“It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated” — My Open Letter to So-Called Journalist Quentin Young

Dear Quentin,

First, I wanted to thank you for your recent article, Colorado’s top 10 most dangerous election deniers. Of course, it’s an honor just to be nominated, but to make the Top Five — among such giants in the freedom movement — is next level for me. I never win anything, so I am both honored and humbled by your accolades. Thank you!

Second, I want to apologize for my delay in getting this letter to you. I am usually pretty quick, but I have been so busy with all the dispatching and interrogating. I’m sure you can relate — due to climate change the cost of energy is through the roof! (Totally Trump’s fault, amirite?)

Anyway, this has increased the costs associated with my battery and jumper cable method, but I still find it to be the quickest and most effective. Totally worth the 200% increase in energy costs, imo. My 72-yo walk partner — we call her Nana Sue — still prefers water boarding, if you can believe it. Boomers are so old school. Full disclosure: I never liked how it makes my hands all pruny, and it totally messes up my nails. Plus you’re all wet after!

Such an honor to be nominated.

Anyway, I meant to write to you sooner, but you get it.

The main reason I wanted to respond is that I wanted to ask for some corrections to the record. Your piece, while spectacularly pedestrian as always, has confused a few important details, and I would like to clear those up.

Let’s call it a “fact check.”

Here are my thoughts:

scott “i wrote the standard”gessler

Scott Gessler is as invested in (and potentially liable for) the status quo of elections as it gets. Quite frankly, I am offended that you thought he merited the recognition of being on a list with such titans as Sherronna Bishop, Joe Oltmann and Shawn Smith, not to mention Yours Truly. Any role he has in election integrity is to intentionally subvert our efforts — and this is a pretty basic conclusion that you could find with Google and tiny bit of critical thinking. Putting the four of us in the same category with such an intellectually impotent establishment shill as Gessler is borderline libel. I expect more of you, Q.

shawn smith v. joe oltmann

I totally understand the toss up you had between Joe and Shawn! It’s a bit of a Sophie’s Choice for me as well. They are both so toxically masculine in all the best ways, but their styles are so different it’s hard to decide. They sure keep us guessing!

I smell a Patriot cage match between these two soon and, while I doubt you can fully comprehend the magnitude, this rivalry you unintentionally inspired will be super effective in getting additional eyeballs on the overwhelming amount of evidence that media (and whatever your outlet calls itself) have been trying to suppress!

In other words, because of you, Quentin, more people will learn the truth about the absolutely proven (beyond a reasonable doubt) stolen election. You and your pals are our top recruiters! Keep up the good work!

(dis)honorable mentions

Your definition of “dangerous” (unvaxxed, unbrainwashed, unasleep) and mine (relentless in going after crime, corruption and ALL those that shield it) are understandably different. While I personally would rework your lineup and maybe swap out a few names, your truth is valid for you, even if it is desperately inaccurate.

So rather than rejigger your list, let’s talk about your honorable mentions because I think you may have lost the plot there.

heidi ganahl

Heidi Ganahl has been in the public spotlight for 2.5 seconds and refuses to say where she stands on election integrity. How exactly is she a threat?

plastic paul lundeen

Lundeen is a cardboard cutout of a B-movie politician. He straddles the fence on election integrity so hard he’s permanently bowlegged. I did a panel with him a while back and, I promise, he is no threat to the establishment. Not at all.

too harsh on the gop

Williams and Van Winkle are “dangerous” as far as the Republican Party establishment is dangerous. But there is zero desire to change there — for example, the GOP still actively tries to prevent The People from engaging with the party locally by making open precinct positions, schedules, and other important details impossible to find. Not exactly highly dangerous, see? More like controlled opposition. Again, just a tiny bit of critical thinking, Q!

The Colorado Republican Party — and the majority of the county-specific GOPs in CO — are sackless, spineless, and completely irrelevant to the people in light of their recent actions. In fact, both parties are hemorrhaging members with unaffiliated voters comprising 44% of total CO voting registrations while the Donkeys hold onto 30% and the Rinos barely maintain their 26%! (And it’s a long, long way to 2022).

All that to say, these two guys — while I like their passion and respect that they did SOMETHING about election integrity — fall short of “most dangerous.” Not even top 50, Q!

hot tip: stop attacking your most valuable assets

Your final two — Doug Lamborn and Ken Buck (my own uniparty “representative”) — are literally on your team.

Despite pandering with a completely safe vote on January 6, Lamborn has been silent on election integrity. Worse (or better, depending on your perspective), Lamborn just voted for red flag laws, and we all know how you and your pals — Erik, Jan, Charles, etc. — keep trying to paint us as QAnon so that you can red flag us. My father always told me that, as writer, the one thing you never want to be is predictable — but on you, it’s so refreshing!

