You Can’t Cancel the Truth; But You Can Dry Up Its Funding

In we are all terrorists now, I shared my experience of the alleged insurrection, and how I, and others, were silenced from sharing the truth about the US Government’s violence that day. While the uniparty still loves that tactic, silencing is for amateurs.  

In January 2021, after the FBI faked an insurrection with the help of Antifa, the technocrats were in a panic. You see, the US Government committed acts of war on American citizens by launching gas-filled flash bangs into crowds of peaceful people, far away from the violence on everyone’s TV. Without warning, federal law enforcement deployed munitions onto the lawn where there were elderly, disabled, children, babies and other peaceful Americans. 

the cabal in action

This image is taken from the tower in the following image. Pay attention to scale and distance.
Different angle. Person on the tower took the first pic.
Same tower. See where the violence is? See the trajectory?
The explosion is next to the tower. Far away from the violence. Imagine how many cameras were pointed at the “insurrection.” Why didn’t we see these images until July 4, 2021?

We recorded it. We captioned it. We shared it. Into the early morning hours of January 7, Holly and I had turned “Pence” into a verb (and an adjective), and we were having a blast with the irreverent word play.

For example, “The US Government motherpencing gassed peaceful Americans today,” with said gassing video or image attached.

About 24 hours later, my Parler account was deactivated with no reason or warning. I’m still not allowed on Parler. My final posts there were about the violence on Americans at the hands of the government, so you can draw your own conclusions about that.

I’ve often said that the Cabal (their word: see Time) made a strategic error by removing us from the public square. For example, I used to spend a lot of time posting on social media; now I spend that time meeting with my countrymen, in real life, and organizing in our local communities.

They also made a strategic error with their ridiculous fact-checking psyop. Slapping labels on every other post has awakened even some of the most apathetic Americans: There is only so long you can tell people to ignore their eyes and ears and experiences and just listen to the “experts” and “fact checkers.”

This move drove the American People to become researchers and seekers of Truth, which brings me to the Cabal’s latest shenanigans.

dry up the money

On September 11 — while Biden had a nap and some pudding and the rest of the world mourned the 20th anniversary of the worst attack on the American People in history — Garrett Ziegler was breaking news.

Letter from Paya Services, Inc. to Garrett Ziegler terminating the B2B contract for Marco Polo. The cabal seems to like this tactic.

On Telegram, one of the only platforms where free speech is still un-fact-checked, Ziegler wrote:

So this is what I woke up to this morning. Because of Paya’s cowardice, it took me 11 days to receive this notice when an email would have sufficed...this is the 4th company we’ve been cancelled from. This is the BS we have to deal with on a daily basis, and it’s why we had to wait an extra week to release the announcement video.”

first they came for the proud boys

I first saw this tactic deployed on December 12, 2020 when Jeremy Bertino, aka “Noble Beard,” and several others were stabbed by Antifa during the December 2020 Maga March in Washington, D.C. You can read the police report here.

Moments before Antifa stabbed a member of the Proud Boys.

Those who were at the march sprung into fundraising mode, and then the unthinkable happened: Go Fund Me disallowed fundraising for Bertino’s medical bills because he was guilty of “wrong think.” It was then that I learned about Give Send Go, but they have now also become a target of the uniparty’s ire.

I’d never heard of this Paya Services, Inc. until Garrett posted about his experience on September 11. And, as he said, this is the fourth fundraising tool that has been weaponized to disrupt Marco Polo’s efforts.

but, what were you wearing? 

To understand why their fundraising keeps getting jumped, you first have to understand the purpose and mission of Marco Polo, a small research group. 

The group came together in March and, on April 1, 2021, Garrett Ziegler announced Marco Polo to the world with a wanted poster for Stefano Serafini, a former State Department official with questionable ties to Italian intelligence and, by extension, the Chinese Communist Party. 

May 21, 2021 via Telegram

A few weeks later, on May 21, 2021, the Marco Polo Telegram channel was up and running.

May 21, 2021 via Telegram

On July 9, 2021, Marco Polo released their first report, “China + Italy = Rat King.”

