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The Ultimate Gaslight 2: What do Eric, Joe, Vodka Nance; the Kraken All Have in Common?


Last week, I shared the real story of Eric Coomer and the award-winning fictional short story, I mean, opinionated editorial put out by Susan Dominus at the New York Times Magazine. This week, we are going to examine the other side of this article, the completion of the re-framing of heroes and villains in this fairy tale. 

Let me preface this with a warning: It’s really long. It’s worth it though! It’s a multimedia journey through a few different fake news stories you know and love, and sets the record straight on a lot of media lies in one (long) fell swoop. With receipts, of course. I learned a lot writing the second half of this saga, and I hope you enjoy! We are going deep today. 

First, let’s revisit a tactic made famous by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The Wrap Up Smear.

A Primer on Schmears

Here is the basic structure: 

  1. Create some lies and get your buddies in the media to report your lies
  2. Quote the reports of your buddies repeating your lies as validation that the lies are true
  3. Capitalize on — or, as Nance says, “merchandise” — the lies now believed to be true and use that to your political advantage.

In this “fact check” by Reuters, the author declares in the headline (and protests too much in the article) that Pelosi was just misunderstood and taken out of context in this 36 second clip:

Here is the full video on C-SPAN from June 22, 2017, and this quote is at 26:51 mark.

Reuters wants you to believe that ol’ vodka Nance wasn’t talking about the tactics of the super honest and trustworthy Democrat Communists, who never lie. Rather, she was describing a tactic used by Republicans when they are repeatedly victimizing her and her fellow persecuted heroes.

Sorry, I had to go throw up.

Sure, Nancy was in a drunken ramble about a specific Smear from the evil Republicans. But listen to her words, to the way she describes this tactic.

“And it’s a diversionary tactic. It’s a self-fulfilling proph(ecy). You demonize – we call it the wrap-up smear. If you want to talk politics, we call it the wrap-up smear. You smear somebody with falsehoods and all the rest and then you merchandise it and then you write it and they’ll say, see, it’s reported in the press that this, this, this and this, so they have that validation that the press reported the smear and then it’s called a wrap-up smear. Now I am going to merchandise the press’ report on the smear that we made. It’s a tactic.”

So, per Nance, the Wrap Up Smear is a tactic. The Speaker of the Lies is pretty damn clear that this is a tactic used in politics and, whatever party she was speaking of in this clip, no one can argue that she isn’t intimately familiar with the tactic and how it works.

Do Nancy and her comrades use the Wrap Up Smear? 

inquiring minds (already know)

“The Wrap Up Smear is a rare tactic used only by Republicans,” is just more gaslighting from our fraudulent overlords and their mockingbird megaphones.

Our biggest counter attack against gaslighting is to put on our (critical) thinking caps and throw the narrative up against the facts. So let’s do that.

Release the Kraken!

The Smear in Action: The Sidney Powell Case Study

Sidney Powell became a mainstream figure when she took up the legal defense of American hero and political prisoner — now vindicated and fully pardoned — General Michael Flynn. But Sidney Powell has been fighting against government corruption for many years. In 2014, Powell published License to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice, and the description reads:

“…the true story of the strong-arm, illegal, and unethical tactics used by headline-grabbing federal prosecutors in their narcissistic pursuit of power. Its scope reaches from the US Department of Justice to the US Senate, the FBI, and the White House. This true story is a scathing attack on corrupt prosecutors, the judges who turned a blind eye to these injustices, and the president who has promoted them to powerful political positions.”

She published the book in 2014. Show of hands: Who finds any of that description improbable in 2021? Didn’t think so.

After the 2020 election, Sidney Powell courageously spoke out about all the fraud and international corruption — risking her reputation, professional credibility, and her freedom to expose the truth. Life, fortune, sacred honor, you might say.

While the left has always painted Powell with the conspiracy brush (go read her wikipedia), The Smear against her really began post-election. Like most Wrap Up Smear attempts, this one began with the NY Times, the uniparty’s go-to propagandists across their many branded channels.

In a piece intended to give the entire effort an air of credibility and beyond-reproach-reporting, What We Know About Sidney Powell, the Lawyer Behind Wild Voting Conspiracy Theories, the NY Times set the initial narrative. 

“Ms. Powell burst into national attention on Thursday, when she appeared alongside Rudolph W. Giuliani, who is leading the president’s legal efforts, at a surreal news conference where she made claims that strained credulity, even for a presidential campaign that has repeatedly lowered the bar. In a matter of minutes, Ms. Powell blamed Cuba, Venezuela, the Clinton Foundation, the billionaire George Soros and Antifa, a loosely defined left-wing movement, for somehow making votes for Mr. Trump disappear.”

