guest post: the systematic suppression of kandiss taylor in georgia — from poll glitches to george soros

While I write primarily about election integrity in Colorado, I spend a lot of time working with election activists in other states. It is incredible to see the similarities in sources and methods across states. It’s almost as if there was an interstate conspiracy or something. I happen to be born and raised in Cobb County, Georgia, and I have been keeping an eye on the elections and political landscape in Georgia since the Suitcase of Ballots and Rigged Runoff.

Last month, I interviewed Kandiss Taylor, Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate, for a piece that is still in progress. Kandiss embodies what it means to be “the People.” She is incredibly genuine and relatable, so it is no wonder the Republican establishment is trying to destroy her. As a proudly unaffiliated voter, I am watching many of my new election integrity friends attempt to battle the GOP establishment from the inside through the caucus, assembly, and primary process. And I’m watching the GOP establishment fight back with everything they have.

Looks like the same shenanigans are happening in Georgia. I hope you enjoy this guest post from my friend Jessica down in Georgia. ~Ashe

Guest Post: The Systematic Suppression of Kandiss Taylor in Georgia: From Poll Glitches to George Soros

By: Jessica Geraghty

Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor

Kandiss Taylor is not allowing the ongoing attempts to suppress her voice and trample her opportunity to reach the people of Georgia. The obstacles at the forefront of Taylor’s battle these past couple of weeks has been media outlets trying to exclude her from their upcoming debates. These media outlets include WSB TV, WRBL (Columbus, GA) and WTOC (Savannah, GA). When asked why they would prohibit a qualified candidate from being heard, the only excuse these stations have produced is that her poll numbers aren’t high enough.

Taylor is the Washington outsider, female Republican grassroots gubernatorial candidate that is running in Georgia, along with two male candidates from the Washington establishment: current Georgia governor Brian Kemp and former Georgia senator David Perdue. Just this past weekend, Taylor gave a speech that received a standing ovation at the Georgia Republican Assembly Endorsement Convention. Guess what the results of the vote there was? Kandiss Taylor- 41.15% (79 votes), David Perdue- 40.63% (78 votes), Brian Kemp- 8.33% (16 votes), Catherine Davis- 5.73% (11 votes), Tom Williams- 0% (0 votes), No endorsement- 4.17% (8 votes).

Aside from the debates, the polls are another issue in this game of wack-a-mole through the flashy blanket statements and red tape that are weaponized against any honest citizen running for office. “I know for a fact that I am polling at 30 percent, I know because I have talked to people that are doing the polls, I know because I have done my own inner polling, and I know they’re lying,” says Taylor. “They’re not saying my name when they call, they’re saying Kemp and Perdue, they’re refusing to say my name. So then everything I am getting in those low percentages are organic voters that are saying ‘No I’ll vote for Kandiss Taylor.’”

Before I go into more details on the issues surrounding these polls, below are some screenshots of polls that back up what Taylor is saying. For the sake of space, I will include more of these screenshots at the end of the article. If you notice, there are three screenshots below of Georgia Public Policy polls. The first two show Taylor clearly winning, using several hundred, or several thousand votes. The third Georgia Public Policy Poll completely excludes Taylor’s name altogether, and shows Brian Kemp winning, using only eighteen votes.

Also, on March 21 supporters reported to Taylor, with screenshots, that there’s an online poll that finally included her name, but when they these supporters try to select her, an error message comes up. Below are those screenshots:

Polling “Glitches” are not Only Happening to Kandiss Taylor

And these sort of “poll glitches” aren’t only happening to Kandiss Taylor. On March 26, the X22 Report announced that Elon Musk did a poll asking people whether they believe Twitter suppresses free speech. Initially, when people responded “yes” or “no,” the results would only show up for a second and disappear. The glitch was finally fixed, but it just seems convenient, considering that 70.4% of people responded “yes” which does not paint Twitter in a very favorable light.

Why are So Many Polls Excluding Kandiss Taylor’s Name?

