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EXPOSED! bipartisan cover up of election fraud in colorado


As I shared in, “fraud PROVEN in colorado, cabal freaks out, legislators respond,” the revelations in the three Mesa Reports, combined with the Colorado Canvassing Report, have conclusively proven that the Colorado elections are, in fact, the Gold Standard of Fraud. 

All four of these Colorado-focused reports were generated by domain experts and are peer-reviewed to ensure they are nothing but the truth. And the truth is that Colorado elections are not free and fair – they are undeniably manipulated through a controlled system. 

As Holly at Altitude wrote in early 2021, Colorado is the Election Fraud Test Kitchen – they bake the methods and mechanisms of fraud here, and they test to see if the people will choke it down and call it good. It’s worked – the people of Colorado have been trying to deprogram our elected officials from all the brainwashing for the past 15 months. We’re having to pry the gold standard trope from their white-knuckled grip but, thankfully, many of them are now waking up. 

matt crane admits to election crimes and implicates secretary griswold

The people of Colorado have been pressuring our local and state officials to investigate election fraud since before the Trusted Build began destroying evidence in Spring of 2021. In my previous article, I shared how this pressure campaign now has some Colorado elected officials asking questions. 

And, in light of the communist legislation trying to make its way through the Colorado legislature right now, I’ll channel Bernie Sanders to say, “that’s a good thing.”

It’s actually a really good thing, because it forced Matt Crane, Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerks Association, and an alleged Republican, to address the substance (read: evidence of criminal conduct by Griswold) as revealed in the reports. This hadn’t happened in Colorado before last Tuesday, and Crane’s disclosures in the email have given us some new information. 

From a Cause of America press release issued Wednesday, March 23:

“In a show of blatant incompetence or worse, the Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerk’s Association, Matt Crane admitted to election crimes by CO’s Secretary of State.  Crane outted the fact that CO SecState Griswold approved untested, uncertified software which was illegally installed on electronic voting equipment in Colorado.  This is a confirmation of findings in the Mesa 3 Forensic Report.”

full disclosure: i signed this response

The press release includes a response from Cause of America, authored primarily by expert and retired Colonel Shawn Smith (USAF) and signed by all officers of Cause of America. As the Director of Partnerships and a member of the CofA Board, I signed this response, and I stand by the content.   

To be clear, when I published Crane’s letter last week, I didn’t know he had incriminated himself. I was so excited that someone inside the cabal was actually addressing the evidence instead of just calling us conspiracy theorists and racists. It’s been 15 months of trying to get to the truth, and it’s been hard. No wonder most people just keep their heads down. The establishment machine is fierce.

Before the response was written or circulated for review, I published Crane’s email to the General Assembly (last Wednesday). Then, on Thursday, the Senate prioritized SB22-153 for debate and, on Friday, passed SB22-153 in the Senate.

Matt Crane and Jena Griswold are allegedly in opposing parties, but they always find themselves on the same side — against the will of the people.

back to the crimes

While the Cause of America response is 15 pages of facts – that, honestly, humiliate Matt Crane – the first page summarizes the most alarming aspects succinctly:

This message is intended to correct the record of Crane’s falsehoods and misinformation; we fear that, although multiple public officials in Colorado have had this information, it may have been kept from you. 

There are two alarming aspects of Crane’s official communication with you that require your immediate attention:

  1. Crane admits to knowledge of explicit violations of Colorado election law, committed by the Secretary of State and her staff and, at her direction, by county election officials in Colorado. These are detailed below.
  2. Crane’s acknowledgment of “known vulnerabilities in the voting system” is noteworthy and significant. This acknowledgement deserves its own hearing before the General Assembly. At no previous time or place has Crane, much less the Secretary of State, acknowledged this fact which corroborates the Mesa County forensic expert reports. Secretary Griswold has also made no mention to members of the General Assembly, or to Colorado clerks, or to the public, of these facts. 

Each violation of Colorado law must be investigated by sworn law enforcement personnel. If Crane’s explicit indictment of the Secretary of State, and the evidence in the forensic reports are validated, each of these election officials must be afforded due process. 

Given your duties under Colorado’s Constitution – to pass laws to secure the purity of elections, and to guard against abuses of the elective franchise – we hope you will act with due diligence to properly inform yourselves, to consider the credibility and conflicts of interest of individuals and organizations which have been misleading you, and to act to fulfill your own sworn, lawful duties. Now that you will have been given this information, directly, if you fail to act lawfully and diligently, the citizens will justifiably hold you accountable.

who will speak for the “gold standard”?

