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Violence at School Boards is Real


In cowards always hide their faces, I shared my immediate, fresh reaction to Tuesday’s Douglas County School Board meeting. It was a stream of consciousness effort, to get it all down while the experience was vivid in my mind, and I later had to issue a correction, stating:

An earlier version of this article mistakenly said Corey Wise had the gavel. The man hysterically running the meeting was board president David Ray. My bad — It’s hard to tell the bald guys apart with their face diapers.

My apologies. I try to get it right, and I own it when I don’t.

oh wait…I forgot something

In my haste, I also published the piece without truly understanding the players involved. For example, the individual that I called Big Red is a woman named Sarah Wu. Sarah Wu was one of the muppets sitting in Union Row, telling everyone how afraid she was that all the scary parents were there saying things that she didn’t agree with. 

Sarah Wu also has a title. According to the Highlands Ranch Herald

After the last speaker, Ray announced a meeting break. A man stood up and urged the room not to mask their children. The district could not force students to cover their faces, he said, citing the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

As he spoke, Sarah Wu, the campaign manager for Juli Watkins, a candidate for Douglas County School Board in the election that ends next Tuesday, appeared to lose patience. Wu had sat through much of the meeting knitting, but now yelled at the man to “Just shut up.”

Wu told the man to get out, then began briskly walking toward him from across the room. People including school board member Kevin Leung — a candidate for re-election — rushed to stop her, calming her down and leading her away.”

there really is violence at the school board meetings

In case the irony isn’t clear, muppet after muppet talked about how intimidated and afraid of violence they were. The only person who exhibited violence was…one of those muppets.

Original photo by Jessica Gibbs, Colorado Community Media. Emphasis mine.


They aren’t “afraid of violence,” they are intolerant of diverse points of view. How incredibly non inclusive. What hypocrites.

According to the Herald, “Wu told Colorado Community Media on Oct. 27 she had felt heckled and bullied by people in the room throughout the evening and lost her composure when the man made anti-masking comments. ‘No, it was not the right response. I definitely regret letting my emotions get the best of me,’ she said. ‘I am apologetic and embarrassed.’”

I accept your apology, Sarah.
Cognitive dissonance is tough. 

Blessings, Ashe

I am wondering though, if anyone else in the room had done the exact same thing, but in YOUR direction, would an apology be enough?

What was her excuse for her violent intent and intimidating behavior?

The article goes on, “She was disappointed the board did not remove people who broke decorum rules, she said.  She felt personally mocked after people made jokes about creating safe spaces for everyone to share their opinions. Wu said during her public comment heckling made her feel unsafe.”

Words. The words were her excuse to act violently toward another parent at a school board meeting. 

Words made her feel unsafe so she reacted with violence. 

let’s do a thought experiment

If, say, Douglas County School Board Candidate Mike Peterson’s campaign manager charged at Sarah Wu with, let’s say, a pen (since I doubt he’d have knitting needles), would an apology from that Campaign Manager be enough to pacify the rabid lefties’ call for heads to roll? 

What if he — and I don’t know if Peterson’s campaign manager is a dude but let’s assume so for the purposes of the experiment — said that he was just upset about the lies Wu was telling, and he let his emotions get the better of him. 

Would he get a pass? 

Of course not. It’d be off with his head; the “victims” would demand it. Well, Juli, does decorum matter to your vision of the school board or what? Is this kind of behavior acceptable among your staff? How can you justify keeping someone so non inclusive on your leadership team?

Juli Watkins, currently running for Douglas County School Board in Tuesday’s election. Her Campaign Manager, Sarah Wu, was the only attendee of the October 26 School Board meeting to exhibit violent behavior. So by the standard of the left, her Campaign Manager is a domestic terrorist.

So many questions, Juli.

who’s going to investigate this attempted act of violence at a school board meeting?

Here’s a question that isn’t a thought experiment: 

Is Merrick Garland going to investigate THIS violent behavior at a school board meeting? 

Earlier this week, we heard some of our legislators question the hack Attorney General about his memos targeting parents at school boards. He repeatedly declared that he was only going after violence at school board meetings.

Did he really mean that? Because if he did, needle wielding Wu is an open and shut case. 

Or — and I am just throwing out ideas — maybe AG Garland is only targeting one kind of parent…

The kind that won’t comply.


Turnout on Tuesday and vote for the candidates who will put your kids first. In Douglas County, CO that is the Vote 4 Kids First slate. You can learn more here:

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