are the tides turning on tyranny in colorado?

Quite a lot of activity is taking place here in Colorado, as the stories I’ve been telling you all about this year are converging in spectacular fashion. 

statist overreach escalates in mesa county

Last week, the violence against the First Amendment protections of American citizens escalated dramatically. My beautiful friend and sister in Christ Sherronna Bishop had her door kicked in by the FBI. She was put in handcuffs, her children were traumatized, and her oldest daughter was assaulted by overzealous agents. 

Sherronna shared her story on Steve Bannon’s War Room, and every American that values civil liberties (especially the “defund the police” crowd) should be up in arms about what Biden’s Department of inJustice is doing to peaceful American citizens. 

Her crime? 

Sherronna used her voice and her platform to speak in support of Tina Peters, Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, Gold Star Mother, and courageous whistleblower. Peters has been under attack by the — in my well-informed opinion — criminally out-of-control CO Secretary of State Jena Griswold. 

Tina Peters investigated and discovered that Jonestown Jena broke the law. And Jena really doesn’t want people to know that, so she framed Tina Peters (who has yet to be charged with a crime). 

Peters’ house was also ransacked in Tuesday’s raid along with two others. Details of the raids and search warrants were immediately sealed, though Sherronna shared that the warrant indicated it was related to “conspiracy to commit wire fraud,” for which they brought a tactical assault team into a peaceful, homeschooling mom’s living room.  

As I wrote in we are all terrorists now, the FBI has been trampling civil liberties since before His Fraudulency was installed, but it’s escalating with the communist triple majority in the swamp. And that was back in May. It’s way worse now. 

In the follow up to that article, you can’t cancel the truth but you can dry up it’s funding, we explored how, as soon as you get too close to the truth, you become the target. This isn’t a theory. It’s happening all over the country. 

The damage inflicted by petty tyrants (and their not so petty puppet masters) is very real to us here in Colorado. We’re living it. 

enough is enough: time for offense

As reported over on last week, JJ is in hot water, as she has been “sued over destruction of election records, failure to properly test voting equipment, and obstruction of independent election audits.” 

I read the complaint. It’s glorious and very well-written, concise and packs a whole lot of punch into just 14 pages. It’s an easy and enjoyable read, and I encourage everyone to take the time to read it for yourself and formulate your own conclusions. 

Of course, I am still going to tell you my conclusions. Let’s jump in.

a matter of standing: six plaintiffs from five counties

The case is being brought on behalf of six plaintiffs who all hold elected office in the state of Colorado. 

  • Ron Hanks: Fremont County Resident, Current Colorado Representative (HD-60)
  • Amy Mitchell: Park County Resident, Current Park County Commissioner
  • Gary Moyer: Rio Blanco County Resident, Current Rio Blanco County Commissioner
  • Jeff Rector: Rio Blanco County Resident, Current Rio Blanco County Commissioner
  • Merlin Klotz: Douglas County Resident, Current Douglas County Clerk & Recorder
  • Dallas Schroeder: Elbert County Resident, Current Elbert County Clerk & Recorder

Six elected officials with a level of jurisdiction (legislative, budgetary, managerial) over elections, representing five Colorado counties, have filed suit against a single defendant.


Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold

Whenever a new case is filed, our immediate thinking is: Do they have standing? This is because the courts are terrified to hear election-related cases — no one wants to be the first black robe to say, “Hey guys…” 

So instead, they toss them out on “standing.” I remember being at Dubliners in Washington D.C. on December 11, 2020, meeting up to march with a crew of proud boys and other patriots, when news broke that the case filed by Texas was tossed by the Supreme Court. They said Texas didn’t have standing to question the reasonable suspicions of fraud in four other states (Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin). We poured one out for Paxton that night.

The court stated, “The State of Texas’ motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot.” 

Consider that for a second. If a state cheats and affects the outcome of a federal election — which by definition is an election that impacts all Americans — no other state has any “standing” to redress that grievance? 

According to Cornell Law, “The Supreme Court has expressly recognized that a right to freedom of association and belief is implicit in the First, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments…The right to petition the government for a redress of grievances guarantees people the right to ask the government to provide relief for a wrong through litigation or other governmental action. It works with the right of assembly by allowing people to join together and seek change from the government.”

Is there anything more unjust than stealing an election to subvert the Will of the People in a democratic Republic? 

Despite the fact that literally every other state is impacted by a single state’s cheating in a federal election, the court set this precedent. Since then, most 2020 Election-related cases have been tossed due to the bogus standing argument that the High Court cowards established. 

We will see if the Colorado courts hide behind the cowardice of “no standing” when six election officials from five counties with actual roles in elections come together to bring a complaint on behalf of the People. 

the gist of the case: jonestown jena violated the law and the people demand a forensic audit

So, let’s break down Hanks et al v Griswold, filed in Denver District Court on November 18, 2021. 

claim #1: the machines weren’t properly certified

The first claim is that JJ violated the Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S. § 1-5-608.5) by failing to employ a federally accredited laboratory to test Colorado voting systems before the 2020 election. This is something we’ve been hearing about since November 2020 — for a year now — and this case has the receipts. 