The Ol’ Gray Hag is spinning another fairy tale here and, as we discussed in the previous piece, fairy tales really are the bedrock of the NY Times editorial strategy. Creating narratives to sway public opinion according to the paper’s desired political outcomes is entirely what they do. There is no reporting at the Times, not any longer (just go scroll their headlines).

They even tie in “QAnon,” for good measure. When they start calling you QAnon for questioning the 2020 Election, you know you’re over the target: 

“While representing Mr. Flynn, Ms. Powell also used her media appearances to amplify social media posts promoting QAnon, the baseless conspiracy theory whose proponents believe Mr. Trump is battling a cabal of satanic pedophiles.”

Patriot Public Service Announcement
In 2021, Q or QAnon equals Domestic Terrorism.
They don’t call us “QAnon” to mock us.
They are building a narrative and establishing a predicate to separate you from your freedom.

please wake up.
They call us QAnon to normalize the idea that free thinkers and Trump Supporters are dangerous terrorists, to groom our neighbors to fear us. That way, when they decide to round up all the QAnons, we’re on the list and our neighbors are okay with us “being disappeared.” It doesn’t matter if you follow Q, have only heard Q in passing or, until right this minute you believed that QAnon was a dangerous terrorist group — it’s all branding and narrative. If you are right of center, you will eventually be labeled QAnon for the purposes of dehumanization. #socialengineering
Please watch the narrative like a hawk, guard your critical thinking skills, and be brave enough to share the (real) truth. Thank you. WWG1WGA

So the Wrap Up Smear begins here: 

  1. Sidney is a crazy, QAnon conspiracy theorist.
  2. She is making wild claims about Venezuela and other countries and wealthy parties being involved with our elections.
  3. Trump is upset with Sid because she is so crazy.

Got it?

The only one of those statements that we can objectively prove or disprove is the bit about Sid making wild claims. And that is an important plumb line: Always find the objective facts.

The Claim

“Ms. Powell blamed Cuba, Venezuela, the Clinton Foundation, the billionaire George Soros and Antifa, a loosely defined left-wing movement, for somehow making votes for Mr. Trump disappear.”

What She Said

“What we are really dealing with here and uncovering more by the day is the massive influence of communist money through Venezuela, Cuba, and likely China in the interference with our elections here in the United States. The Dominion voting systems, the Smartmatic technology software and the software that goes in other computerized voting systems here as well, not just Dominion, were created in Venezuela.” 

Interesting that the NYT claim omitted China, huh? Nothing to see here. And later in her statement,

“Notably the Dominion executives are nowhere to be found now. They are moving their offices overnight to different places. Their office in Toronto was shared with one of the Soros entities, one of the leaders of the Dominion Project overall is Lord Malloch-Brown, Mr. Soros’ number two person in the U.K., and part of his organization. There are ties of the Dominion leadership to the Clinton Foundation and to other known politicians in this country.” 

And finally, 

“One of the Smartmatic patent holders, Eric Coomer I believe his name is, is on the web as being recorded in a conversation with ANTIFA members saying that he had the election rigged for Mr. Biden, nothing to worry about here and they were going to f Trump.

The Facts

The NYT piece was right on their claim. And so was Sidney Powell.

Venezuela and Cuba (and China, for the record)

Our elections technology, at its core, was designed and piloted in Venezuela. If you’re looking for a real fact check, the Center for Security Policy reviewed Powell’s claims about Cuba and Venezuela at the time and found them credible. J. Michael Waller, a Senior Strategy Analyst for Center for Security Policy, provides evidence that the Smartmatic technology was used in Venezuela at the direction of the Cuban Communist Party. Workers of the World Unite! In this piece, Waller writes:

“Which brings us back to the Dominion voter machines and related software. Cuba is no cyberpower. But its allies are. For years, Havana has been strengthening its relations with the Chinese Communist Party. Since the 1990s it has provided Beijing with three electronic intelligence bases directed against the United States. This doesn’t mean that China had direct involvement in the Dominion and Smartmatic technology, though Dominion has acknowledged Chinese-made components in its machines.”

George Soros & the Clinton Foundation

Sidney said, “Their office in Toronto was shared with one of the Soros entities, one of the leaders of the Dominion Project overall is Lord Malloch-Brown, Mr. Soros’ number two person in the U.K., and part of his organization.”

This, too, is correct. As reported in November 2020 here, here and here (see what I did there), Dominion Voting Systems shares an office floor with the Tides Foundation, a George Soros-funded, leftist commie cell in Toronto. Glenn Beck was talking about Tides back during the Obama years, and I was quite surprised to see them pop up again after having been so thoroughly exposed, a decade ago. Then I remembered the false flag that made Tides sympathetic despite all the exposure. Duh.

