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Is Griswold Illegally Surveilling Her Constituents to Neutralize Dissent?


I recently learned that Secretary of State Jena Griswold is monitoring me. At least it appears that way. Let me know what you guys think.

I mean, my telegram is pretty riveting, if I do say so myself…

Let me state first that I am a private citizen. I work a full time job, educate my children, and want nothing more than to be left alone to raise my family and enjoy our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness in Colorado. Like millions of others I have a personal blog and exercise my First Amendment rights. I don’t monetize my writing in any way. It’s free to the world.

That said, in October of 2019, God told me to no longer stay silent about the waste, fraud and abuse I was experiencing. My long, comfortable career in corporate America became immediately less comfortable.

Over the years since then, I grew in boldness to speak the truth, and it became almost compulsory. 

Then came the stolen election.

As I’ve said many times, on November 4, 2020, God told me clearly, “I am allowing people to reveal themselves.” In the months that followed, He again told me to seek and speak the truth. 

And because I am privileged to have been born in America, I have the ability to obey Him. At least on paper…for now…

Which brings me to my current predicament.

i heard it from a friend, who heard it from a friend, who it from another

When Jena Griswold released her press release about a third forensic image in Colorado – or a “breach,” in her words, without any evidence of a “breach” – I learned with the rest of the world that Jena Griswold’s office “became aware” of the Douglas County clerk’s actions from a Telegram post. 

I had no idea that it was my Telegram post. 

I discovered I was now in JJ’s crosshairs through a Telegram channel (ironically) when someone shared that my post was entered as an exhibit in Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s orders to compel Clerk Merlin Klotz on the matter.

This is the image I saw posted in Telegram. The full text of the post, which I forwarded on October 1, 2021, is below.

Thank you for your concern regarding the “Trusted Build” process. I am equally concerned about this coordinated effort between the SOS and Dominion. Like the rest of the world, prior to Ms. Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk, exposing what was/wasn’t behind the SOS passwords in the form of log files, I assumed “Trusted Build” was merely an update to newer program files.

After my friend SOS, Wayne Williams selected Dominion as the sole election system provider for Colorado, I sued for an alternative. Accordingly only Douglas and Garfield counties now use Clear Ballot election system. And we, as always, took a full image backup of our server before a trusted build was done this year.

When I observed the dissection of log files at Lindell’s Symposium, my immediate reaction was:

The log files are election data without any PI or indication how any person voted that meet the criteria for Colorado Open Records Act sharing with the public.

The fact that our SOS/Dominion has hidden log files behind secret passwords suggests that they have violated CORA statute, perhaps Criminal acts times the 59 counties where they conducted a Dominion trusted build.

The fact that Dominion server log file images were routinely deleted during trusted build violates Federal law requiring retention of election records for 22 months after an election perhaps is a Criminal act times 59 counties where they conducted a Dominion trusted build. 

The fact that Dominion server log file images were routinely deleted during trusted build violates State law requiring retention of election records for 25 months after an election perhaps is a Criminal act times 59 counties where they conducted a Dominion trusted build.

The fact that the SOS/Dominion prevent by use of passwords the review of server log files every Clerk in the State prior to certification of any election should again suggest a criminal act times 59 counties.

I immediately submitted the above comments to the Lindell legal team and the very next day the team began asking Colorado voters to demand copies of those files under CORA. Obviously, as long as the SOS retained the passwords, no county could comply. However, I am certain the Peters legal team will be using these points to go on the offensive against the SOS.

Last Friday Ms. Peter’s legal team led by former SOS Scott Gessler, submitted a report to the Mesa County Commissioners and filed same with the Court. You may read the report here:

As you will note in this document, contrary to Dominion claims that they are not connected to the internet, WIFI exchanges occurred challenging Dominion credibility nationally.

Yesterday it was reported that the SOS filed charges against Ms. Peters for stealing the password that hid the log files. Ms. Peters is a Gold Star Mom of a Navy Seal and as tough as her son.  The outcome of this shoot-out between our SOS and Ms. Peters will be up to the courts. Personally, I have troubles finding guilt in stealing a password to data that should be public information.

Please visit DouglasVotes,com to better understand the system in Douglas County and sign up at caucus to be an election judge and participate in the process.

Thanks for your comments and interest.

Merlin Klotz, Douglas Clerk and Recorder

Well, it wasn’t really my Telegram post. It was a forwarded post from “Dahn W,” a user that I do not know. I don’t know what channel I forwarded that post from because it was October 1, 2021 and I post on Telegram way too many times a day. I don’t always remember the things I WRITE on Telegram, so something I FORWARDED four months ago didn’t register.

And yet, the Secretary of State knew. Which is fascinating because my Telegram channel enjoys around 600 followers, and I think it was around 300 in October, if my memory serves. 

On February 10, Secretary Griswold decided and declared that Clerk Klotz’simage was, in fact, not a threat. I bet she wants the whole thing to just go away because she looks like a bumbling fool. 