A recent article from the organization Cause for America – Georgia, points out that polls from Fox News, FiveThirtyEight and Crowd Wisdom all do not include Taylor’s name. You can click right on their websites and see for yourselves. Why would they disenfranchise the American people like this and intentionally try to suppress a candidate like this…especially a very viable candidate with a legitimate and highly supported grassroots ground game and fresh ideas? Cause for America also pointed out how RealClearPolitics hasn’t bothered to update their polling to reflect that there are only three Republican contenders now, since Vernon Jones dropped out of the race back in early February.

Kandiss Taylor is the Only Match for Stacey Abrams, So Let the Females with PhDs Duke it Out

And it’s funny how many of these organizations are also doing polls between Kemp and Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, and polls between Perdue and Abrams. Because the only candidate that can truly beat Abrams is another alpha-female who holds a PhD: Taylor herself. See, Taylor is the only candidate that won’t bend the knee to Abrams (who is heavily funded by George Soros, and it seems she isn’t the only one, as I will explain later on in this article).

What do I mean by this, exactly? I think it’s pretty interesting how, though Abrams “lost” the gubernatorial race back in 2016, she still had enough political power to almost singlehandedly manipulate the 2020 general election in Georgia. To do this, Abrams strategically employed tools such as her infamous consent decree (which blocked signature matching and enable ballot box stuffing), to her sister Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner who helped block two Georgia counties from taking 4,000 allegedly inactive voters off of its voter rolls before the runoff elections for U.S. Senate in January 2021. Heck, Abrams (and therefore Soros as well) even helped bankroll one of the main contractors that staffed the November 3, 2020 election in Georgia.

Remember How Accurate the Polls Were in 2016 and 2020?

We see where the polls got us back in 2016 when they said that Hillary Clinton would become our president, and when they said that President Biden would win by a landslide in 2020. “There are people who are calling for investigations of the pollsters who had Joe Biden winning by 10 points, 12 points, the biggest one of all is the Washington Post poll that had, as we’re watching Wisconsin a one point lead, the Washington Post poll just a few days ago had Joe Biden winning by 17 points,” said pollster Frank Luntz to FOX News following the November 3, 2020 election. “That’s not an error, that’s polling malpractice.” CNN’s Van Joes also admitted following the 2020 election that polling is essentially defunct. That makes it very suspect how these media station shutting Taylor out of the debates are basing this decision on a select few polls such as Quinnipiac, which was one of the ones that predicted a Hillary Clinton landslide. “We are starting to hear the faint rumblings of a Hillary Clinton landslide as her 10-point lead is further proof that Donald Trump is in a downward spiral as the clock ticks,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University poll, in 2016.

When some of Taylor’s supporters contact WSB TV, they would not give details on what polls they were using or the methodology behind those polls (shown in below screenshots). And in an email exchange between Taylor’s scheduler Christi Maude and Joe McGuire, Vice President and General Manager for WRBL-TV, Maude could not get a straight answer as to whether Taylor’s name was even used in the polls they were basing their debate decisions on.

From WSB TV to Cox Media to Rivian Electric Cars, Brian Kemp and George Soros: All Paths Converge

In my recent article, Kandiss Taylor Steps into the Political Hornet’s Nest, I went into detail about current governor Brian Kemp’s concerning connections to China. These connections included multiple meetings he had with the Chinese Consuls which were followed by events such as the signing of the contract for the now-infamous Dominion Voting Machines, and the shutdown of Houston’s Chinese Consulate due to suspected espionage operations. Couple that with Kemp’s willingness to look the other way while Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified an election against the objections of Georgia lawmakers, and Kemp’s failure to initiate a full forensic audit of the 2020 election.

In 2019, Kemp also issued a mandatory order for state agencies in Georgia to make mandatory infrastructure purchases from a list of several suppliers, one of which was Lenovo. The 2019 communications alert stated that “The new contract provides a vehicle to purchase servers, storage, post-warranty maintenance and applicable professional services.” One of these mandatory suppliers was Lenovo. In 2021 it was reported by Bloomberg Business that in 2008 it was discovered by U.S. investigators that Lenovo laptops were recording U.S. military intelligence and sending it back to China.