The second part of Powell’s claim was also true. As JD Rucker of NOQ Report wrote in December 2020, “In a plot twist that’s so unbelievable we had to check multiple sources to confirm, Neo-Marxist billionaire George Soros just named Lord Mark Malloch-Brown as president of Open Society Foundation. Brown is the former CEO of Smartmatic, the company deeply tied to voter fraud company Dominion Voting Systems.”

But, of course, I am not going to make you rely on a source with a “Q” in their name. Oh no, here is ol’ psychopath George himself confirming Sidney Powell’s claim:

In case you live under a rock and didn’t already know, George Soros is one of the top contributors to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. According to USA Today:

“Not only does Soros have a home near Chappaqua residents, the Clintons, he also donated millions of dollars to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Soros Fund Management’s $10.5 million donation to Clinton and related PACs and super PACs in 2016 landed Soros among the top contributors to her campaign, according to data compiled by

USA Today

Soros and Clinton have been stroking each other way longer than the 2016 campaign season. Here is Hillary announcing how much we all need Emperor Soros at the progressive “Take Back America Conference” in 2004. And, of course, we all know how fungible money is to The Clinton Foundation.

Antifa, A Loosely Defined Left Wing Movement

That’s my favorite bit of this gaslight. “Antifa is an idea, man!” 

Sidney said, “One of the Smartmatic patent holders, Eric Coomer I believe his name is, is on the web as being recorded in a conversation with ANTIFA members saying that he had the election rigged for Mr. Biden, nothing to worry about here, and they were going to ‘F- Trump.’”

Sidney is correct that Eric Coomer currently holds six (6) patents in our election systems. These are:

  1. 8714450: Systems and methods for transactional ballot processing, and ballot auditing
  2. 8864026: Ballot image processing system and method for voting machines
  3. 8876002: Systems for configuring voting machines, docking device for voting machines, warehouse support and asset tracking of voting machines
  4. 8910865: Ballot level security features for optical scan voting machine capable of ballot image processing, secure ballot printing, and ballot layout authentication and verification
  5. 8913787: Ballot adjudication in voting systems utilizing ballot images
  6. 9202113: Ballot adjudication in voting systems utilizing ballot images

On two of those patents, he has a co-inventor listed as Federico Arnao. Those patents are: Patent 8876002 and Patent 8714450

Here is a view of Arnao’s related experience:

Federico Arnao’s LinkedIn as of 2021 September 03

Arnao worked at Dominion, Sequoia and Smartmatic, beginning in 2005. Interestingly, his experience at Dominion ended just six months after he and Coomer filed their patent application.

Also, when he started with Smartmatic he was in Venezuela, and he went to school in Venezuela.

Yes, really.

Federico Arnao is a Venezuelan software developer who worked at ALL the big name iterations of this election technology empire; then he went to Denver to build some adjudication systems with Coomer; and now he is in Toronto, Canada, where the Dominion offices just happen to be next to Soros’ Tides Foundation.

It’s not a conspiracy theory, it is all on his LinkedIn.

Remember Sidney’s quote:

“One of the Smartmatic patent holders, Eric Coomer I believe his name is,” Fact Check: True

“…is on the web…” Fact Check: True

“…as being recorded…” Fact Check: False

“…in a conversation with ANTIFA members saying that he had the election rigged for Mr. Biden, nothing to worry about here, and they were going to ‘F- Trump.’” Fact Check: Uncertain

And that brings us back to Dominus and her fairy tales. I told you we’d come full circle!

While Sidney Powell misunderstood the facts, and therefore misspoke and said the conversation was recorded, the rest of her conversation is factually accurate. It is 100% accurate that it was being reported on the internet, at the time of the Guiliani press conference, that Eric Coomer of Dominion had rigged the election for Biden.

Cuba, Venezuela and China in our elections? Fact Check: True

George Soros and the Clintons? Fact Check: True

Antifa, a loosely defined left-wing movement? Fact Check: Hilarious and Mostly True

That makes the Wrap Up Smear on Sidney Powell completely false. The media just counts on their audience not looking into their claims; and, sadly, that pays off for them more often than not. “Very fine people,” anyone? 

Holly at Altitude and I went on CannCon (at sea level) last week, and Brian shared a document with us from Spaulding County, Georgia. The Elections Director in that county is desperately responding to calls for her resignation by defending their election system. This is her actual defense:

Dominion completed their investigation and has assured us that no system can be updated remotely without the knowledge of Dominion.

Signed, government incompetence
I have a few questions…
  1. Why is Dominion allowed to investigate themselves?
  2. Why are we taking Dominion’s word for anything?
  3. Did they just admit the machines are connected?

