious Assembly And Convention

This article was first published in the Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle on April 21, 2022.

There is a war happening in the Colorado Republican Party. Until now, however, this war has gone unnoticed by right leaning normies and has been largely ignored by the party establishment.

The Colorado election integrity movement brings together scientists, mathematicians, cyber security experts, community organizers, writers, artists, current and former politicians, current and former military, corporate strategists, digital experts, super moms, pastors, prayer warriors, and so many more amazing Coloradans.

Robust, contentious, and deeply critical examinations of what is true are happening all over Colorado, and the number of registered Republicans that question the mainstream election narrative continues to grow.

Until Saturday, April 9, 2022, the Uniparty establishment and their media lapdogs were able to pretend this wasn’t happening. Then came the 2022 Colorado Republican Convention.

The Big Winner: Election Integrity

The lead up to the convention was fiery. Senator Paul Lundeen (SSD9) lost his local assembly vote 48% to 52% to Lynda Zamora Wilson, a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel. with four advanced degrees (and who had only been in the race for five days prior to the vote).

Congressman Ken Buck (CD4) was even more humiliated in his local CD4 assembly, when the floor nomination of completely unknown candidate Bob Lewis resulted in Lewis taking 62% of the vote!

But perhaps most notably, Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters — totally vindicated on the evidence despite continued dishonest media — took 61% of the delegates. A vote for Tina Peters is a vote for election integrity, and 61% is a wide margin. During the June 28 primary, Peters will face Pam “ZuckerBucks” Anderson who petitioned onto the ballot. Think of the petition process like this:

“I know the people paying attention in the party don’t like me – and I can’t even convince 30% of them to give me a shot — but I bet I can trick enough of the ones that aren’t paying attention into voting for me.”

Anderson is currently on leave from the Center for Tech and Civic Life, the infamous NGO that allegedly bought the 2020 election. Also, ZuckerBucks Anderson is the establishment’s pick for Secretary of State.

Griswold vs. Anderson. Soros vs. Zuckerberg. But Uniparty is a conspiracy theory, right?

People vs. Party vs. People

In the run up to November 3, 2020, many states rushed to change their election laws, often unconstitutionally, allowing access-focused changes that provably resulted in a compromised election.

We didn’t see these law changes in Colorado because they already mirrored existing law. We practically drop mail-in ballots from the sky during election season, in the name of “access.”

And the Colorado Election Security Act (SB22-153), Secretary Griswold’s flagship legislation that is now making its way through the legislative process, ensures such practices will continue.

The inappropriately named bill does nothing to secure elections; rather, this bipartisan piece of legislation — co-Sponsored by RINO Senator and massive disappointment Kevin Priola — seeks to punish anyone who questions the integrity of Colorado elections.

It is a redistribution of power and oversight from local county jurisdictions to the Secretary of State, and the bill also removes existing checks on state power through clever language changes. During Committee discussion on April 18, 2022, Democrats held up both Matt Crane of the Colorado County Clerks Association and Republican Party Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown as examples of bipartisan support for the bill.

It’s unclear if the Committee Chair could find two more perfect examples of Uniparty Republicans, or if his comments were an intentional troll for the audience. Likely the latter.

How Low Can We Go?

While the General Assembly dives headlong into authoritarianism — in both rhetoric and law — it’s important to remember that their reasons for doing so are entirely political.

The majority, led by Griswold, want to criminalize the actions of whistleblower and rival candidate Tina Peters. It’s notable that while, rhetorically, Peters is called a criminal, the assembly needs to move quickly to make her 2021 actions an actual crime. Clerk Peters did nothing wrong.

The minority party’s opposition is also political. Republicans have been silent on elections for over 500 days, but now it’s an election year and this is a safe, albeit symbolic, vote. It’s little more than the empty rhetoric they usually offer, though certainly they will campaign on their vote “for election integrity!”

Thankfully, the people are no longer buying it. More and more Coloradans, including the proudly unaffiliated, are awakening to Uniparty corruption and demanding a return to our civic principles – and to sanity. For the establishment, their message is clear:

Stand and fight — for Colorado and for the Republic — or get out of the way.