This barely even scratches the surface about what is greasing the wheels of corruption and usurping power away from the people of Georgia. As every issue surfaces in Georgia’s quagmire of smoke and mirrors that many refer to as the political “dog and pony” show, we see that everything seems connected in some way.

As an example, take WSB-TV, one of the stations attempting to block Taylor’s debate participation. This media outlet is owned and operated by Cox Enterprises, also known as Cox Media. And guess where Cox’s interests lie? They own a 4.7% stake in, and supplies services to Rivian, the electric vehicle automaker and automotive technology company that is about to install a 2,000 acre warehouse that in North Georgia that the people do not want, as I wrote about recently in my article Kandiss Taylor Fight’s Rivian’s Plans to Install 2000 Acre Warehouse. George Soros is the primary investor in Rivian, having invested about $2 billion at the end of 2021. Other large stake holders include Amazon, which owns 20 percent of Rivian, and Ford Motor Company, which owns about 13 percent of the automaker.

Podcast host Stew Peters broke this all down recently on his show in March 26, where Taylor made a guest appearance.  “I’ve gone up there, I’ve spoken to the people, I receive hundreds of emails every day and messages from people in Northeast Georgia that do not want Rivian, they’re very concerned about the land, the water supply, about their property,” explained Taylor to Peters on March 26. Since Rivian has installed a similar electric car plant in Illinois, Taylor also stated that “I just want to say to Governor Kemp myself that if he feels like it’s completely safe to go to Illinois and drink a glass of water and prove it.”

“Isn’t Soros supporting the Democrat party, because Kemp is supposed to be Republican? It doesn’t make any sense,” continued Taylor. She is adamant that “the people of Georgia need to be fully aware that George Soros gives millions of dollars to Democrats in Georgia and in every state in the country, and now he’s in bed with Kemp and this Rivian deal that the people of Georgia do not want.”

The plans for this electric car plant in Georgia is moving forward thanks to the tax breaks being generously offered by Governor Kemp to Rivian. Kemp is also pursuing the suspension of EPA regulations in order to build and operate this $5 billion facility. Rivian is “seeking waiver of environmental impact studies before rezoning in order to circumvent environmental constraints until too late to object,” according to the website, which opposes the project.

It’s worth noting that Kemp can also be indirectly tied to Soros, through at least one other avenue. Kemp is a shareholder of over 5 percent in First Madison Bank and Trust, also known as United Community Bank. Details are in Kemp’s financial disclosure statement here. Lance F. Drummond was also executive vice president of TD Bank Canada Trust, which is controlled by the Rothschilds. Soros has well documented ties to the Rothschilds.

Soros also has several connections to Dominion Voting Machines. In December of 2020, Soros named Mark Malloch-Brown as president of his human rights organization, the Open Society Foundation. Brown was a former top official at the United Nations, and a former CEO of Smartmatic Voting Systems, which has ties to Dominion Voting Systems. These ties include 2009 contract both companies had which allowed Smartmatic to license Dominion systems for an election in the Philippines. Members of both Smartmatic and Dominion also sat on the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) at the time of the 2020 election in the United States. Soros’ other public charity, the Tides Foundation, is located right next to Dominion’s main headquarters in Toronto, Canada.  Let’s not forget that Dominion installed 30,000 new voting machines in Georgia prior to the 2020 election. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, this was the largest rollout of election equipment in U.S. history.

Kemp and Perdue: The Same Person

And just as there seems to be very little difference between whether Abrams or Kemp land the official governor’s seat, there also seems to be trivial difference between whether Kemp or Perdue become governor. If we take a minute and look closely, Kemp and Perdue could almost be twins. To start, Perdue’s cousin, former governor Sonny Perdue, was the one that appointed Kemp to become Secretary of State back in 2010. Maybe that’s how Kemp developed his affinity for China, considering that when Sonny Perdue was in office Chinese media coined the term “China fever” to describe the status quo in Georgia at that time?