The Smear in Action: Joe Oltmann Fabricated Eric Coomer’s Role Election Fraud

In November, the story about Eric Coomer being a communist and potentially rigging the elections came out, lighting a new fire in those disenfranchised by the obviously stolen election. 

The man who broke that story was Joe Oltmann

I first learned of Eric Coomer when someone sent me the link to Michelle Malkin’s interview with Oltmann on November 22, 2020. 

In the interview, Oltmann shares how, after watching Antifa destroy Denver all summer long…

Fact Check: True; lived it

…he and some of his peers set out to infiltrate the idea (Antifa) and get inside information on how they operate. Joe had a source inside Antifa who wanted to get out of the gang, I mean, idea, because of all the communism and violence. This source helped get Joe onto the infamous Antifa Zoom call where Commie Coomer allegedly said, “Trump’s not gonna win. I made f**king sure of that.”

As Dominus tells it, “Oltmann is now the subject of a defamation suit brought by Coomer. It currently names, as co-defendants, 14 parties responsible for the dissemination of Oltmann’s claims about that alleged antifa phone call, including Sidney Powell…Fox called the Dominion litigation “baseless” and defended its right to tell “both sides” of the story.) Oltmann’s best defense would be to provide corroboration of his claims about that phone call — he has said there were as many as 19 people on the line — but he has so far declined to do so.

Joe has never revealed his source, and for good reason. In the current political and socio economic environment, particularly in communist-controlled Denver, this source would very possibly be killed if his identity were made public.

Unlike “Qanon,” Antifa actually is a domestic terrorism organization, albeit a “mostly peaceful” one.  And, more broadly, we are talking about people who will kill you to keep their secrets. Just ask Kelly Loeffler’s staff

Mainstream sources for mostly peaceful violence.

Recently, a judge tried to compel Oltmann to reveal his source and, despite potential penalties, he continues to refuse to put this source’s life in danger.

Court order above. Hearing transcript below.

Dominus knows this angle of the legal case but declined to mention in her article WHY Joe has “declined to do so.” Curious…lets dig a little more into The Smear on Oltmann.

The Claim

“It was that day’s episode of ‘The Conservative Daily Podcast,’ a program previously unknown to Coomer, which had been posted to YouTube. ‘We’re going to expose someone inside of Dominion Voting Systems, specifically related to antifa, and related to someone that is so far left, and is controlling elections and his fingerprints are in every state,’ said the show’s co-host, a man using the pseudonym Joe Otto. Otto — who would eventually reveal himself to be Joe Oltmann, a Colorado entrepreneur — claimed that he had found a smoking gun that proved fraud at Dominion: ‘We 100 percent know that the election was rigged.’”

The Facts

Joe did indeed use the pseudonym Joe Otto, mostly in tech-related chat rooms to discuss tech trends and innovation while maintaining a degree of anonymity since, at the time, he was CEO of the company he founded, PIN Business Network.

Keeping PIN (business) and Conservative Daily (personal) separate, Joe used the moniker “Joe Otto” prior to witnessing election fraud. Then he started using his real name. 

Joe, an entrepreneur at heart, is a tech geek and, prior to his discovery of Eric Coomer’s (alleged) involvement in Antifa and (actual) leadership of Dominion product strategy and security, his online activity was mainly focused on data and technology modernization. He also used the moniker on Conservative Daily podcast he co-hosts. 

Now the infamous call allegedly happened on or around September 26, 2020, over a month before the Presidential Election. Neither Dominion or Coomer were on Joe’s radar at that time. But on November 3, 2020, when the obvious fraud was perpetrated right before our eyes and news of Dominion’s (alleged) role in that fraud began to surface, Joe remembered the Antifa call and became physically ill.

In Malkin’s video — and remember this is Joe speaking in November 2020, his story has not changed, and he has remained consistent since his very first public statements — Joe says: 

“…Director of Strategy and Security, right? Security. And by the way if you look at some of the patents he’s written, which I did, I dove into that or that he’s involved in and you look at the people that are associated with him, with those patents, it would scare you. Matter of fact, it would scare all of America…”

Joe Oltmann, Courageous Truth Teller

Joe realized that, during that September Antifa call, he had stumbled into the treasonous plot to steal the election. It was only then, two months later, that he outed himself as Joe Otto and began using his real name.

Dominus writes, “If Eric Coomer’s life changed on Nov. 9, so did Joe Oltmann’s. On his follow-up podcast the next day, Oltmann told his audience that he had good news. “I have been in touch with someone who has put us in touch with the Trump attorneys,” he said. That week, Oltmann spoke to Jenna Ellis…she told him that he should prepare a notarized affidavit of his allegations.”

