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new evidence in colorado catches embattled secretary of state off guard


This is a developing story, but I want to get this out so that everyone understands what’s happening. Things are heating up in Colorado. Here is what we know.

jena gets some bad news

On Monday, January 24, 2022, Jena Griswold was having a very bad day. 

As everyone should know by now, Jena is facing a pretty explosive lawsuit from elected officials around the state of Colorado. If you need to catch up, you can read about that here: Griswold is in Hot Water

A big part of that case is the saga of Tina Peters and Mesa County, so you should read up on that as well, especially if you’re new to Colorado’s role in the stolen election on November 3, 2020. 

The case, Hanks et al v. Griswold was filed in November of 2021 in the City and County of Denver District Court, and Griswold’s lawyers recently filed a motion to dismiss, on standing, what they cannot defend, on substance. 

In response to Griswold’s motion to dismiss, the plaintiffs filed new evidence in the case, disclosing the existence of a second forensic image in Elbert County, Colorado, and requesting a court order to have it forensically examined to confirm what cyber experts found in Mesa: destruction of election records, an uncertifiable, non-compliant voting system, and a coffin-nail in the unwarranted “gold standard” refrain. A press release issued by Jena’s office on Monday revealed the discovery:

“The Secretary of State’s Office became aware of the potential security protocol breach through an affidavit signed by Elbert County Clerk and Recorder Schroeder as part of the lawsuit that he and five other plaintiffs have brought against the Department based on multiple unfounded election conspiracy theories. That affidavit admitted that the Elbert County Clerk had made an image of the voting system hard drive sometime before August 27, 2021, but it did not disclose how the copy was made or what security measures were taken at the time.”

Secretary of State Press Release, January 24, 2022

In an affidavit signed by Clerk Schroeder, he explains his actions:

“I was told that there was evidence that the ‘trusted build’ process that was performed on Mesa County’s Dominion voting system during May of 2021, had erased electronic files that were part of the 2020 election records. This information was concerning, because I have a legal duty to retain election records for 25 months after every election. The purpose of retaining the records is so that a proper audit of an election can be performed. I was concerned that the ‘trusted build’ process might erase electronic election records from the Elbert County elections systems, which would violate state law.”

Elbert County Clerk & Recorder Dallas Schroeder, January 7, 2022

Just in case you’re not fully comprehending the explosiveness of this disclosure, let’s go back to Jena’s press release which confirms that this newly disclosed evidence (the Elbert County forensic image) was taken before the Colorado trusted build updates.

“This breach in security protocol occurred prior to the 2021 trusted build of Elbert County’s 2021 voting equipment, which updates systems against vulnerabilities. Therefore, the Secretary of State’s Office does not believe at this time that the unauthorized imaging has created an imminent or direct security risk to Colorado’s elections.”

Secretary of State Press Release, January 24, 2022

The SecState’s claim of “based on unfounded election conspiracy theories,” is remarkable. And false. 

there is no breach in security protocol; this is a lie

The basis of the plaintiffs’ claims is filed with the court and has been provided to Secretary Griswold’s counsel, and directly to her before that. It’s a stack of government documents, either publicly posted or obtained through open records requests. And it’s damning. 

In other words, not only ought Griswold to know better, she DOES know better. But this isn’t her first time making false statements to the public. More on that in a minute.

For the Clerk to take a forensic image of the machines, particularly when there are concerns that the updates the vendor is conducting will destroy election records and evidence, is not a violation of any security protocol or, more importantly, legal statute. It is, in fact, the Clerk’s statutory responsibility to preserve election records for 25 months according to Colorado law. Clerk Schroeder, like Clerk Peters, was doing his job.

Yet, Jena is setting up to attack a second Clerk based on false allegations of a crime.

where have we seen this before?

For Tina, the false allegation was that she leaked passwords. Remember that? The entire premise for the SecState’s actions against Tina Peters was that she leaked passwords, but we never hear about THAT allegation anymore. They want you to forget. 

Also forget that Tina never had the passwords, and their safekeeping and security was the sole responsibility of the Secretary of State. They were Griswold’s passwords. 

And then forget that no one would have any idea that CodeMonkeyZ shared Mesa County passwords except that Jena Griswold held a press conference and confirmed to the world that his disclosure was the Mesa County passwords, an action that confounded everyone, everywhere, with even a cursory understanding of security protocols in the event of a breach. 

“you aren’t authorized to expose my criminal activity”

Now we hear about unauthorized backups. Unauthorized by whom? In both cases, the Clerk authorized the backups under their own authority – and duty – as the elected official responsible for elections administration in their county. 

If Griswold was competent and lawful, she would be demanding to know which Clerks DIDN’T conduct back-ups to preserve election records in accordance with Colorado and Federal law – especially upon learning, as she did with the first Mesa County report, that the trusted build deleted election records in violation of the law. I mean, if she wasn’t in on it that is.

i have a question

Just planning ahead, I have a few lines of questioning for those in Denver who swore the oath to the US and Colorado Constitutions:

  1. Can we expect Jena Griswold to order the raid of Dallas Schroeder’s office and home? Should Clerk Schroeder’s staff prepare for law enforcement to kick down their doors? Should Elbert County activists expect their children to be accosted by law enforcement officials?
  2. Can we expect Jena Griswold to decertify the machines in Elbert County? Will there be charges filed in Elbert? Friendly reminder, none of the raids in Mesa county had accompanying charges against those who had their lives turned upside down by Jena’s flying monkeys. Or, like in Mesa County, will Jena Griswold unleash the power of the state against those who seek the truths she is fighting to keep concealed?
  3. Finally, how did ANY of this pass review by the Colorado Attorney General, who is responsible to defend Colorado’s Constitution on behalf of the citizens? Is there anybody home at the Attorney General’s office, or have they just become the personal white-collar defense attorneys for the unaccountable Secretary of State?