Georgia gubernatorial candidate David Perdue and current governor Brian Kemp Image credit:

David Perdue’s Love for China and Overseas Manufacturing

Just as Kemp has concerning ties to China, so too does David Perdue. Back when Perdue was a “Washington outsider” (which definitely is not the case anymore), he worked in Singapore as a managing director at an international clothing company named Gitano towards the beginning of his career, from 1991-1992. Gitano eventually went bankrupt after two of their top executives pled guilty in 1993 to conspiracy related to Chinese imports, as the Washington Post reported back in 2020. Then Perdue ended his business career as senior vice president of Dollar General, where he outsourced manufacturing to Hong Kong, where goods could be created using low-wage labor, therefore increasing profits for Dollar General. A 2020 article from The Intercept states that “Investor reports and earnings call transcripts from that period show that as chief executive of the variety goods giant, Perdue pushed to increase profitability by importing products made by factories in low-wage overseas markets.”

But Perdue’s love for globalized free trade and Asian operations did not begin at Dollar General. In fact, during a 2005 deposition related to a lawsuit over his role as chief executive of Pillowtex Corporation, Perdue stated himself, under oath, that he spent “most of my career” outsourcing jobs. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a campaign spokesperson of Perdue’s stated he led the company’s “aggressive expansion into China” and using Hong Kong as “a base to build an Asian operation” and that Perdue was “proud” of his years spent in China outsourcing jobs.

Trump Cannot Get His Other Candidates, Such as Georgia’s Herschel Walker, to Support Perdue

Knowing all of this makes a very puzzling case as to why President Trump, who is known for cracking down on overseas manufacturing, has endorsed Perdue. This leads us right into another major story making headlines this week: The fact that other people Trump has endorsed, such as Georgia’s own Republican Congressional candidate, former NFL star Herschel Walker, do not support Perdue.

American Workers: Kemp and Perdue are Not Your Friend

Perdue didn’t mention anything about his time at Pillowtex Corporation during his 2014 and 2020 campaign ads. Want to know why? Well, this can be explained by yet another thing that Kemp and Perdue have in common: putting American workers at a disadvantage. Perdue became CEO and chairman of textile manufacturing company Pillowtex in 2002, and during his time there he complained about how expensive it was to manufacture the company’s goods domestically. Frustrated that he gave up his stock from his previous job as global vice president of Reebok, and that he could not increase profits at Pillowtex, Perdue was happy to accept $100,000 in expenses to move from Massachusetts to the Pillowtex headquarters – even though he never actually ended up moving there.

The Washington Post also reported in 2020 that “He also received $700,000 to offset tax on anticipated stock profits, although he said the stock proved worthless, and he didn’t get an expected additional $1.2 million, according to his 2005 deposition.” United union official Harris Raynor, who represented most of the workers, offered to help Perdue develop a restructuring plan for the failing company, but Perdue never took him up on it. Instead, Perdue allowed Pillowtex to collapse, and over 6,000 workers lost their jobs.

Kemp failed American workers as well, but in his case it was workers in the agriculture industry (the same industry in which Kemp holds his bachelor of science degree). In 2015, Kemp invested in Hart AgStrong, a seed-crushing business in northeast Georgia that had plans to expand into Kentucky. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Kemp invested $750,000 in the company and “guaranteed $10 million in loans to Hart AgStrong — about twice the net worth he reported in his 2018 state disclosure.” Kemp then failed to repay the loan and settled the lawsuit filed against him in 2017 – only days before he took the governor’s seat in Georgia. At one point, HartAGStrong owed over $2 million in missed payments to farmers in Kentucky, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Both Kemp and Perdue See Their Net Worth Steadily Increase

But not to worry. Despite these failures, Kemp and Perdue are also bosom buddies in that they both hold a high net worth. Kemp’s net worth has actually grown over $3 million since he took office, making him now worth a total of roughly $8.6 million. And, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Perdue surpasses this with his net worth of roughly $50 million.