For 47 months, from February 24, 2017 to February 01, 2021,  Pro V&V was not a federally accredited testing laboratory, as required by Colorado statute for JJ’s certification of voting systems. This is black and white law — the lab either had their accreditation or they didn’t — and the records confirm that the statute was violated.

In this first request for relief, the plaintiffs have asked for a complete forensic audit of the Colorado 2020 elections, that JJ pay the costs of the audit, and that it move quickly through the courts due to public interest. 

claim #2: jonestown jena destroyed election records

The second claim is that JJ violated the Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S. § 1-7-802) when her “Trusted Build” deleted election records in violation of election record preservation laws (both federally and in Colorado). This pulls in the Mesa Report, which I wrote about in, the interstate conspiracy (fact) to defraud the American people

In the above piece, I shared how the Mesa Report appears to prove a simple storyline of events and subsequent implications:

  1. Griswold and the vendor deleted election records (destroyed evidence). 
  2. The election system was illegally certified. 
  3. Griswold’s actions prevent the ability to do a forensic election audit.

Further, the Mesa Report and the Maricopa Audit report point to the same sources and methods of fraud and cover up. And these tactics were also used in Antrim County — and probably everywhere else these compromised machines were used. 

Don’t worry — we are going to keep reporting on all the similarities across states as more and more evidence comes to light. 

In the second claim for relief, the plaintiffs are asking for judgement declaring that sloppy JJ violated C.R.S. § 1-7-802 by destroying election records as part of installing Dominion 5.13 and Defendant’s 2021 “Trusted Build” process. They again request a full forensic audit and demand that JJ pay all the costs. 

claim #3: jena’s emergency declaration banning audits is unlawful

Those of you that participated in the August 3, 2021 hearing — where 360 of the People spoke and thousands submitted affidavits in opposition to JJ’s unlawful rules — will love the final claim in this complaint. 

In case you missed that whole drama, I wrote about it in, “you should consider becoming whistleblowers” — my public message to jena griswold’s staff. There was not a single testimony in support of the rules, but that didn’t stop lawless JJ from implementing them anyway. 

What is really interesting about this third claim is a little nugget in the exhibits which proves that Jena and her staff knew about security vulnerabilities with election systems– and hid it from the public. The case filing reads: 

“Defendant directed her staff and CCRs to withhold from the public information related to the schedule for the ‘Trusted Build’ modification of Colorado Dominion Voting Systems from version 5.11-CO to 5.13, conducted in 2021…Exhibit 9, which is attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference, is a report of security testing performed in 2020 by Synack Inc. at the direction of Defendant’s security officer…Defendant withheld from the public all information related the election system vulnerability findings, which are reported in Exhibit 9.”

The Synack-authored document in Exhibit 9 states, “In total, the red team network discovered seven vulnerabilities in Colorado’s election-related systems as well as the Secretary of State’s official website.” (Fun fact: The Secretary of State’s website is powered by Scytl.)

Allegedly, according to this Synack document, the vulnerabilities were “patched,” but the real story here is that this document — and it’s information on known Colorado election system vulnerabilities were never disclosed to the public. The people of Colorado found out about these critical issues with our elections infrastructure because the National Association of Secretaries of State put this Synack Advertorial — a marketing document — on their website.

“The only people who don’t know the vulnerabilities in Colorado voting systems are Colorado voters,” Col. Shawn Smith (Ret) said, “Although, in her defense, Jena Griswold is probably too ignorant to know either.”

Gold standard, indeed. They want us to trust them with our elections — obstruct transparency in the name of security — but when their own vendor finds issues with their system, they hide it from the public. And after hiding it from the public, they authorize the vendor who conducted the review to produce a “customer story” to be used in public marketing materials. This kind of behavior doesn’t really inspire trust.  

In their final claim and request for relief, the plaintiffs are asking for a Judicial Review of Jena’s actions in passing these rules under C.R.S. § 24-4-106. They are asking that the judge declare that Jena does not have the legal authority to declare or enforce these rules, and they ask the judge to nullify Jena’s ongoing attempts to ban transparency. 

fetch me some feathers and vat of tar

In a big picture sense, this means offense. There is a tangible shift in the momentum — we all can feel it. 

Secretary of State Griswold began obstructing justice right after the election, redacting public Dominion Voting Systems documents to obstruct the public from discovering the levels to which Eric Coomer and Lisa Flannagan-Crane were involved in Colorado elections. And that is just the beginning of the Colorado Election Establishment Cabal — the swampy, bipartisan camp who’ve made Colorado the Election Fraud Test Kitchen of the nation.

Our American identity was founded on tar and feathering people for this kind of behavior. 