Buck’s only comments about the election have been to reassure everyone that the Gold Standard — albeit subcontracted to a foreign company that skipped town the moment their name hit the press — is super awesome, and we should all trust the system. These days Buck really just hides from his constituency to avoid being pilloried in Festival Park.

Also — side note — “Trust the system” is more your line of thinking, no? Definitely not my people.

did you mean to leave these guys off?

Finally, I would have expected the majority of Colorado to make your list given the volume of The People who have concerns about the election and are now engaging locally to expose the truth. With Biden’s disapproval now sitting nationally at 68% of the general population (all parties), that right there should be your number one “threat.”

next time, call for comment

Thanks for listening as I shared my feedback to help you correct the record in the name of journalistic integrity. I know you might need some time to look up that last word, but I would appreciate your prompt attention to this matter. Of course we could have cleared all this up prior to press time if you extended the standard journalistic courtesy of a call for comment. Next time, k?

In closing, I agree with your conclusion that America faces a grave threat. Personally, I think that threat is more from lazy, intellectually challenged activists, parading as journalists, while spewing poorly researched and uninspired prose.

But the beauty of America is that we can disagree without being disagreeable.

Hope you’re having an awesome day.

My warmest regards,


20 thoughts on ““It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated” — My Open Letter to So-Called Journalist Quentin Young

  1. Ashe, as usual, your musings are on point and enjoyable to read. Keep up the GREAT work.

  2. Ashe, you are a smokin hot writer! We’re blessed you’re on our side. Otherwise we’d be burned to the ground.

  3. Love your response! You treated their article as the satirical piece of work it was. Beautiful!
    Thanks for giving us a reason to smile and reminding us of the weak drone like qualities of our adversaries.
    They are like fighting against Japanese Beetles…
    Do you have a telegram channel? I’d love to follow you!

  4. haha ik it looks pretty aweful from the outside.. cant say ik the ins and outs of the east coast where Covid has bloomed. In WA we didnt need to be told the word “pestillence” twice lol. we are sparsely populated and geographically isolated but as a ppl we shut the doors and said passover thx! for us, a couple of short lockdowns plus a hard border did the trick. we have been blessed with living normal lives these 2 yrs while so many other places all over the world have suffered. wat is happening over there masking kids and all the rest is diabolical, and politicised. again, pray for you all! and where are the global leaders fighting for recompense and accountability??! All so very quiet. I do agree with Trump, about $10 trillion from China ought to do it. well thats my 2 cents worth lol. God bless and keep you.

  5. not in USA but like a lot of ppl around the world who are care about democracy, discovered yu on LindellTV with Brannon. Perfection! girl you earned yourself a fan!

      1. hi! im in Australia, the state of Western Australia. its a big state a mining driven economy and so far free and fair elections. but taking nothing for granted! i pray for the US and God bless you for doing a great job!!

  6. Hilarious, Ashe. You do not disappoint. I am praying CO gets cleaned-up. Until recently, we lived in a big, conservative county in CO (rhymes with meld). We’re back in TX, but oldest is still in CO, fallen-in-love and thinking she’ll stay (we may have to return). We knew CO was getting weird when a do-gooder (Leftist) knocked on the window of our (converted to diesel) Suburban, asking us to either leave or turn off our car. (We were sitting in it, cold day, after h.s. volleyball, warming it up a minute.) I back-spaced out of many more examples of wacky, leftist neighborliness. I LOVE YOUR WORK. THANK YOU!

  7. Not near as eloquent as Ashe but I responded to Q! as well

    When you name names and try to shame those that are willing to speak the truth We know we are right OVER the target
    Thank you for giving us even more credibility than we already have. You might think you are doing us harm but all your doing is proving our point. The establishment is running scared as the attacks increase more Americans and in this case Coloradans become more aware of what is going on in this state.
    The truth is on our side.
    Much appreciated can’t wait to share your article all over social media that is not controlled by the likes of Dorsey and Zuckerberg

    Karen S

  8. Ashe, is there anything you don’t excel at?!? Love that you responded to and put this “journalist” in his place. You mentioned some of our feckless legislators (I use the term “legislators” loosely) and I’m beyond pissed that they aren’t standing up for Truth, Justice and the American Way. Where are you, Superman? 🙂

    BTW I attended the recent Election Integrity Panel in COS. I appreciate the panelists’ dedication to fighting for election integrity (in CO and across the US) as well as exposing the people, especially our “public servants” and activities that are diametrically opposed to it.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Be blessed.

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