Joe began using his real name because he was about to become a key election fraud witness.
And he wasn’t going to hide.

Dominus goes on, saying that Coomer “started to think the source might have been a Facebook friend he made at Bandimere Speedway, a racetrack he sometimes visited. The racetrack had hosted a meeting organized by a local businessman who was starting to make a name for himself in Colorado politics, Joe Oltmann.”

If Oltmann is a politician, he is a reluctant one, and he is terrible at the playing-both-sides-of-the-fence thing. He generally speaks his mind and has become a firebrand to the establishment on both the left and the right (likely because it’s the same uniparty establishment).

This unintended “name for himself,” which Dominus implies is the reason that Joe went after Coomer in the first place, has come at great personal cost. Here’s a taste:

Due to Death Threats, He Began Requiring 24×7 Private Security

Three days after Joe outed Eric Coomer, Joe and his family began receiving death threats. As a result, on November 16, 2020, the Oltmann family began employing full-time private security at an out-of-pocket expense of an estimated $14,000/mo.

I had the opportunity to interview the Head of Security for the Oltmann family, Gregory Papas, who shared what those early months, post disclosure, were like. Greg shared:

“There were — there are — dozens of threats against Joe and his family. I remember people saying they wanted to crush his C5 vertebrae, terrorize his family, and, for one extremely sick individual, eat his children. Back in December, Joe and I had to stop at the PIN office so Joe could sign some contracts. He went inside and I lingered outside due to a shadowy figure lurking about the parking lot with something slung over his shoulder. When I headed towards him he disappeared, but then he popped up a few minutes later across the street, on the top of the parking garage. He was looking down on us with binoculars.”

Threats of violence and death against Joe and his family are ongoing. Note the time stamps for this journey.

Greg went on:

“Then in January or February, we brought the family home, and they went inside. We were walking the property and noticed a reflection, or like a small light, on the far west side of the property. It was a person holding a rifle. We chased him off the property before the police arrived.” And more from Greg: “There are hundreds other times that we were followed, snuck up on, cornered, photographed and recorded. It’s been persistent.”

His Business Value Plummeted

After telling the world about Eric Coomer, Joe’s company, which he estimates had a pre-Coomer valuation of $150M, had sustained heavy losses, coming in at $20M (per Dun & Bradstreet) as of press time.

Nearly Lost His Company, Stepped Down as CEO

In January, during the supposed “insurrection,” while Joe was in a meeting at the State Department in a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF), his company was nearly stolen by the newly minted CFO, “Jonathan.” This guy was a deep state plant who took advantage of Joe being out of contact (due to the SCIF), called an emergency board meeting, provided false evidence in front of the board, and attained a vote of “No Confidence.” He then tried to have Joe’s employees move all the company’s financial assets into new accounts.

Contemporaneous text messages that Joe had with Keith, a white hat who helped clean up Jonathan’s mess and went on to succeed Oltmann as CEO of PIN Business Network. 

The sole reason that “Jonathan” did not succeed is that people like Keith thwarted the attack by refusing the CFO’s demands until they spoke to the CEO and FOUNDER of the company. The record was set straight, the truth presented, and the situation resolved with the Board. Joe remains a majority shareholder, but due to the heat that his truth-telling was bringing, he stepped down as CEO of the company (the company he built). I personally doubt the story has ended with Jonathan.

Loss of Recognition & Professional Reputation

In September 2020, the global, ‘Big Four’ professional services firm Ernst & Young announced Joe as an Entrepreneur of the Year. Joe has been nominated for this award twice, and in 2020 he was a finalist. He believes his disclosure of Eric Coomer played a role in his loss.

If you are unfamiliar with E&Y, their bread and butter is AUDIT. But, like, the Arthur Anderson kind of audit, not the Cyber Ninjas kind. An actual audit firm that punishes people for wanting audits. Yes, really.

Victim of Domestic Terrorists

On May 1, 2021, the Oltmann family were the victims of domestic terrorism when someone sent an envelope of powder to Joe’s home. The real kind of domestic terrorism, not the flag-waving, granny committing kind. (That last bit will be the focus of an upcoming article.)

The envelope was opened by Joe. Inside was a make-shift envelope with two sticky notes taped around the edges, with powder inside. This led to hazmat teams swarming the Oltmann family’s suburban Colorado home.

Joe opened this envelope while next to his daughter, Micah. The way she tells it:

“He opened the envelope and there were these sticky notes taped together into a pouch.
When we realized it was powder, I got really freaked out.
Then the police came and made us leave our house.
Then the hazmat team came.
If I’m being honest, I’m still a little freaked out.”

micah oltmann, joe’s daughter

So while Dominus claims Coomer abandoned his cats and is hiding out in the mountains with a rifle, I’m bringing you receipts on the actual harassment, trespassing, corporate espionage, and domestic terrorism done to Joe Oltmann, his wife and their three kids, as a result of him telling the truth. Life, fortune, sacred honor, you might say. 

