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denver, despotism, and the death of self governance


What a time to be alive. Whatever drama you’re spun up in at the moment, stop for a second and appreciate that the Cabal is literally supporting Nazis out in the open. Keep that in mind the next time they call you racist.

So, are the parties switching back now, or can we all just admit that the authoritarian left has always had a thing for enslaving their fellow man (no matter his color)?

Amid the chaos, destruction, and distractions, the Colorado Communists have been busy, led by the youngest Secretary of State…the darling of the Cabal…the doe-eyed pinocchio to Soros’ Gepetto…the incomparable Jena Marie Griswold.

Secretary Griswold and her legislative lapdogs are ramming through a radical power grab of Colorado elections, and based on the pace they are currently moving, Ron Hanks (HD60, US Senate Candidate) is predicting whiplash:

“This can be rammed through by the end of next week, in my estimation. It went through Senate State and Veteran Affairs and was referred to Senate Appropriations. We could see it in the State House committees as early as Monday. Passing any meaningful amendments through the House is unlikely, so it could move quickly.”

Representative Ron Hanks (R), HD60 and US Senate Candidate

The bill abstract states that it, “increases election security measures for the secretary of state’s office, election officials, candidates for elected office, and voters.” That’s one way of looking at it. 

Representative Hanks has another, “Every one of my colleagues needs to admit that this piece of legislation effectively nullifies local oversight of elections. County Officials are elected, just like the Secretary of State, but this law subjugates them to her. It removes local governance and control in one of the most important area of American government — our elections.”

he’s not wrong – this bill destroys self governance

In our current gold standard, Emperor, er, Secretary Griswold controls pretty much everything. The Communist, er, Democrat Party doesn’t allow for dissent in Colorado or, let’s face it, anywhere. They all do what they’re told. 

While there are a few loopholes in our current election law that this legislation aims to close – a few areas where the People of Colorado still have some visibility and oversight in how their rulers are selected – the true aim of this radical bill is to make it a crime even to question the Empress of Golden Election Fraud.

Keep in mind that, according to the March 8, 2022 Rasmussen poll, 54% of likely voters believe that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Only 40% don’t think it’s likely, and that’s only because there has been zero coverage of the mountains of evidence that continue to accrue since election day.

Anyone who looks knows the election was stolen. The tide is turning – and Jena is wigging. 

For heaven’s sake, the Wisconsin Speaker Vos just admitted Wednesday (March 16, 2022) that fraud in Wisconsin was widespread. I joined Joe Oltmann on Conservative Daily Wednesday to discuss the developments in Wisconsin, and we were joined by Peter Bernegger, Draza Smith, Dr. Doug Frank, and Jeff O’Donnell. It was both fun and illuminating, and you should check it out!

All over the country, elected officials like Speaker Vos have had to walk back their previous fraud denials. That doesn’t bother Secretary Griswold. She is committed to keeping her Empire of Fraud. Let’s take a look.

what are we looking at?

The preamble of this abomination to self governance reads:

“The bill increases election security measures for the secretary of state’s office, election officials, candidates for elected office, and voters. Current law authorizes the attorney general and the secretary of state (secretary) to enforce the provisions of the election code by injunctive action brought in the district court for the judicial district in which any violation occurs.” (emphasis added)

Colorado SB22-153

The key words and phrases to pay attention to here are, “enforce,” “by injunctive action,” and “any violation.” That’s the set up.

And in the amended version from committee, the “and” is changed to “or,” meaning Secretary Griswold can act alone on this. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Attorney General Phil Weiser and/or Secretary of State Jena Griswold are going to enforce, by injunctive action, certain punishments on anyone for any violation. 

That seems like a totally legit thing they can do. 

Keep in mind: AG Weiser has had the Mesa County Forensic Report #1 since September 2021, showing evidence of criminal violations of State and Federal election law by Griswold, and Weiser has not so much as used a sentence with letters that could spell “investigation,” much less investigated.  That means Colorado election laws are meant for Griswold to subject you to, not for her to follow.

Attorney General Phil Weiser and/or Secretary of State Jena Griswold are going to enforce, by injunctive action, certain punishments on anyone for any violation. 

Nothing to see here…

Don’t worry, they get more specific. Give it a read. Take note of the loss of liberty, and how your children will never know these rights existed. I know you’re busy, but you should pay attention when an era ends. 

know what’s in it before you pass it (novel concept, I know)

Here are the high points from my view, as informed by multiple brilliant lawyers, legislators (and one recovering democrat who realized that now means, “communist”). 

