Uncuffing Coomer: A Tale of White Privilege (or Shocking Police Incompetence)

Dear “The Blue,”

I have always backed you.

I’ve thanked you for your service, bought you coffee, shaken your hand.

During the summer of burn, loot and murder, my kids and I brought you treats to express our gratitude.

When everyone was demonizing you, I backed you, The Blue.

The only candidate I have publicly endorsed is a Sheriff candidate.

Fast forward to September of 2021, and behold my shock and horror to discover that the “defund police” crowd may, in fact, have a point.

Hear me out.

The biggest argument against The Blue from the left is that you hunt people of color in the streets.

My son’s high school journalism teacher (in red Douglas County, CO) actually had a conversation, aloud, in the classroom in the fall of 2020 where these words were said: “All cops are bastards, and they are hunting black people in the streets.”

So, the main complaints are that police unfairly target and brutalize communities of color, and that the penalties for crimes are much more severe for people of color.

Nonsense! Right?

Not so fast…

Yes, this is former Dominion Product Strategy and Security leader. This video is a roller coaster of emotions, for both Eric and the viewer. Enjoy.

what’s this, now?

In September of 2021, Eric Coomer was questioned, almost arrested, and ultimately released according to the police report and recently released body cam footage of the incident.

The video begins with the officer surveying damage of what appears to be the storefront at the intersection of 100 North G Street and 100 W Sackett Street. It’s caved in following an obvious accident. But there is no vehicle — this is a hit and run situation.

Screen grabbed from Joey Camp’s video. Coomer’s damage.

According to The Blue, witness testimony said a truck hit the building then drove a few blocks away and parked. Then a guy in a blue plaid shirt got out and ran into a bar down the way.

The Blue strolls on down to the bar, and Eric Coomer opens the door, wearing a blue plaid shirt. Amazing.

In this shot, you see Coomer in his blue plaid shirt, shamelessly lying to police. It wasn’t until he was cuffed in the back of a police car, after speaking to his lawyer, that he decided to confess.

Eric claims to have no idea what the The Blue could possibly be talking about. He claims he and “the cook” did a couple of a shots, which explains the booze on his breath, but he never drove into a building!

Eric lies repeatedly, indignantly, and nastily tells them to contact his lawyer. They cuff him and put him in the back of the car (off camera).

The lawyer shows up and presumably (it’s not on the video) talks Eric into telling the truth. Coomer confesses to running his truck into the building — he was totally sober, but on his cell phone. Sure, pal.

He claims he’s just super stressed, and he panicked, and “Google my name.” He seems near tears and the video ends with them uncuffing Coomer.

uncuffing coomer: a tale of white privilege?

Maybe you didn’t know who he was, The Blue…but no, when he came to the door, you said, “Are you Eric?”

You must have run his background, right? You must have seen that the lying pathetic slob before you had a record of “several” convictions for DUI. (Coomer admits to this in the NYT Magazine article by Susan Dominus that I covered here.)

A serial DUI offender drives a truck into a building, leaves the scene, fails to report, has alcohol on his breath, and repeatedly lies to the responding officers for a very long while before admitting to the crash— but claiming cell phone not booze.

just a ticket. NBD.

He has alcohol on his breath, but claims it’s from after he crashed his truck into a building. He was totally sober when he crashed his truck into the building. Read that again, Blue, and then remind yourself that you serve an investigative function.

You could ask the cook to confirm the story about the shots, but you don’t.

Rather you, The Blue, decide to believe him and not investigate for DUI any further.

Just a ticket, you say.

You beg him to tell you the truth so you can let him go? You win, and he walks.

In Coomer’s case, it’s gotta be white privilege or laziness…is there another option (besides both)?

Serious question: With all else being equal, would you have treated a person of color the same way? Eric is a straight, white male. Does that affect the way you handle a call in the Salida PD?

Would there not be an arrest on suspicion of drunk driving if Eric’s name was Enrique?

If it’s not the race thing, explain it to me.

Is it a paperwork thing?

Did you find him credible and sympathetic?

Is that because he’s white? Or because he is a known radical leftist?

Or do you have Stockholm Syndrome? Did you not know that Eric has a deep, seething hatred for the police? He regularly posted on social media about killing police.

I covered this in my series, The Ultimate Gaslight, parts one and two. You should subscribe, The Blue. Might help you out the next time you catch a career criminal dead to rights and decide to let him go.

Coomer’s playlist on Facebook before he deleted these posts.

let’s hot wash this situation

I think it’s time for some Deep Blue soul searching.

There is no excuse for Eric Coomer to have walked away that day, given the investigative facts that were before you.

In fact, Mr. Coomer should not be anywhere near the driver’s seat of a motor vehicle.

And since we are stating facts, for the record, the man belongs in prison awaiting a trial for treason. Here he is training election workers on how to “fix votes.” He should know — he designed the system and his name is on the patents.

Not a conspiracy theory. Only slow learners and those complicit can’t see what is going on.

But setting aside his larger crimes against the American people, you, The Blue, owe us an explanation as to why this serial offender deserved leniency?

Given his record, vehicular manslaughter was imminent — it was damn near certain and, in any other situation the law enforcement priority (at least on paper) would be to prevent that from happening.

This is an even greater certainty in communities of color, according to many in those communities, the screaming white leftists that pretend to care about those communities (until they faced mandatory vaccines and then the POCs are SOL), and 100% of the communist establishment.

But the priorities in this case appear to focus on keeping Mr. Coomer (one of those white leftists) out of trouble and minimizing his exposure.

His exposure to The People.

But the People deserve to know what’s true.

And, for that, we pay you, The Blue.

Should we wonder why we do?

Not just Republicans — apathetic Americans of all stripes are conveniently (for now) ignoring the creeping authoritarianism. Credit: @volmemes on Telegram.

Remember your oath, The Blue.

And get Eric Coomer off the streets and out of the driver’s seat. For good.

Not this time though. Eric pled guilty in Chaffee County Court, and received “big points” on his license and a $250 fine. The entire court appearance took just nine mins. Listen here.

Like I said, maybe the defund the police crowd has a point.

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  1. Curious that he talked about being under a lot of stress when he crashed into the building in September of ’21. Your article on Coomer and Dominus came out about a month earlier.
    A little part of me wants to believe you were part of that stress. 🤔

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