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guest post: crazy rich illegals


Retired Border Chief Todd Watkins is back with a scathing post on the Biden Administration’s treatment of illegal immigrants: making it rain!

Sure, it’s totally fine that your government tosses you $600 every so often to deal with the crisis they created while giving illegal immigrants close to half a million dollars in reward money for making it over the border (in violation of the law). If you disagree with that, you’re a racist!

Who are we kidding? By today’s standards, we’re all racist because racism is an invisible enemy that lurks in our systems. Like covid. Huh.

Without further ado, I bring you Todd Watkins take on the border windfall situation.


Crazy Rich Illegals

By now, I’m sure that everyone is aware of the administration’s plan to pay illegal alien family members who were separated at the border upwards of $450,000 for having been separated by the US government.  I would like to take this opportunity to explain what is going on here.

This is the administration’s “attempt” at settling a lawsuit out of court.  The suit was brought by the ACLU and represents 900+ illegal alien family members who were separated after illegally entering the US between 2017 and 2019…during the Trump administration.

Let’s begin with an explanation of what happened between 2017 and 2019.  Early in Trump’s presidency, he issued some executive orders and memos to the DHS and DoJ regarding border security and immigration enforcement.  One of these EOs was called the “Zero Tolerance Policy” (April 2018 DoJ memo).  This policy required that any adult who illegally entered the US be criminally prosecuted pursuant to 8 USC 1325, Entry Without Inspection (it’s a misdemeanor, and I’ll call it EWI from here forward). 

Prior to Trump taking office, only single adults were ever considered for prosecution for EWI.  This practice was begun by Bush 43 somewhere around 2008.  Prior to that, I can’t recall the charge being used, although it has been part of immigration law since the INA of 1996.  There simply was no appetite to seek criminal charges for EWI, but then again, no one took border security seriously until 9/11. 

So, in an effort to “end catch and release,” to stop the revolving door at the US/Mexico border, the US government started charging 8 USC 1325…but only when it was convenient and wouldn’t cause a stir…only for adults who didn’t have kids with them.  In some sectors along the southern border, male adults who were part of family units with another adult were prosecuted for EWI. 

So, if there was a mom/dad/child group, the dad would be prosecuted and the mom/child were removed.  What this practice created was something of a cottage industry among alien smugglers in Mexico to create family units in every group of illegal aliens.  In other words, there was no such thing as a single adult; everybody got a kid whether it was really theirs or not—every group that crossed the border was a family unit. Since the vast majority of these groups were NOT from Mexico, we couldn’t remove them quickly back to Mexico. Most were placed into immigration proceedings and released (there is not a lot of detention space for families anywhere in the US). 

A Crisis of Our Own Making

This self-made vulnerability was easily exploited by criminal organizations in Mexico.  Proving that a “family unit” wasn’t really a family unit is next to impossible…none of these people carry ID when they cross into the US. DNA tests take too long and just the mention of them made Congressional Democrats burst into indignant flames. 

Add to that the fact that we (the US government) do not photograph or fingerprint anyone younger than 14 y/o and there is no way to determine if that kid has been in the US before (in other words, if the kid has been part of another “family unit”). 

I know of at least a dozen cases where children were rented and recycled to create family units.  Those are just the ones I know of personally. 

This, folks, is how you create an immigration crisis.

Crisis, surge, flood, whatever you want to call it, just show up and you’ll get in.  If you don’t have a kid, someone will loan you or you can rent one for a low price.

In an effort to secure the US border with Mexico and close up the self-made loophole in US border policy, Trump made a policy of his own—he ordered the DHS and the DoJ to arrest and prosecute for EWI every adult regardless of their familial status.  Naturally, there would be some legit families involved, but having kids isn’t a defense against EWI. 

How dare he enforce those laws?

Thus, a US President began to use the border security and law enforcement apparatus for what they were intended.  This was novel and had the exact results you would expect. 

First of all, the numbers at the border slowed once news got out.  Which is lucky, otherwise there would be thousands upon thousands of lucky $450,000 immigration lottery winners. 

Second, Democrats all across the nation exploded in indignant flames.  “Families Belong Together”—remember that one? 

Childcare at the Border

You see, the criminal process doesn’t accommodate child care. This is true every city in the US when a single parent gets arrested.  The kids don’t go with mom and/or dad to jail.  Quite often, the kids go with CPS.  That’s what happened at the border.  Mom and/or dad and/or chaperone and/or the guy that rented them went to a jail and the US government had to find a place for the kids. 

The Mexican kids went back to Mexico, but the ones from other countries (accounting for the vast majority) were turned over to a variety of caretakers coordinated by US Health and Human Services (HHS).  This was an abomination to Democrats: Treating these people that illegally entered the US with “their kids” like people who had done something illegal—you know, the way that US citizens are treated when they do something illegal. 

Eventually, the Zero Tolerance policy was enjoined by a (rabidly liberal) federal judge and ended just three months later in June, thus resulting in the family unit migration crisis of 2018-2019. 

As an almost ceremonial gesture, the Biden/Harris DoJ formally rescinded the Zero Tolerance memo on January 27 of this year.

Fast forward to the present-day lawsuit. 

The non-Mexican aliens were not removed. Most were convicted of EWI, got a “time served” sentence, and returned to the immigration process where they were released to be reunited with “their kids.”

Naturally, all of the liberal outrage over this fascist attempt at border security alerted the altruistic, America-loving attorneys at the ACLU who filed lawsuits to assuage someone’s anguish (certainly not to enrich themselves at the expense of the American taxpayer). 

The best way to create a more perfect union, of course, is to make millionaires out of illegal aliens. 

It’s what Jefferson, Madison, Washington, Franklin and those guys had in mind while fighting the British and framing the Constitution, right?  Personal responsibility? Individual determination? Not around these parts anymore! 

What we are witnessing now is our collective apology to the rest of the world for deigning to safeguard our sovereignty.  Border security is anathema to the Marxist/globalists: One look at the US/Mexico border right now and one can clearly see that we have reversed course on any notion of sovereignty or national identity. 

The rest of the world has been summarily invited to displace their populations to the US…and we’ll pay them to do so.  The American demographic is being irrevocably altered and along with it our political destiny and identity. 

Freedom? Liberty? Enfranchisement? 

Wistful notions of a not-so-distant past once all of these new arrivals register to vote…and they will; the Party will make sure of it. 

Your voice, you selfish American, will be silenced or at least rendered obsolete among the din of those who acquiesce for a handout from Uncle Sam and dream of nothing more than the mediocrity of conformity and subsistence living. 

It’s easier than trying and a lot less work than freedom.   

Todd Watkins is an Army Veteran, Retired Border Police Chief, and current Candidate for Sherriff in El Paso County, Colorado. Todd lives in Colorado with his wife Marie.

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