Kemp and Perdue’s Failure to Acknowledge or Correct a Stolen Election

Both Kemp and Perdue looked the other way when there were major concerns of electoral fraud during the 2020 general election and 2021 runoff, when Kemp was a governor and Perdue was a Congressional incumbent candidate. Kemp allowed an election riddled with inconsistencies to be certified, despite the fact that the two “audits” done by the Secretary of State’s office (when the Secretary of State himself was under constant suspicion before, during and after the 2020 election) failed to do signature matching. The audits conducted by the Secretary of State’s office were not forensic audits, they were risk-limited audits, and the voting machine expert Philip Stark, who invented risk limited audits himself, made it clear that these types of audits are completely ineffective when you are using voting machines.

In November 2021, Kemp finally admitted to a small fraction of the evidence discovered by non-profit election integrity organization VoterGA. This discredited the “audits” done by the Secretary of State’s office in December 2021 even more, yet Kemp, once again, proceeded to do absolutely nothing about it.

Perdue also failed to do anything to fight for his own Congressional seat and investigate the potential fraud that took place in the January 2021 runoff election in Georgia, despite numerous red flags that were raised on the morning of the election. As a result, he handed the election to candidates Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. A year later, as he announced that he was going to run for governor, Perdue finally filed a lawsuit over the 2020 election fraud. Too little, too late.

Nope, it is only Taylor that actually showed concern, investigated the fraud hands-on and took all necessary steps to call for an audit. She is not the only one that has done these things, she is also the only one that hasn’t (yet) taken an oath and promised to defend the rights of the people of Georgia.

“This is the silencing of the people by George Soros and Kemp and Perdue and the establishment, and Fox and the pay per play,” said Stew Peters on his show on March 26. “Remember, Perdue directly gave us Ossoff and Warnock, this is the head of the beast, this is the corruption right here, [Perdue] doesn’t want this job.”

Perdue’s Record Doesn’t Back Up One Thing He Says

Perdue, who is also speaking out against Rivian, does seem to say the right things at the right time, though his record of actions say otherwise. Same with Kemp, and other swing state politicians who are supposedly “so concerned over the 2020 electoral fraud.” One example from another swing state is Pennsylvania’s Jake Corman, who claims to be very concerned about election fraud. But for some reason has yet to call Leah Hoopes or the other plaintiffs who filed the major lawsuit following the 2020 election that involves some of the most damning evidence of fraud, including videotapes of whistleblowers destroying evidence. Hoopes mentioned this in a recent interview with citizen journalists Behizy and Nick Moseder.

Would it Kill Georgia to Have a Young, Energetic Female Who Fights 100 Percent of the Time?

Finally, Perdue is 72 years old, and Kemp is 58. Not that older men cannot be effective politicians, but if we genuinely want change in this country, would it kill us to go for a vibrant 40-year-old woman such as Kandiss Taylor, whose overflowing energy is apparent the second you begin listening to her? “I’m energetic, I’m 41 years old, I’m not in my late 60s or my 70s, and I can do this, and I can do this better than any of them ever have before,” says Taylor.

Georgia grassroots gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor

In reference to Perdue’s sudden lawsuit and calls for a forensic audit of the 2020 election upon the announcement of his governor’s seat, Taylor says the following: “Well, he ran for Senate, and it was his seat to lose, for the people, and he knew the people wanted it…he didn’t even fight for his own seat. Has hasn’t for thirteen months. And all of a sudden now he wants to call for it?” said Taylor during the interview, in reference to Perdue’s sudden lawsuit and call for a forensic audit. “So, I want a governor that’s going to fight all the time,” explained Taylor.

