who is stanley charles thorne? the controversial candidate for colorado attorney general

Wearing a silver bolo necktie, a 1880’s frock coat with a black leather vest, black cowboy boots, and black cowboy hat, Stanley Charles Thorne climbed the stage at Broadmoor World Arena to accept a floor nomination for Colorado Attorney General. 

Sherronna Bishop and Richard Wyatt made the nomination and the second, on behalf of a handful of Colorado delegates who had been attempting to convince Thorne – as he’s known among right-leaning, politically active Coloradans – to run for the office for several days.

quite the controversial character

No matter where you stand on the nomination of Thorne, all sides can agree that he is not your average political candidate. The way he tells it, he had never even considered running for office, and this is confirmed by those who had been encouraging Thorne to become their candidate. It was a prayerful and serious decision, albeit chaotic and rushed. Thorne made the final decision to accept the nomination at noon on Friday, the day before the assembly.

Living a simple life with a focus on Constitutional advocacy and public policy law, Thorne often uses his 40 years of experience to help people who otherwise don’t have access to legal assistance, often doing this work pro bono.

Stanley Charles Thorne

You can read more on Thorne here:

A week or so before the assembly, however, Thorne was approached by one – then multiple – Colorado citizens who knew him through his work with Randy Corporon and grassroots conservative groups on parental, health and electoral freedom issues. 

These citizens were disgusted with the party establishment picking winners and losers. They wanted a different choice than John Kellner, a name I’ve come to learn is synonymous with Country Club Republican. (Seriously, Brauchler, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Thank you.)

Stanley Charles Thorne accepts the nomination for Colorado Attorney General

When Thorne finished speaking, George Brauchler jumped up to object to his status as a Republican. Brauchler nominated Kellner and, as his former boss, groomed him to succeed as Colorado’s 18th Judicial District Attorney. Chairwoman Brown asked Thorne if he was a Republican and Thorne replied in the affirmative.

Brown then brought up Thorne’s status as an attorney with the Colorado Supreme Court, and the two of them went back and forth before Thorne was named, by Chairwoman Brown, to the Attorney General ballot. 

The delegate vote occurred and Thorne, previously unknown as a candidate and not in the race until just prior to the vote, took 42.5% of the delegate vote. 


Only completely vindicated public servant Tina Peters secured a higher percentage (61%) of the vote in Saturday’s multi-candidate races. 

It’s unclear if this electoral bitchslap to the establishment is what made Brauchler, Brown, and Rahn take to the fainting couch on Brauchler’s Monday radio show, but boy did they. I’m told they had a repeat performance on Wednesday, but I can’t listen to that drivel anymore. Hard pass. 

those awake are not going back to sleep

Since I published Happy Easter, Judas – where we explored Vice Chairwoman Priscilla Rahn’s tone deaf Biblical references and Host George Brauchler’s tone deafness in general – opinions about Stanley Charles Thorne have been flying at me from all directions. 

From accusations to analysis, the consistent theme from all sides is that awake patriots are critical thinking skeptics. No one gets a free pass; everyone gets scrutiny. 

This is why the Republican party is so triggered: To us, truth matters.

If only someone was holding the “other side” accountable we might actually make some change, Colorado.

the truth about stanley charles thorne 

Whether you’re pro-Thorne, anti-Thorne, or lost and thinking, “who’s Thorne?” I’m going to attempt to give you the gist of what everyone is talking about.

Remember that this is politics, and it’s an election year. Bathhouse Brauchler, Kristi, and Prissy speak for the establishment – and they have a horse in this race. If Thorne is in the race, Kellner’s status on the ticket in November is in jeopardy — especially with unaffiliated voters that reject the parties (my people).

claim #1: stanley charles thorne isn’t a republican

While this is a winning platform for me personally, it’s the claim that has most of the Republican delegates bothered. The Colorado Republican Party frowns upon nominating non-Republicans to their party’s ticket. Weird, I know. 

Kristi Burton Brown made this claim in between disparaging, elitist remarks about multiple grassroots candidates and 61% of “her” party during Monday’s infamous radio show. Setting aside the petty chatter of catty school girls (Brauchler included), the Colorado Revised Statute on the matter reads:

“No person is eligible for designation by assembly as a candidate for nomination at any primary election unless the person was affiliated with the political party holding the assembly, as shown in the statewide voter registration system, no later than the first business day of the January immediately preceding the primary election, unless otherwise provided by party rules.” 