Susan Dominus is the one who set up this false testosterone equivalency, not me, but since she opened the door, let’s peek inside.

While Joe is not a politician, he is a key influencer in the conservative Freedom Movement. In the Spring of 2020, in response to the rapid decline of Freedom due to covid lockdowns and one-sided race riots, Joe began FEC United, a community and humanitarian organization that stands for Faith, Education, and Commerce — the three pillars of a free society.

As Dominus writes it: 

“By that October, following the 2020 summer of protests, he had founded a nonprofit group, FEC United, intended, its website says, “to defend the foundation of our American Way of Life through the pillars of Faith, Education and Commerce.” At one early FEC event, a so-called Patriot Muster, a Trump supporter assaulted and pepper sprayed a security guard, who shot and killed him. (The guard was charged with second-degree murder and has pleaded not guilty.)”

Say his name, Susan. Warning that the photos and videos of the moment’s leading up to Lee Keltner’s death are hard to see.

Lee Keltner and his altercation with Matthew Dolloff, and unlicensed security guard there on contract with 9News, in the moments leading up to, and just after, Dolloff ended Keltner’s life.

The “Trump supporter,” whom Susan Dominus so callously disregarded as a colorful detail in her Eric Coomer knob job, was Lee Keltner.

His name was Lee Keltner. His life mattered.
Dominus could at least say his name. 

Mr. Keltner was a 49-year-old Navy Veteran, western hat shop owner, and an artist. He was attending a pro-police rally in downtown Denver when he was surrounded by known agitators and provoked. He deployed his bear spray when cornered by what appeared to be Antifa agitators, and he was shot dead. 

This loss was personal to the Freedom Movement, well captured in this contemporaneous article from Mike Mullins. I don’t know Mike, but I like his style. And he speaks my language when it comes to the uniparty establishment, the mockingbird symphony, and their endless stream of lies. 

The Oltmann Wrap Up Smear kicks into high gear a bit further into the article, with Dominus spinning, “Around this time, Oltmann began developing his theory of how a voting system could allow for fraud…” 

This “theory” was validated at the time and has been repeatedly validated through further evaluation and new evidence. What “theory?”

Dominus continues:

“Someone could manipulate the system in various ways to allow for the possibility of adding fake or phantom ballots, which could be entered into the tabulation system. Real ballots would be replaced with the fake ones without a history of that happening.” 

Susan dominus, creative writer

The last sentence sums up this piece from a logical sense. There isn’t a history of voter manipulation from these machines, so that means it can’t happen. And it won’t happen. The super honest and trustworthy Democrat Communists have a triple majority, both in Colorado and the Nation, and those guys would never steer us wrong. 

Dominus’ “reporting” here amounts to, “I’ll just take their word for it.” Solid. 

She goes on to quote Jennifer Morrell, Coomer’s fellow swamp creature, “‘It’s clear from the video that Joe Oltmann does not understand how elections are conducted or how the technology works, says Morrell, who said some of what Oltmann proposed would require a widespread effort of workers from both parties colluding to bypass some key systems.”

Again, for the folks in the back:

“What Oltmann proposed would require a widespread effort of workers from both parties colluding to bypass some key systems.”

Jennifer Morrell, Coomer toady

FINALLY! YES. It would. It did. This is what we have been saying since November. 

We know exactly how your elections work. We looked in the machines and compared forensic images; we canvassed whole precincts in multiple counties across the state of Colorado; we’ve forensically analyzed your processes and studied your manuals (all of them). 

We often get asked, “How do you know that? Where did you learn that?” We are self taught, folks. We studied it.
Since November 2020, Colorado Patriot experts have researched, analyzed, modeled, visualized, and now fully understand how the system is designed to work.

the incomparable Data Jeff

We’ve recreated your systems and demonstrated how your elections work. And yes, it’s a massive network of people involved in the fraud.

As Joe said in his video with Malkin:

“It is a conspiracy. It’s not a conspiracy theory.
It is a conspiracy when people come together and actually do things to harm our country.”

joe oltmann

Stealing elections is the most bipartisan effort I’ve ever seen. Most government corruption is bipartisan; the whole partisan thing is a psyop meant to keep you thinking that your neighbor with the BLM flag, or the Trump flag, is the enemy — so you don’t look too closely at the “official” people or notice the boot on your throat. 

Please wake up.