Let me be crystal clear: I’m not calling for angry mobs — I am calling for due process and equal justice under the law. I am calling for transparency and for the judicial system in the State of Colorado to allow the people a redress of grievances, properly through the system, without cowardice or obstruction. And then enforce the law and hold people accountable.

look at the evidence. honestly determine what is true.

We are not asking for a specific outcome. We are demanding to be heard and have the evidence presented. The American People can decide.

Recent polling shows that, “Forty-seven percent (47%) say it’s likely that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure that Joe Biden would win” (+/-3, Rasmussen). 

That’s effectively half the country. And don’t forget that polling is rarely accurate and often slanted to diminish any real impact to the narrative. I’d bet the actual number of awake Americans is much higher. 

The more evidence that comes out, more people become convinced. 

If you’re new to the evidence, tune into the 96-hour “Thanks-a-Thon” on over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Shawn Smith, Holly at Altitude, yours truly, and others will be making appearances and talking about going on OFFENSE. We will also be showing videos from grassroots teams around the country. Be sure to tune in!

Also — and this is controversial, but I don’t care — be sure to chat about this around the Thanksgiving dinner table, especially if you have leftie family and friends. Literally nothing is good in America right now — make sure your tribe knows exactly why that is. 

Stolen elections have catastrophic consequences.

Steve Bannon 

it’s getting hot in here

If the People — who stand firmly behind Hanks and the five other plaintiffs in this case — are told (again) that we don’t have standing to address the overwhelming evidence of election fraud, I really can’t say what happens next.

We took our evidence to the Colorado Legislature in December 2020. They refused to look.

We begged the County Commissioners and Clerks to look all year. They gave us Griswold talking points.

We tried appealing to the Colorado Executive (SOS) in the August 2021 hearing. She ignored us. 

We’ve battled the media since election day. They defame and libel us.

We are now appealing to the Judiciary. Will they hear the people?

Honestly, I am not holding my breath. Strong spines and moral fortitude are incredibly hard to locate in 2021, especially within the institution of government. But I urge them to take up the case and allow the evidence of fraud in Colorado elections to be presented in court, once and for all. 

Because if all three branches of government fail to hear the People of Colorado — to hear 47% or (let’s be honest) more of the nation — the fury of generations will be unleashed in the name of liberty. 

Justice will be served. One way or another.

As I said, the filing is a great read, and I encourage everyone to dig into it to understand the case. I am giving you my opinions here from reading the case and looking at the exhibits. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you for what your doing for our country. God bless and be with you DAILY. You make your Mon & Dad very happy.

  2. Wake up America! You are about to lose everything promised in the Constitution and that you hold dear. We “the many” are being subverted by those we put in power to “protect and defend” our way of life. And now, they know we know what they are up to!

    Excellently articulated Ash. To many this is a wake up call. Everyone should share it wherever have voice. This is the face of TYRANNY!

    Proud of you!

  3. I know we have evolved from tar and feathering in the town square…but…is it really a bad thing? There is zero accountability and or humility in our current times. It might bring something back to make jj think about what her next stupid move may entail? And her squishy boss. It would be grand times! Two big feathered dumb birds for Thanksgiving :))

  4. I don’t really care about anything to do with fraudulent elections as the idea of delegating authority is a fraud. I care about Sherrona the lady who was assaulted by the feds but she is still alive- i care more that a Good Samaritan, Johnny Hurley, who used his 2nd amendment rights and a concealed carry to stop a mass shooting in Arvada, Colorado in June of 2021 and was murdered by police and the DA did not charge the cop and withheld vital video evidence …. To me this is much more important evidence of tyranny in Colorado than more corrupt politicians.

  5. I don’t really care about anything to do with fraudulent elections as the idea of delegating authority is a fraud. I care about Sherri a but u care more that a Good Samaritan, Johnny Hurley, used his 2nd amendment rights and a concealed carry to stop a mass shooting in Arvada, Colorado in June of 2021 and was murdered by police and the DA did not charge the cop and withheld vital video evidence …. To me this is much more important evidence of tyranny in Colorado than more corrupt politicians.

    1. I agree with you about Johnny Hurley, and I hope he receives justice. The fact that tyranny is expanding so rapidly is a direct consequence of the stolen election. We take down those criminals, and we can get back to self governance. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Thank you for laying this out for all of us to read and understand! It’s sad to see the lawlessness and corruption that we have had to endure. Thanks to you and people who have brought these cases before our courts we are on our way for true transparency and justice! By the way we are far more than 47 percent wanting justice! I guarantee this!

  7. Great article! I absolutely agree…the tide is turning, the momentum is shifting. I can feel it!

    You should check out the public comments from Mesa County’s most recent Commissioners meeting. This topic might have been brought up by a few citizens….and our commissioners were utterly silent!

  8. Loved reading the layout of your presentation. I will share it. And thanks to Hanks and the other Plaintiffs for their courage. I’m looking forward to the ” Thanks-a-Thon “.

    1. Yes, thank God people are waking up! These corrupt politicians will not win. They’ve been exposed and have hung themselves. I thank all the people involved in bringing them down.

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