But her declaration of a breach raises some very important questions that we are NOT going to let go until they are sufficiently answered.

what strange hell is this?

How exactly did the Secretary of State become aware of my Telegram post in the first place? Why did a post from October 2021 suddenly need a government order three months later? What kind of surveillance operation is Griswold running from her offices in Denver? 

In July of 2021, when Griswold was lording her emergency powers over the people as the Ruling Ring, I rejoined Twitter after more than a year. I joined with one purpose: To air my grievances with the Secretary of State – that she was assuming powers she didn’t have under the Constitution – in the public square. And, indeed, that was the only thing I did in my short time on Twitter. 

I made it two full weeks.

Twitter then suspended my account, without a reason and without any way to address the suspension.

Now, my Telegram post from four months ago ends up in Jena’s latest fabricated drama?

Side note: Jena Griswold is the textbook example of why we don’t allow governments to assume emergency powers. If you allow government to assume emergency powers, pretty soon they’ll find or fabricate an emergency to keep them. My precious…

Does JJ follow me on social media? Is she monitoring all Colorado citizens, or just the ones who petition their government for a redress of grievances? Is she only monitoring those free Colorado citizens that are critical of her tyranny? Does anyone know if I can CORA all the social media handles she uses across all platforms? How about the social media handles of all the staff, companies, and non-profits she either pays or collaborates with to surveill U.S. citizens? 

it’s a pretty big deal

The way I see it, given that I am a very small voice in a sea of potential targets, Jena put me into her “order” (again, for a forwarded social media post) because she wants to neutralize my reporting. 

This raises some pretty interesting questions. 

First, I am a private citizen of Colorado exercising my First Amendment rights. I am a constituent of Secretary Griswold. Since I have been speaking out about the truth in our elections, I have been visited by the FBI, deplatformed on Twitter without reason, and now I learn that Griswold is monitoring my Telegram. 

Does she do this with all constituents that criticize her disastrous policies and question her corruption, or am I special? Does she use taxpayer dollars for this (possibly illegal) surveillance?

Then there comes the question of my reporting. There is no question that I enjoy the same First Amendment protections as CNN, The New York Times, Vox and Buzzfeed. The courts have repeatedly ruled on this, as in the 2014 case in the Ninth Circuit court of appeals, Obsidian Finance Group v. Crystal Cox. According to The Atlantic, this was “a complicated case first decided in 2011. The court found that even though someone might not write for the ‘institutional press,’ they’re entitled to all the protections the Constitution grants journalists.”

Whether Secretary Griswold is coming at me as a private citizen or a journalist (and one of the few in Colorado who could rightly be accused of writing the truth), neither is a good look. 

But let’s be honest, the real reason Jonestown Jena is putting little ol’ me in the midst of her pageantry is that she wants to intimidate and silence me, and others like me. She is making an example, albeit poorly. This is her MO.

This is the same strategy she exhibited with Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters. What does a guilty SecState look like?

This is what it looks like when a speaker doesn’t believe the words that are coming out of their own mouth. Clip from JJ’s presser on Tina Peters back in August 2021.

Now, Jena has at least two, and maybe more, Clerks who backed up their election records.

Side note: Why is Jena so afraid of the Clerks backing up their election records?

what’s in those records? oh right, evidence.

jena is in overdrive to reclaim her narrative about the 2020 election

Today, Secretary Griswold announced that she is proceeding with a lawsuit against Elbert County Clerk and Recorder Dallas Schroeder.

Do you realize what that means?

It means the Elbert County Forensic Images are the real deal. Jena is threatened by the existence of another Colorado county having the means and ability to validate (or otherwise) the findings from Mesa County. 

And JJ is very likely going to deploy her flying monkeys against anyone who seeks to make that validation a reality. Including yours truly – which is likely why I am suddenly making new appearances in the Colorado commie press alliance (as I discussed in my previous article).

it’s a flawed strategy

In the bold and brave words of Belinda Knisely, Deputy Clerk of Mesa County:

“They picked the wrong woman.”

Oh boy, did she.

Don’t worry readers, I am going to keep digging to find out if Secretary Griswold is surveilling all of you the way that she is me. I will report what I find. In the meantime, give JJ a call and let her know what you think of her weaponizing her office and our tax dollars against her constituents: 303-894-2200.

dear jena

In closing, this final message is directly for Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and those who have formed an unholy, communist alliance with her and her puppet masters:

I am not afraid of you. As a law abiding, tax paying Coloradan, I am your boss. All the authority you can legally exercise comes from the sovereignty of the People of Colorado. I am obsessed with seeking and speaking the truth, and I will continue to exercise all my God-given rights that are protected under the US Constitution. 

I walk through this world with the power of the Holy Spirit and the protection of Angel Armies, and God has commanded me not to be silent. 

You have no power here.

Do your worst.



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