guest post: open letter to the us border patrol from a recently retired assistant chief

On January 7, 2021, while on my way to the Lincoln Memorial with my traveling companions prior to heading to Dulles Airport, I met then Assistant Chief of the US Border Patrol Todd Watkins

Todd Watkins, Assistant Chief of the US Border Patrol (Ret)

Watkins was stationed in the swamp but lived in Colorado, and we became fast friends. This public servant comes from a long line of constitutional law enforcement, as every male in his family for three generations has sworn the sacred oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. In the months since the “insurrection,” I have gotten to know Todd’s amazing wife and his oldest adult son who is a Sheriff’s Deputy in the county where I live. I haven’t yet met Todd’s younger son who is active duty military. 

According to Title 5 of the US Code, federal law enforcement are required to retire at 57 years old. Watkins had always planned to stay until they kicked him out — career law enforcement who’ve dedicated their lives in service of the nation often cannot imagine civilian life or leaving the serving and protecting to others. Todd is one of those, despite becoming eligible for retirement at the age of 50.

Upon witnessing the Coup on November 3, the ubiquitous lies about January 6, and the institutional corruption that was exposed as a result, Todd made the decision to retire from the federal government — at the age of 51 — rather than become complicit in this fraudulent regime and its destruction of America. 

He told me:

“I retired so that I can apply my knowledge and abilities to fight for this country and the American people.

The only way to do this is outside the Federal Government.”

Todd Watkins, Assistant Chief (Ret), US Border Patrol

Recently, Todd authored, “An Open Letter to the Men and Women of the United States Border Patrol and the Citizens of Texas.” I am posting the letter here as a guest post without further commentary. It speaks for itself. 

Thank you to Todd and the entire Watkins family for their service to the nation, service that continues even after retirement. You never unswear the oath. 

God Bless,

P.S. Please share! You can download a shareable, signed copy of the letter here:

An Open Letter to the Men and Women of the United States Border Patrol and the Citizens of Texas

To the Men and Women of the United States Border Patrol:

Since May 28, 1924, the US Border Patrol has faithfully, skillfully, and honorably protected this country and the people who call it home from those who would do us harm from without. You, the men and women of the US Border Patrol, have performed this most noble duty with aplomb and endured hardships, privations, and peril to fulfill the US Government’s contractual obligation to safeguard American sovereignty and protect the country from invasion. You have not only earned but exemplified the agency’s motto: Honor First. As a retired member of your ranks, I am proud to thank you for your service and dedication.

You are now on the front line of the greatest failure of our government to uphold its sacred duty to this great nation. You have been instructed by feckless executives to ignore your oaths and deny your obligation to duty.  You are not to blame for the disaster that has befallen our nation, but neither can you continue to contribute to it through obedience to what amounts to an illegitimate government and unlawful orders.  As we have witnessed recently, any agent who deigns to uphold his/her oath and perform his/her duty to patrol the border and protect America is summarily assassinated by an ignorant and malevolent media corps and immediately persecuted by an equally ignorant and malevolent executive branch.  

You have fulfilled your oaths and honored the Border Patrol legacy to the furthest extent possible.  To continue obedient service to this corrupt and criminal government is not only useless; it is wrong.  Walk away.  Our corrupt and criminal government has no intention of protecting this nation or safeguarding its sovereignty and is using each of you to further our national demise. The best way for you to honor your oaths is to leave government service and apply your training, experience, and love for America outside the government.  Your chain of command has abandoned and betrayed you and in so doing has abandoned and betrayed the country and the Constitution we all swore to protect “from enemies foreign and domestic.”  Don’t further this government’s destructive agenda by serving it.  Uphold your oaths as citizens.  Your country needs you; each and every one of you.

To the Citizens of Texas:

The US Government has not only failed but refused to protect you against invasion and secure the sovereignty of our nation as guaranteed in Article IV of the US Constitution. Because of this deliberate and insidious dereliction of duty, you have been harmed. Because of the so-called Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution, the US Government claims sole authority and discretion with matters pertaining to securing our international borders. By abandoning its responsibility to do this, the US Government has jeopardized not only the State of Texas, but the entire nation and summarily surrendered that responsibility to the several states and the people residing therein.

Federal supremacy does not extend past the limits and guarantees of the US Constitution.  As Americans, you have a God given right to defend yourselves and your property from invasion as well as to secure your own state’s sovereignty.  Article IV also establishes the equivalency of state and Federal authority: “The citizens of each state shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several states.”  It is inconceivable that a state and its citizens be expected to sacrifice their sovereignty and wellbeing due to the unwillingness of the US Government to uphold the US Constitution.  It is your right in accordance with the 9th and 10th Amendments to the US Constitution to secure the border of your state with Mexico.  

The US Government has abandoned and betrayed you and the rest of America in favor of a sinister and despotic political agenda and has demonstrated its willingness to sacrifice the lives and livelihoods of US Citizens in order to achieve it. You must protect yourselves, your property and your sovereignty…the rest of America will follow.  

Yours In Liberty,

Todd M. Watkins
Retired Assistant Chief
US Border Patrol

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  1. This is another part of “the real story!” You won’t find this in what used to be the “News Media.” Journalism as a “main stream media institution” is dead. This piece is empirical evidence of truth! With every Todd Watkins we lose, America and the legacy we inherited fades away.


  2. You cannot find clearer truth or more honest authority than Todd Watkins – especially in his chosen profession: law enforcement and border security.

    He is a true patriot, and like so many others, alarmed by the tyranny around us. Alarmed, but not broken or dispirited.

    In Solidarity, We Shall Overcome.

    Thank you, Todd, for the courage to stand up, right here, right now.

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