Taylor is the only female candidate (other than Democrat Stacey Abrams), the only candidate who has demonstrated her ability to serve the people with the twenty-plus years she has served as a school administrator, fighting human trafficking and serving as a homeless liaison. This equips her more than any other candidate running to handle the significant issues in the school system concerning Georgian parents. Taylor is the only candidate who actually took it upon herself to roll up her sleeves and see what was going on with the tabulator tapes and ballots in Cobb County, and the only candidate to listen to the people of Georgia’s cries for a full forensic audit and perform the work necessary to find out how exactly to get such an audit underway.

And I invite you to try to find a fraction of the dirt on Taylor that you can easily find on all these other Georgia gubernatorial candidates. So far, the only weapon the mainstream media has found to attack her with is Taylor’s unapologetic love for Jesus Christ.

But the underground forces that have now taken over Georgia, which include big corporations, the media, Big Tech and establishment politicians (“whether they actually won or not, I don’t even know at this point because we can’t get an audit,” says Taylor), are never going to stop on their own. The evidence of this is everywhere you look: in the Georgia Secretary of State’s implementation of stop-gap measures to keep the people from getting their hands on the absentee ballots from the 2020 election, Stacey Abrams inventive forethought that still has blocked signature matching on ballots from said election, the plans that are somehow being allowed to move forward to install a 2,000 acre Rivian electric car warehouse that the people of northeast Georgia do not want…just to name a few things.

“They have it so backwards. We’ve been brainwashed to believe, that the power that they hold, we can do nothing about it. Once they get the seat, they do everything, and we just have to do what they tell us to. That’s a lie. Our government is a representative democracy,” said Taylor last week.

The Phone Calls Demanding Justice Have Not Subsided

In the past couple of weeks, WSB TV went as far as to shut down their phone lines, and now every time a person calls asking about why Kandiss Taylor is being excluded from the debates, they are forwarded to a recorded message that is drizzled with all kinds of flashy language that has been way to effective in the past at manipulating people: “If there is no threshold, we end up with dozens of declared and undeclared candidates for a single debate. That environment is not conducive to a forum where ideas can be exchanged in a way that a viewer can hear, digest or understand,” says WSB’s recorded line.

How does this make sense, when there are only 3 candidates and Taylor will be able to discuss major issues Georgians want to hear from a perspective different perspective than the other two: With her 20 years of experience in the school system, dealing with human trafficking, being a homeless liaison, her hands-on experience investigating the electoral fraud, and her knowledge of dozens of other Georgia issues, from farmland to lowering taxes to reforming our prison system. Taylor has been covering issues such as these in her ongoing bus tour throughout all 159 counties in Georgia.

Then the recorded WSB message goes on to say “Now we understand that candidates who don’t meet that threshold might be upset at the idea of not being included. Please know that this decision is never based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity or related factors, other than that the candidate must be legally qualified and meet our polling threshold.” This is how the Washington establishment and major corporations manipulate people: pulling the race card, while simultaneously carrying out actions that represent discrimination at its finest.

But Taylor is facing these obstacles head-on and assures voters that everything will be handled, and nothing can stop the force that is driving her campaign: the will of her heavenly father, whom she calls Jesus. On her bus tour stops, Taylor says she is humbled by the amount of people that ask her to join them in prayer. “You can’t stop what God has ordained. You can’t stop when God wants to protect the people.”

Taylor assures supporters she will do everything necessary, from an already-filed FCC complaint to a potential lawsuit (don’t forget Taylor is endorsed by accomplished lawyer Lin Wood, who is famous for Nick Sandman’s victory defamation lawsuit against the mainstream media), to ensure she gets to represent the people as a participant in these debates. “Those two guys [Kemp and Perdue] will not get to banter back and forth and not really say anything vital, just banter back and forth about their accomplishments or their failures. They will be held accountable, I will hold their feet to the fire on their failures, and on what they plan to do in Georgia, for the people, not for themselves and for their bank accounts.”

In conclusion, below are some more snapshots of polls that show Taylor ahead. To sign the petition to allow Taylor to participate in the debates and give the people of Georgia a chance to hear her qualifications to be governor and then decide for themselves, click here.

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