Fun fact: Colonel Shawn Smith has invited Matt Crane to debate several times over the past 15 months. He has never accepted. Members of the GOP have also invited Matt Crane to debate Colonel Smith. In fact, they are supposed to debate in Greeley on Monday, April 4, 2022. According to the organizers, Crane was “interested” but had some conditions and, reasonably, wanted to understand the format and rules of the debate (which were sent to him). Since Crane’s public admissions of crimes (in his attempt to defend his position that CO elections are safe and secure), however, Crane has ghosted the event team. I bet his handlers won’t let him speak anymore after letting election crimes out of the proverbial bag.

That said, it is curious that no one from Team Gold Standard is willing to defend the honor of their namesake. While they teach university classes and hold webinars evangelizing the fraud machine, without taking questions, no one will defend the Gold Standard against scrutiny in a public forum. (Spoiler alert: It’s because they can’t.)

Matt Crane could have had this debate in a church or banquet hall anywhere in Colorado, and half the state would have shown up to finally put this issue to bed. Instead, he sent the General Assembly an email that defamed the work of hundreds of Coloradans and, in his arrogance, he messed up. 

Now, if the law still means anything, he will be having this debate before a Grand Jury and in the presence of his chosen counsel. We should all be afforded due process.

what’s a little election meddling, as long as it’s bipartisan?

If you know me or my writing, then you know that I am a proudly unaffiliated voter. I have been consistent since 2011 – when I left the Republican Party – that I believe we are governed by a uniparty that presents us with “choices” (Bush v Clinton; Romney v Obama) that allow the political establishment to keep their power. 

The Trump era proved this right. But now we know their secrets.

As the CCCA Executive Director, Crane claims to be a Republican while holding the purse of Secretary Griswold. And Crane has been the Clerk whisperer over the past 15 months, keeping local elected officials comfortably (for the cabal) misinformed about the vulnerabilities and proven election law violations that keep happening on Secretary Griswold’s watch.

From the same CofA press release:

“Crane has used his position to persuade Colorado clerks to support Griswold’s bill which strips clerks of critical authorities for running and overseeing local elections. Now that Griswold’s SB22-153 is being rammed through the CO legislature, Crane has also taken on manipulating Colorado legislators to support the bill. He has even employed a CO based lobbying group, 5280 Strategies, to bolster his efforts with clerks and legislators. In other words, Crane is at the center of making County clerks’ jobs irrelevant and unnecessary if Griswold’s bill passes – to their, and Colorado citizens’ detriment.  The question is, how will and how has Crane personally and professionally profited from these actions?” In an email sent to a list of Colorado legislators yesterday from Crane, he attempted to defend his personal history of misinformation and falsehoods about Colorado elections in hopes of persuading Colorado legislators to vote YES on Griswold’s bill (SB22-153).

The Senate did vote YES, and SB22-153 was introduced in the Colorado House on Friday, March 25, 2022. House committee work is not yet scheduled as of press time.

how did it pass the senate when literal crimes were just admitted?

That one is easy. They don’t care. 

Don’t believe me? 

Every member of the Colorado General Assembly, including every State Senator, regardless of party, received both Crane’s email and the Cause of America response to his email last week. I personally contacted every Senator whose number I could find on Thursday – and hundreds of others did the same – while there was still an opportunity to take a stand and read Crane’s criminal disclosures into the Senate record. We were ignored until after the vote on second reading.

The next day, on Friday March 25, 2022, they had the third reading. If they were serious about investigating the criminal allegations, they had all night to read the 15 pages and get educated on the issue. If they were serious about attempting to stop SB22-153, beyond just rhetoric, they had plenty of time to do so.

But, like I said, they don’t care. As the Cause of America response states, “Now that you will have been given this information, directly, if you fail to act lawfully and diligently, the citizens will justifiably hold you accountable.”

On Friday there was still no mention of the Crane disclosure in the final moments before the General Assembly passed this egregious legislation. But boy were they all happy about passing two amendments. 

In a stunning move that can only be described as a slap in the face to the people of Colorado, Senate Minority Leader Holbert, during his final remarks in opposition to the bill, praised one of the amendments and declared that Matt Crane was in support of that amendment – as though that should be an endorsement and source of comfort for the people of Colorado. 

I’d tell you to vote Holbert out, but he doesn’t appear too worried about that…what does that tell us? 

Critical thinking, guys, what does that tell us?

where do we go from here?

It will be interesting, for sure. We are now, as a people, presented with a simple question: Does the law still matter?

But none of those things are happening, so I’ll ask again: Does the law still matter?

Said another way, is justice equal or equitable? 

In the America I once believed in, Crane’s disclosures would be explosive. They don’t appear to be, but there is an upcoming test: Will this new information weigh on Hanks v. Griswold, currently awaiting a decision on the State’s motion to dismiss.

I guess we’ll find out. 

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