the gold standard of criminal cover ups

I have to speculate on Griswold’s reaction because her office didn’t respond to my request for comment. And in case you think I am being hyperbolic in anticipating the Secretary’s response, here is the contemporaneous press from when Jena Griswold’s learned that there was a Mesa County image that might expose her crimes:

Sherronna Bishop on the Mike Gallagher Podcast: Salem Media

Sherronna Bishop on Warroom with Steve Bannon

Tina Peters Full Interview on Warroom with Steve Bannon

Gold Star Mother, Tina Peters interviewed on Warroom with Steve Bannon

Sherronna Bishop, First American Mother raided by the FBI on

Be sure to check out the bit about the Feds dragging Sherronna Bishop’s teenage daughter around by her hoodie. That was pretty special.

the buck stops with the clerk on election records preservation

Remember the press conference in August 2021 where Jena nervously and unconvincingly told the world that there was a “breach.” That was after she sent “law enforcement” to raid Tina Peters’ office and the home of one of her staff.

You might also remember Matt Crane, Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerks Association (CCCA), standing next to and supporting Secretary Griswold during this press conference. 

I reached out to Director Crane prior to publishing to ask if he had any comment in the disclosure of a second image. He quickly responded with, The CCCA is aware of the recent reports regarding Elbert County.  We are continuing to monitor the situation and support a full investigation to bring all facts to light.”

All facts? Quick reminder that the CCCA is funded by the dues your County Clerk pays (with your tax dollars). A source close to the CCCA tells me there is also some additional “sponsorship” funding from one or more of your favorite election vendors, which I will dig into for a future post.

Regardless, you can search in vain for any public records and statements where Director Crane demanded that the Mesa County District Attorney investigate the destruction of election records. You know, the evidence revealed by the expert forensic report, filed with DA Rubinstein, directly involving CCCA dues-paying Clerk Tina Peters?

With friends like the CCCA who needs to pay dues anywhere else?

Apparently “all facts” and “light” are relative concepts for the CCCA, but at least we can agree that a full investigation into the actions of ALL parties in this Colorado telenovela is needed.


Reach out to your clerk and let them know that you support a full investigation to bring ALL FACTS to light – especially the facts revealed by the forensic images in both Mesa and Elbert Counties. 

Your clerk should know your name by now

You should also tell them to stop paying dues to the CCCA given the CCCA is nowhere to be found when a Clerk decides to do the will of the people. The irony is that Clerks Peters and Schroeder will be in the clear because of their diligence in election record preservation; the clerks following the direction of the CCCA will be in a jam if they didn’t preserve their records properly. 

can jena get away with this tactic twice?

Back to Elbert County and the impending smears, the standard has been set in Mesa County. Remember, there have been zero charges filed against Clerk Peters, and all of this political theater and lawfare against her (and anyone who defends her) was for ONE purpose only: 

To cover up a stolen election and run out the 25-month clock on transparency.

We know what the Trusted Build is designed to delete. Doug Gould, Draza Smith, Jeff O’Donnell and other experts have analyzed the Mesa County forensic images – before and after the trusted build bleaching, er, I mean, update – and we know that the log files, critical election records that are required by law to be preserved, were deleted. The Mesa County election has been examined from many different angles – and more revelations are coming.

Election records, log files, and evidence under preservation orders in other cases were deleted in violation of both state and federal law. This is a FACT, and because of the heroic actions of Tina Peters and the tireless work of citizen experts and analysts, we know some of what those deleted log files reveal (there are more revelations pending). 

Now, we learn that another Clerk in Colorado, Elbert County Clerk and Recorder Dallas Schroeder, had the foresight to back up the People’s information. 

That means we can compare what was found in Mesa County against another Colorado county. 

This is a win for transparency and for the People. And, if she had nothing to hide, Secretary Griswold would welcome the transparency, and vindication, that would come with the forensic analysis of the images in Elbert County.

The SecState’s position that “only we can audit ourselves” points either to complicity, personal latency, or a religious reverence for magical machinery. Cheers to Vanessa for this meme.

Predictably, she isn’t welcoming transparency. 

As you can read in her press release, she is following the exact same playbook she used with Clerk Peters. She has declared, with no evidence, that there was a security breach. She is demonizing the Clerk who has the complete authority and responsibility to take the image. The Secretary of State has been claiming victimhood about personal attacks and threats against officials, yet she put the Elbert County Clerk’s picture up on her personal Facebook page to repost her smears against him. She is fabricating a crime, again, to cover up the stolen election.

But there is a key difference.

This new evidence – the Elbert County forensic image taken before the trusted build update – was disclosed as part of a lawsuit against her. The Clerk that Jumpsuit Jena is now attacking is a key plaintiff in a case against her. 

What are the legal implications of Jena going after Clerk Schroeder considering their status as opposing litigants? 

I am popping some popcorn in anticipation of what she does next.

eyes on the mission

Regardless of Jonestown Jena’s panicked next move, the most important questions now are:

What will the Elbert County forensic images reveal? 

Will the analysis confirm cyber expert Doug Gould’s findings in Mesa County about the Colorado Secretary of State’s Trusted Build?

Will we learn even more about what happened on November 3, 2020?

Has Jena realized yet that she doesn’t know how many more Clerks honored their oaths of office and fulfilled their duty to back up their election records?

Someone close to the matter, when I asked the most important questions we should be asking, said (terrifyingly):

Will the U.S. Department of Justice step in if destruction of election records for a federal election are confirmed by a second forensic examination?


Place your bets. My sources say the images are safely in the hands of the White Hats, folks. 

So, we are going to find out.

RatioInvictus, Vanessa, and Holly at Altitude contributed to this report.

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