We see evidence of this bipartisan corruption at every level. Here is a snapshot of 2021 arrests related to election fraud: 

  1. Texas (January 13, 2021): AG Pax­ton: San Anto­nio Elec­tion Fraud­ster Arrest­ed for Wide­spread Vote Har­vest­ing and Fraud
  2. Georgia (February 11, 2021): 35 voter fraud cases referred for criminal prosecution | WGXA
  3. Texas (March 01, 2021): Justice of the peace and three others arrested on 150 counts of voter fraud in Texas
  4. North Carolina (March 19, 2021): NC Federal Attorneys: 24 More Charged in Voter-Fraud Probe
  5. Texas (July 09, 2021): Houston voter who waited 6 hours arrested for illegal voting
  6. California (August 13, 2021): Compton city councilman charged with election rigging, bribery in race decided by one vote
  7. Connecticut (May 25, 2021): CT State Senator surrenders to U.S. Marshals on election fraud charges
  8. Texas (August 31, 2021): Nolan County Man Arrested for Voter Fraud

And I didn’t even mention Arizona or Michigan or Wisconsin!

Local, State, National. Not a conspiracy, it’s just Google’s top results (yes, really) on the exact search term, “election fraud arrests.” That’s the stuff they let through; I wonder what they’re censoring (other than Arizona)?

Sidebar Convo: Texas needs a full forensic audit. Seriously, Lonestar, WTF? #auditall50states

Back to Joe, Dominus continues about Coomer (wait for it): “His name, virtually unknown in most mainstream circles, was now tightly linked with the story of Dominion fraud, especially among QAnon followers.” 

Ding ding ding! Joe, you have arrived. Q-shaming noted. 

The apex of Dominus Smear on Oltmann is the “Patient Zero” angle:

“All the claims they made about Coomer started with Oltmann: It was his story about Coomer being on an antifa call that Eric Trump retweeted, that Giuliani and Powell trumpeted at the Nov. 19 event at the R.N.C. Their defense would rest on the credibility of Oltmann’s claim or at least some proof that it had a basis in reality. 

Fact check: False. 

Another Dominus Fairy Tale: Election Fraud Rests on Joe’s Credibility

Joe’s alleged experience on the Antifa call is what brought our attention to Eric Coomer — sure, I’ll concede that point. Until we learned about “Eric from Dominion” from Joe, Coomer wasn’t on any of our radars.

Then the disclosure of Coomer’s social media posts — now confirmed as authentic by both Coomer and Dominus — captured our attention and made us consider Mr. Coomer’s motives. 

Then we saw the patents, and we were all like, “Whoa. That dude has a lot of patents in our election system.” Combine the patents with the super biased social posts along with the allegations that he hangs with Antifa and talks about rigging elections, and we had some questions. 

Then Dominion Voting Systems scurried out of Denver in mid-November 2020, clearing their offices in a matter of days and with many of their employees scrubbing their LinkedIn. We protested while they were moving. It happened. And we thought, “That’s a bit shady for supposedly innocent people.”

November 21, 2020, protest outside Dominion Offices. They were mostly gone but had some security goons skulking about. Fun Fact: This was also the day we formally decided to start USEIP. On the way home, Denver Antifa surrounded us, spit at us, stole my hat, and followed me and my son to our car. But they’re just an idea, man. 

Then, in early December, Secretary of State Jena Griswold was caught redacting key names from the Dominion Voting Systems RFP response that was posted on her website before and during the election. Among those names were our boy Eric Coomer along with Lisa Flannigan-Crane, wife of Matt Crane, Executive Director of the Colorado County Clerks Association. If you need a refresher on Matt Crane, he is the rat-faced guy that held Jonestown Jena’s purse at Tina Peters’ witch trial last month

Photo cred: Denver Post; emphasis mine

All of those actions by the commies and all the verifiable evidence CONFIRMED what Joe said about Coomer.

Joe Oltmann made us aware of Dominion-related election fraud.
The actions of Coomer, Dominion, Griswold, and the broader election cabal made them true.

facts over feelings, bro

There is so much evidence that would be considered evidence by every court in the country. So many rabbit holes that bring you into the truth. It’s like a rabbit hole into the Penn Station of rabbit holes. And it’s all verifiably true. Just like they claim we’re all terrorists, they claim election fraud has been debunked. They never tell you how, though… 

You’re not allowed to see all this evidence because this case involves Donald J. Trump and that apparently makes all individual liberties, 1A rights, etc. (you know the thing) disappear. Because “orange man bad.” Blind justice though, right?  

Dominus brings her Smear on Joe to a screaming crescendo with Joe attending Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium instead of attending a scheduled deposition in Coomer’s lawsuit. 