Seriously, read this report.

Around that time, Ziegler amplified a post on his Telegram channel that said, “China bought Italy. Italian culture is disappearing they are going broke because China steals their clothing designs then buys Italian businesses so they can say ‘made in Italy.’ So sad.”

While fake Italian clothing (and shoes! blasphemy!) are certainly depressing, the report goes deep on Italy’s collusion with the Chinese, CrowdStrike, and other nefarious parties. These entities conspired and colluded to commit cyber attacks, fraud and financial warfare on target nations, including the United States of America and including the November 2020 election. 

The crimes encapsulated in Marco Polo’s China + Italy = Rat King report are further evidence of the international (and inter-state) conspiracy to commit treason against the American People. And it’s not just conspiracy; it’s the execution. 

Thank you, Garrett Ziegler.

thank you, who?

It was early this year, sometime post-“insurrection” in January, when I first started following Garrett on Telegram. I knew him then as the guy ranting about Italy’s role in the crime of the century, and paid attention because I couldn’t believe someone from the Trump White House was speaking publicly about the coup. I had resolved to hate them all forever after they cowardly slunk away in the wake of the treason and hung our President out to dry. 

Ziegler’s story intrigued me because Real American Hero Sidney Powell was also talking about Italy, and this guy seemed to be providing the receipts.

Example receipts, courtesy of Ziegler and Marco Polo.

When Patrick Byrne began his series of Deep Capture blog posts that eventually became the book, The Deep Rig (and the later independent film of the same name), I learned that our heroes were aided by a white hat White House staffer. In, How DJT Lost The White House, Chapter 3: Crashing The White House (December 18-22), Byrne writes: 

“For the second layer my staffer-buddy and another of his colleagues who had joined up walked into the inner ring entrance before us, and spoke for us: again, when they saw Mike the guards again all stiffened to attention, looked puzzled for a moment (I think there is no such thing as a high-level visitor like that coming in without it being in the books), then briskly and professionally processed us all through as quickly as they could.”

In early February, for those of us following, Ziegler seemed to confirm that he was that staffer.

February 1, 2021 via Telegram

For me, Garrett’s credibility as a white hat — with no fear — was solidified then, and I’ve been following his Telegram since. It’s one of my pinned channels, because Garrett always provides receipts. You all know how much I love receipts.

From Marco Polo: “We’re just getting started. Like the Navarro report, our Marco Polo report will not always be the first to divulge information, but I will guarantee it will be thorough, accurate, and connect dots that have heretofore been random.”
Oh Mueller…

Ziegler left DC after the election, and he claims that he has no intention of returning to the government. He and his beautiful wife just had their first baby, a boy now four months old, and as a mama bear I understand the instinct to get your children far, far away from the people who sniff, traffic, and otherwise intentionally harm children.  

Thankfully, he seems to have hit his stride outside the swamp. With Marco Polo, Garrett is using his skills and talents for the people, exposing corruption and crimes against the Republic. (P.S. It’s way more fun on this side.)

I personally think we will see Mr. Ziegler back in public service one day — likely after the war, when we are rebuilding — because I don’t think he would turn away from Duty if she called. He is answering that call of duty now with Marco Polo.

what is marco polo?

Remember when I said the Cabal made a strategic error by turning us into Truth Seekers? Marco Polo, a small research group with a 501c3, was created as a result of this. Marco Polo is comprised of domain experts, analysts, writers and others — all under 40 years old and all working together to seek, understand, and share the Truth.

Come on. Eat the red pill.

In talking with Garrett about Marco Polo, he told me, “This really is a new type effort on the Right. This is something that doesn’t exist today, and we are filling that void.”

I’ll take it a step further: A capability like Marco Polo doesn’t exist anywhere.

The well-funded, power hungry, communist uniparty has think tanks and fact checkers galore, as well as  blowhards like The Lincoln Project, The Daily Standard, Media Matters, WaPo, and the terribly unimaginative propaganda of the New York Times.  