“Section 4 of the bill requires the district court and the supreme court, if applicable, to expedite scheduling and the issuance of any orders in connection with an enforcement action so a final ruling is made within specified periods.”

Colorado SB22-153

Section four shortens the timeframe for review of elections, and “within specified periods” means 30 days. This acknowledges and makes official the two standards of law – one for the Secretary, and another, tougher and impossibly time-bound standard for anyone opposing her (or him, potentially, in the case of future Secretaries of State). 

The 30-day thing is important. Right now, there is a limitation of “35 days from a triggering event” for bringing a claim for election-related crimes under many statutes, including the Administrative Procedures Act (APA). The State is arguing this means the county officials that are suing the Secretary of State right now under the APA in Hanks et al v. Griswold would have to have brought their case within 35 days of the election (or possibly the trusted build).

You have more time to contest a parking ticket. 

It’s insane. But they brought a motion to dismiss on March 11, 2022 based on standing and statute of limitations. 35 days – and now they want to shorten it to 30. Amazing.

Section five appears to be an acknowledgment of the tactics used against Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, Elbert County Clerk Dallas Schroeder, and Douglas County Clerk Merlin Klotz – the unjustified vilification of public servants doing the will of their constituents. She acknowledges it, and wants those tyrannical powers of the State codified into our laws. 

Sections six and seven are focused on indoctrination. I bet they’re going to make examples of us, and I’d like to formally announce my intention to audition for the role of Tina Peters in any reenactments produced for training purposes. I promise, I’ll crush it.

Photo credit:

Who had “promoting misinformation or disinformation” on their bingo card? 

“Section 8 also specifies that, while serving as a designated election official or a coordinated election official, a person is prohibited from knowingly or recklessly making, publishing, broadcasting, or circulating any false statement for the purposes of promoting misinformation or disinformation related to the administration of elections.”

Colorado SB22-153

Now, who do you think will be the sole judge of what is “misinformation or disinformation?”  Spoiler alert: it won’t be you. 

The Crown Princess of Election Lies will decide for you.  Section 8 makes it a crime for election officials to criticize the administration of elections. Speech crimes. This would also make it a crime for Clerks to question Griswold, and you could argue that this section criminalizes whistleblowing. No big deal. All of this is totally normal.

Section nine makes unauthorized access to the voting equipment a crime. Right now the “unauthorized access” line is an imaginary standard. This will be proven in Tina Peters’ court case, and the not-at-all nefarious Secretary is looking to change that loophole, too. 

Think about that. Dominion has access. The Department of State has access. But your Clerk – that you elected and can visit and hold accountable – that clerk is at the mercy of the regime. At the mercy of Griswold because, at this rate, she is going to steal her re-election in November. 

Seriously, though, who is going to stop her? 

Jena is quickly amassing power and deleting what little local oversight and transparency we have left. Do you see how our checks and balances are being stripped away? 

“Section 10 requires that for elections conducted under the “Uniform Election Code of 1992”, the governing body of any political subdivision is required to adopt an electronic or electromechanical voting system to be used for tabulating votes at all elections held by the political subdivision.”

Colorado SB22-153

Section 10 mandates the use of black box voting systems. Right now, the counties can say “no;” it’s up to county Boards of Commissioners, according to Colorado Revised Statutes § 1-5-603.

Citizens have amassed enough evidence to conclude that they don’t want computerized voting systems.  And we have the right to say, “no.” And they are saying no. Rio Blanco County, Colorado voted this week not to use electronic voting systems in the upcoming primary, and other Colorado counties are expected to follow suit. 

Jena doesn’t like being told no. She gets all Veruca Salt about it. 

Section 11 practically makes it legal for Jena Griswold to destroy election records, as we saw in Mesa County when the election records were destroyed by the configuration of the voting system and, then again, with the application of the “Trusted Build” updates. Without a disk image for reference, no one can verify changes that her officially “authorized” updates have on the system. 

Without the ability of the Clerks (or whomever they trust) to compare an archive image to the updated system and see the actual changes made by the “Trusted Build” or other modifications – essentially checking her work – Secretary Griswold can do whatever she wants. With no backup of all the log files and other operating system and application files necessary to reconstruct and audit what happened on that voting system, we’ll all just have to take Jena’s word for it. 

Again, this is a totally legit turn of events in a government with checks and balances to prevent tyranny.

What a time to be alive.