CRS 1-4-601(4)(a)

CRS 1-4-601(4)(a) appears to discount Thorne’s eligibility to run as a Republican. Further, according to the Republican Party Bylaws:

“Affiliation as a Republican shall be as shown on the registration books of the county clerk and recorder. No candidate shall be designated to the primary election ballot by any assembly or nominated to the general election ballot by any convention unless he shall have been continuously affiliated as a Republican for at least thirty (30) days preceding the date of the assembly or convention making such designation or nomination, and this provision shall control notwithstanding any other provision in any county or district bylaws or rules.”

Colorado Republican Party Bylaws

It’s important to note that the multiple lawyers I spoke to are not aligned on whether Thorne is eligible to run as a Republican, due to our ridiculously complex election laws and the triggering events that impact jurisdiction (party, state or federal). Thorne has filed a formal inquiry into the matter with the Secretary of State, and that inquiry is in the process of being reviewed.

The files associated with his challenge are here:

party affiliation change?

According to Thorne, late on Saturday night after the assembly was adjourned, he changed his voter registration status from unaffiliated to Republican and changed his residence address from Golden to Morrison.  In Thorne’s mind, he was properly set for his run against Kellner in the primary race for AG on June 28.

Sometime between Saturday night and mid-morning Monday (shortly after Brauchler, Brown, and Rahn revealed their disdain for the people on the radio) Thorne claims someone changed his registration without his consent from Republican back to unaffiliated. He also claims that someone changed part, but not all, of his residence address from Morrison back to Golden.

It is now widely recognized that illegal voter registration changes like this happen; this was a key finding in the Colorado Canvassing Report. However, a review of the voting history does not reveal this change. Election integrity activists sent me all the historical timestamps from Thorne’s voter file, which are summarize in the image below.

According to the Statewide Colorado Voting Registration System (SCORE), Stanley Charles Thorne registered and voted as unaffiliated from 2016-2021. Consistent with his paperwork, he registered as a Republican on April 9, 2022, the date of the Assembly. Then, consistent with his claims, on April 11, 2022, Thorne’s registration was changed by someone named “mhughes_30.”

Clear as mud, right?

Thorne contends that he is a duly designated Republican and should be afforded the right of an investigation. In the moment he answered the Chairwoman’s question, “Are you a Republican?” following George Brauchler’s objection, he was answering honestly. Chairwoman Brown apparently did not check his affiliation prior to approving his name on the ballot and prior to the vote by delegates.

Brown’s inexperience – and that of the Parliamentarian – has created quite the issue because the objection to his status was heard before Thorne was allowed on the ballot. He was subsequently allowed on the ballot, and 42.5% of ballots were then cast for him.  

what about his voting record?

Another important data point is that Thorne’s voting record isn’t so black and white, from a Republican standpoint. In 2018, he voted as a Republican but, in 2020, Thorne voted in the Democrat primary. unaffiliated voters get both ballots, and can vote in either (not both).

It’s possible, maybe even likely, that Thorne was banking on Trump’s nomination and thought his vote had greater value in the more competitive Democrat race. That’s a legal choice. But it’s a data point since Thorne is running to be a Republican. And, of course, this means Thorne was receiving two ballots as an unaffiliated voter. Thorne says he does not remember voting as a Democrat in 2020, but he doesn’t count out the possibility. 

From an election integrity standpoint, even though Thorne exercised his rights as an unaffiliated voter, I don’t love that this is legally allowed. Personally, I’d prefer that unaffiliated Colorado voters (like me) had one primary ballot with all the candidates from all parties — and just one vote. The parties can then determine how to use that data in their nomination process – data from 44% of the voting population – and the public can see ALL the results and have great transparency, but not input, into party decision making.

In other words, radical transparency over tight-gripped party control gives the people greater insight and control in their elections. It’s just a bonus that this means cutting the ballot shipping in half for 44% of voters. What a waste – seriously, where are the climate people on this?