This is different. While Marco Polo has similar, arguably superior, capabilities of all those combined, this is the first capability of this magnitude to be wholly by and for Truth and the American People. Marco Polo, by design, lives outside the influence of corporate and government (but I repeat myself) interests. 

Since that first report on China and Italy, the Marco Polo team has delivered several damning exposés. 

Current reports available at Marco Polo (non exhaustive)

This gifted team of researchers and their vast network of sources and associates are bringing us Truth. And despite how Garrett frames it, this isn’t about Right v. Left. 

It’s about Truth vs. Lies. 

we must silence truth at all costs (or we’ll all swing from nooses)

Fast forward to Saturday, September 11, 2021, and Paya removing Marco Polo’s ability to fundraise.

Why? The next major release from the Marco Polo team is Hunter Biden’s laptop, in all its infamy and lore. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “There has been loads of reporting on the laptop, and it never goes anywhere!” Not so fast. 

We aren’t talking about reporting, we are talking about A Report. Marco Polo is not a journalism thing, it’s a research, analysis and Truth thing. The China + Italy = Rat King report wasn’t valuable because of headlines, it was valuable because of its substance. Go read it — I promise you will learn new things. 

The high standards of both proof and quality that Marco Polo consistently delivers must have the Commies shaking in their fake Chinese-Italian leather boots.  

“Can’t I get better enemies?”

– Garrett Ziegler

fighting the c team

Back to Paya, this is the guy who is now telling all of us that we cannot donate to Ziegler and Marco Polo because the Truth that is being exposed is just too damning for him and his pals (or because, feelings or something). Yes, really, this guy. He looks like the Nickelodeon version of a Bond villain. 

His name is Jeff Hack. You can’t make this up.

Truth is the biggest threat to the uniparty’s uneasy grip on societal power and control. They are desperately clinging to any semblance of authority as more and more Americans awaken to the ugly reality that we are all being played. 

Garrett Ziegler and the other patriots at Marco Polo are doing their part to expose the Truth. 

Independent and citizen journalists are doing our part to report the Truth. 

what can you do? 

Paya is withholding Marco Polo donations (read: the People’s money) hostage for 180 days. It’s quite clear that this is an attempt to stall the imminent release of the Hunter Biden Laptop report. Here is how you can help. 

First, Garrett has asked everyone to, “Please call Bobbi Whitmer at 1-877-454-3835 x274306 and demand that they release the funds legally given to a non-profit exposing corruption.”

Bobbi Whitmer, Senior Compliance Specialist at Paya Services, Inc.

Second, you can donate to Marco Polo’s efforts here: Your support ensures they can continuing dropping detailed, irrefutable proof despite the Cabal’s full court press against them.

Finally — and this one is from me, not Garrett, though I think he’d agree — please do everything you can to become and stay informed. Turn off the mainstream mockingbird megaphones, and go on a search for Truth. It’s worth it. 

Truth-based, independent journalism is happening all over, if you know where to look. A new (to me) source that I am exploring is, which is a free-speech-honoring space where creators can monetize their work without having to bend the knee to, and self censor for, the technocratic Ministry of Acceptable Words and Other Silly Things.

A couple of my favorite independent creators over there are @canncon and @marcusdee, and Jovan Pulitzer and Patrick Byrne hang out on Locals as well.

Conservative Daily is putting out great content everyday, and I have started to submit some stories there. There is an incredibility talented team of writers at Spiff Force Live, and I’ve recently written a few show segments for them as well. They are on Telegram and Rumble.

Wherever your search for Truth takes you, remember that where you spend your dollars matters — almost as much as the content you’re allowing into your brain. (Almost.) 

get in the game

It’s time to take our power back, America. The long train of abuses is long and abusive, and it’s time we stand up. 

What are we waiting for? Cred:

Garrett Ziegler and the talented team at Marco Polo are bringing you Truth with validation, verification and proof.   

What are you going to do with it?


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  1. Excellent article. I applaud all the journalists-Researchers seeking truth and transparency and sharing. God bless. Stay the course.

  2. Excellent article. I applaud all the journalists-Researchers seeking truth and transparency and sharing. God bless. Stay the course.

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