Draza Smith, nationally celebrated autodidactic elections expert and professional systems engineer, was baffled by Section 11, saying, “This is a knee-jerk response and not carefully thought through. Creation of an image of the HDD is the standard way that the overwhelming majority of backups are made of computer systems for disaster recovery situations.”

In other words, this doesn’t make sense.  Even CISA, which apparently can’t protect anything it was created to protect, includes “forensically image system” among its emergency, required actions for the SolarWinds hack.

Section 12 requires 24-hour video surveillance of voting systems. It’s unclear who will monitor and manage that video considering no one watches the videos that exist now (and neither can you – it’s an awesome control).

Section 13 allows the secretary of state to overrule county canvass board’s refusal to certify election results, effectively destroying citizen control of elections.

This is lawless…unless you’re Jena Griswold. 

Sections 14 and 15, the final sections, define the crimes and punishments and make it a felony to disobey Jena Griswold. Under this section, and equal justice (dare to dream), the Secretary of State would serve a minimum of 18 months for breaking her own rules. For example, she failed to follow her own rules for the Risk Limiting Audit random seed. 

But “rules for thee,” and all that.

One of those brilliant lawyers I mentioned, retired attorney and freedom advocate Maurice Emmer, said, “The bill would criminalize frivolous missteps by county clerks and yet leave the Secretary of State free from any criminal penalty for failing to perform her duties to ensure that the voting systems comply with state standards and perform reliably.  It will disincentivize good people from seeking the office of county clerk and recorder out of fear of baseless and frivolous prosecution.”

the calm of despotism

Thomas Jefferson said, “Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty.” 

Deep breaths, everyone.

It’s been less than 18-months since the “safest and most secure election in history” on the nation’s “gold standard of elections” system in Colorado. 

That was the message for a year. It was a beautiful perfect election that you’re not allowed to examine, evaluate or question. (And if you dare question us, you’re a racist, sexist bigot and probably a domestic terrorist, and you also probably don’t return your shopping carts to the shopping cart stall. And you hate puppies.)

But their words and smears and attacks didn’t work. Not this time. 

So, they’re escalating. They’re always fine with “democracy” as long as you do what they say.

It’s textbook – a history textbook, to be exact, and preferably one that was written before the 1990s. 

This only turns out one way. 

The American Founding Fathers knew petty tyrants like Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. They limited them, but the communists have been planning this insurrection for a very long time.

Our current government would be unrecognizable to those who penned the Declaration of Independence. 

Ron Hanks does not mince words at what the “Colorado Election Security Act” means to our self governance, “This bill is the most dangerous governmental overreach in modern Colorado history.”

And they’re rushing it through. 

The Secretary of State is moving rapidly to remove the remaining oversight and transparency that counties still have. This bill was heard on Tuesday in the Senate’s version of the House “Kill Committee,” or State, Veteran and Military Affairs. We call it the Kill Committee because any bill that has a chance of changing people’s lives for the better is killed before it can emerge from this committee. 

Except this bill. It advanced to Appropriations this morning where it passed by a vote of 4-3.

It’s moving quickly along. They hope you won’t notice until it’s too late.
Commies gonna commie. Photo credit:

Since November 4, 2020 we’ve been asking our elected officials, at every level, to follow the law and find the truth.

The truth of “our democracy” shouldn’t rely on a pinky-promise with anyone – and certainly not a radical despot who wants to change the laws she broke and make it a crime to call her out on it.  

Emmer believes that is the point, “SB22-153 is part of a larger plan to prepare to manipulate the 2022 midterm elections. The intent is to prevent anyone from examining what happens in the electronic systems leading up to the election (preparing to cheat), during the counting, and afterwards (covering tracks).  If that isn’t the purpose of this legislation, it’s difficult to identify one.”

This is lawless, radical, tyrannical, and Secretary Griswold knows that the voters — the will of the People — is not with her on this. That is why she is tipping her hand with this piece of legislation. 

Without the cheating, Jena can’t win. 

And I think she knows it.

get involved now…like, right now

If you’re in Colorado, call your state Senator and Representative and demand a NO vote on this radical bill. USEIP has an email template available to deliver peer-reviewed, damning evidence of Colorado election fraud to your Senators and Representatives. You can edit this email, so when you send them the evidence, demand they vote NO on the ridiculously named Colorado Election Security Act.

And for the lefties, since we are talking about a loss of individual rights, this is a good time to apply the Trump Test: 

Would you be OK if Trump had these powers? How would you be feeling if your most Trumpiest countrymen had absolute control over your elections — and you couldn’t even question it? 

Something to think about. 

Lady Draza and RatioInvictus contributed to this report.

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