81 million votes

85-yo Patriot Badass, Joy, welcomes Joe Biden to Colorado on Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Falling up the stairs,

The simple Biden thought,

Do they really like me?

Or did I win it not?

I travel to the country,

Red flags align my route.

They’re shouting, I can hear them.

Don’t know what that’s about.

Over 200 Coloradans showed up, on a Tuesday afternoon, to welcome the So-Called Ruler Of The United States (SCROTUS).

At ballparks, crowds all chant,

They expletive my name.

The children run and tremble.

They just don’t smell the same.

Beautiful little Patriots know what’s up.

I heard the people chose me,

Kamala told me straight.

And sitter Jilly said, “See?

They meet you at the gate!”

But at the gate it’s hostile,

A nightmare not a dream.

And no one even offers,

To get me some ice cream.

There is a lot to be mad at and many themes arose from the signage.

Their faces twist in anger,

No smiles adorn their face.

They sneer and snarl and gesture,

As I come into their space.

All ages event from infants to 85-yo Badass Patriots!

No I don’t think they chose me.

Methinks it’s all a ruse.

But I will never tell them,

Or Xi will bring a noose.

So there, a rock and hard place,

A noose in China’s grip,

Or face the face of justice,

As all learn of what I did.

Everyone knows.

I need to take a nap now.

It’s past my time to go.

Later I’ll call Hunter.

He’s the smartest guy I know.


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