Stanley Charles Thorne maintains that he was duly elected to the Republican ticket with 42.5% of the vote and, at the time that Brown gaveled the convention closed, he had qualified for the ballot. Since the convention is over, disqualifying him becomes a matter for Secretary of State Griswold to decide. 

“A different fight with a different person.”

Stanley Charles Thorne

I think it’s a toss up whether Jumpsuit Jena would let him on the ballot to mess with Kellner and KBB or side with them since Thorne represents the populist choice (and wants to audit elections). My guess is the latter since Weiser vs. Kellner is like another Clinton vs. Bush. 

Who’s taking my bet?

claim #2: stanley charles thorne can’t run for ag or practice law in colorado

The second exchange between KBB and Thorne after he accepted the nomination was about his status with the Colorado Supreme Court. Thorne is licensed to practice law in Texas, but he has never sought admission to the Colorado Bar. According to the lawyers I spoke with, this fact disqualifies him from running for the Office of Attorney General — if he is not admitted to Bar prior to the primary date.

Admission to the Colorado Bar is not, in fact, a requirement for practicing law. So, that part of the claim is false. According to the American Bar Association:

“The definition of the practice of law is established by law and varies from one jurisdiction to another. Whatever the definition, limiting the practice of law to members of the bar protects the public against rendition of legal services by unqualified persons. This Rule does not prohibit a lawyer from employing the services of paraprofessionals and delegating functions to them, so long as the lawyer supervises the delegated work and retains responsibility for their work.”

Thorne was practicing with Randy Corporon’s law firm in Colorado until late last year. When he resigned that position, his standing to practice law in Colorado ended, and Thorne is currently working to establish himself with the Colorado Bar. He believes this will be accomplished by the June 28, 2022 primary date, and this is what he said to Kristi Burton Brown on the stage on Saturday – before she allowed him on the ballot.

According to Thorne’s argument, the moment to object would have been when he and Chairwoman Brown had this discussion – before she approved his name on the ballot, prior to the vote. 

claim #3: stanley charles thorne registered to vote at a commercial property…twice

This one has everyone all twirled up. Especially the election integrity people. We now have so much knowledge from our canvassing efforts!

When Thorne registered as a Republican on April 9, 2022, it was because he realized that he hadn’t updated his voter registration address from Golden. This happens all the time, as people are forgetful. Another key learning from canvassing! 

For other candidates it’s even worse. 

For example, Pamela Yvette Anderson, the Executive Director of ZuckerBuck’s CTCL (on temporary leave) and the Republican establishment’s candidate against Tina Peters for Secretary of State, has two active voter registrations – one in Jefferson County and one in Douglas County.

A search of open records in Colorado only shows one Pamela Y Anderson residing in the state, but there is voting history for both Pamelas. To be clear, this is not just an old address, but two separate active registrations in two different counties. And she is running for Secretary of State — not a good look.

Anderson did not return requests for comment as of press time, but I will update this story if she gets back to me. 

I, and those I consulted who are better at this than I, could only find one “Pamela Y Anderson” in Colorado — but two voter registration files. The second Pam has a different birthdate, but again, outside of the voting records, she doesn’t exist. Phantom?

Thorne’s address in Golden is an office building, and I confirmed that the building is zoned for mixed use — meaning both residential and commercial use. During the time he lived at that address, Thorne says that he had multiple office units and used one of them as his residence.

The updated address he provided on April 9 is Bandimere Speedway. Thorne rents a lot there and, like many others, keeps his mobile home on the property as his residence. The Bandimeres know Thorne well, and John, Jr., Sporty, and Debbie have endorsed his candidacy.

Election integrity activists are all too familiar with alternative housing arrangements, and there is nothing in statute that prohibits a candidate for Attorney General from living in a mobile home. Even if it is at a race track. 

Sorry, Country Club Republicans, but you can’t eliminate a candidate for his choice of residence.

Foiled again! 

Where Thorne chooses to live is probably less of an issue for me than for most because my dream is a backpack, a notebook, and my wanderlust. I’m a little jealous of Mr. Thorne, and I have seven years until the last little bird gets booted out of the nest. 

the big question: did stanley charles thorne intentionally defraud delegates to steal votes?

This is the question that everyone is asking – the election integrity activists, the health freedom activists, the parents’ rights activists, the anti-war activists…this drama has the whole network buzzing!

It’s a robust and passionate debate, focused on determining what is true. 

and i hope this summary helps, I really do.

After reviewing all the documents and speaking with Thorne and a couple dozen other people, my impression is that, candidly, the floor nomination of Stanley Charles Thorne during the Colorado Republican assembly was a half-baked, last minute plan to stop the establishment from running Kellner unopposed. I respect the effort.

Credentialed delegates asked Thorne to run. Thorne prayed about it, God said run, so he is running. I’ve executed a lot of half baked, last minute plans that were green-lit by God with great success, so this isn’t a disqualifying factor to me. 

That said, due diligence to the Colorado Revised Statutes appears to have been an afterthought in this endeavor which, as we’re talking about the position of Attorney General, is worth consideration and reflection on the part of the voters. You have to decide for yourself if Thorne is a viable candidate.

the republican establishment still deserves our disdain

We will see what unfolds in the coming weeks, but one thing is certain: The faux outrage from Brauchler, Brown, Rahn, and the rest of the establishment is disingenuous and distracting. 

To suggest that floor nominations, heated exchanges, shouts and chants, cheering and booing, and negative ads are somehow offensive during a political party convention is to ignore the history and tradition of our great Republic. We are talking about the will of the people, from across the state of Colorado, coming together against an establishment that is desperate to retain their status as leftist bootlickers in the minority party. 

And even in less divided times, Political conventions are notoriously contentious – if you’re doing it right. If you can’t stand the amplified voices of 61% of your delegates, you probably shouldn’t lead the party. #MicGate 

In an effort to minimize her crushing defeat on Saturday – and the people’s full rejection of Republican politics as usual – Chairwoman Brown went on the radio and disparaged a popular candidate. She did this before she ever spoke with the candidate directly. She declared him disqualified, and then belittled him and the people who voted for him. Rahn infamously called them all Judas. 

Brown never got around to discussing her issue with the candidate. According to Thorne, his only contact from the GOP was a text to him from Rahn on Monday afternoon asking him to call her — which he ignored because of what they had said on the radio.

For people crying about decorum, this sure feels a lot like Mean Girls. Should we expect Brauchler and Kellner to give Thorne a wedgie? (I dare them to try.)

i choose people over party – every time (this is easy for me because i wholly reject your parties)

While decorum is (based on all available evidence) the most important qualifier for the Republican establishment, integrity and truth are most important to the people. And how these revelations about Stanley Charles Thorne impact the Colorado Attorney General race will be determined by them: The People.

But the energy behind Thorne’s nomination cannot be dismissed. 

In a shocking twist at Saturday’s assembly, 42.5% of delegates openly declared they’d rather choose the guy they just met who has open objections to his nomination than the guy they know – the one whose turn the establishment claims it is.

“Anyone but Kellner!” is their cry, and it’s consistent with Saturday’s other outcomes. 

stanley charles thorne is running for attorney general

Whether as a Republican or as something else remains to be seen, but if the Republican Party wants a unified choice in November, they might want to put Thorne back on the primary ticket. 

Of course, that may now be up to Jena.

This was a very complex and meaty subject to write about, and many people contributed. You know who you are. Thank you.

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  1. I voted for him at Assembly, and I will vote for him again. He will be an important player in securing election audits. My question is how do we go about removing and replacing KBB and all of the other RINO ne’er-do-wells who have infiltrated the always self-serving republican camp? They have been a thorn in my side for decades (Thanks for nothing Wadhams). Maybe it’s time for them to have a Thorne in their side.

  2. If you want to see the true nature of Christy Burton brown and her cohorts, just watch the video when thorn was nominated. She’s bending over talking to her attorney the whole time and then she’s on the floor talking to her team the whole time presumably saying what are we gonna do about this? The look on her face is priceless. And she doesn’t like that we the people are cheering. Yes I realize her name is misspelled this is talk to text and I frankly don’t care enough about her to go back in and spell it with a K.

    1. “Yes I realize her name is misspelled this is talk to text and I frankly don’t care enough about her to go back in and spell it with a K.” – LOL! ♥♥♥♥

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