Dominus writes, “Instead of showing up in court on that August morning, Oltmann was in South Dakota, at a cybersecurity symposium hosted by Lindell, who at one point rushed offstage when it was announced that his motion to dismiss Dominion’s defamation had been rejected. Steve Bannon, who was also at the event, interviewed Oltmann on his podcast, ‘Bannon’s War Room.’ ‘I think people are asking,’ Bannon said to Oltmann, ‘if it’s a lawsuit and you think you’ve got the truth and law on your side, why would you not show up for a deposition?’ The judge, Oltmann explained, was appointed by Jared Polis, a Democrat.”

Oh, Susan. Joe has said a lot more about Judge Moses. He hasn’t been withdrawn at all about this Smear, and he is fighting back. Follow his Telegram if you don’t already. Here’s a taste:

“I have had lots of people tell me to stop posting about the trash corrupt judge and the lawyers for Coomer. I say no. I get to give you all transparency. This judge is a disgrace. She is a leftist activist and she thinks she can act with impunity. She breaks the law, bends the rules and continues to act as the proxy for Coomer who admitted to 1) destroying evidence. 2) lying about the posts.”

Joe Oltmann, Telegram on August 30, 2021

That’s a bit more of a reason to object to the judge than “she was appointed by a Democrat,” but you do you, Susan. Here is the full hour of Bannon that Dominus mentions (but obviously didn’t watch since she could only come up with, “Joe doesn’t like democrats” for why Oltmann’s legal team would object to the judge. The depth of reporting at the NYT Magazine, amirite? 

In case you’re wondering, because facts and stuff, I have this statement from Joe’s counsel:

“We object to the case being in this jurisdiction in the first place. The venue is not proper. This judge overturned a ruling by Judge Sheila Rapport, a senior retired judge, within a week after she came on the bench. Judge Rapport had very seldom been overturned by the Court of Appeals or the Colorado Supreme Court. This judge has shown favoritism to the plaintiffs and has gone against legal analysis. She does not have any concerns for the welfare of the people involved. Finally, in a former hearing, where we argued against revealing the witness, the judge said, “Time will tell.” That’s when faced with the possibility of the witness facing retribution.”

Joe Oltmann’s Legal Counsel

It’s All the Same Playbook

Like with Sidney Powell, the Oltmann Smear began in The NY Times — in the magazine of the NYT editorial pages, where truth goes to die. This time it was couched in the context of “poor little Coomer,” but the tactic is alive and well because it works. 

Like with Sidney Powell, the creative storytelling was picked up and reported as facts all over, while all the mockingbirds screamed, “No evidence! Joe is a crazy, lying, self-promoting conspiracy theorist!” 

And like with Sidney Powell, everything Joe said is verifiably true. 

In this verifiably UNtrue fluff piece, Susan Dominus’ central claim is that Eric Coomer, just a lowly Dominion Exec with no power, is a victim because Joe, wanting to self promote and “make a name for himself,” fabricated allegations against poor Eric and thrust him into the spotlight. 

But over the course of these two articles, you’ve seen receipts for everything Joe Oltmann said about Coomer and Dominion in November, with one exception: 

Who can validate the alleged Antifa call? 

Joe isn’t revealing his source. And unless someone in Antifa has a crisis of conscience (I know, I know) and comes forward as being on the call (looking at you Heidi), we will have to decide based on what we know and can infer from the verifiable facts. 

As for me, based on the evidence before us, I think this “who” is as unimportant as George Floyd’s toxicology results. Revealing the identity of the Antifa whistleblower would only serve to endanger the witness with no additional information gained to justify that risk. 

Hear me out.

Coomer — the designer of the systems — allegedly said, “Trump’s not gonna win, I made f**king sure of that.” We now know, because of the evidence discussed here and in Part One, that the systems Coomer designed were indeed designed and used to ensure that Donald Trump would not win. The call allegedly didn’t happen, according to the Uniparty. (Deny, Deny, Deny.) Joe just made it up, right? 

Every single thing Joe said about Coomer, including his description of the plot with the machines, has been borne out in the evidence. If one person actually could make sure Trump didn’t win, it would be Eric Coomer. He designed the adjudication system — where votes go, by definition, to be manipulated. Read it again. The Commie guy from Part One is the guy who designed this bit of our elections infrastructure. 

This means that even the allegations about the Antifa call (the “I made sure of that” affair) are proven out by the evidence. And it just so happened that the one guy who actually could make that claim — the designer of the system — is the one that allegedly did (on the call that didn’t supposedly happen).

In other words: Can you be guilty of defamation for saying things that are true?

In a world that wasn’t desperately ravaged by a pandemic of TDS, this would be enough for Blind Justice to declare Joe Oltmann the victor in this ridiculous defamation. It would also be enough to have Dominion pay his legal fees, have Judge Marie Avery Moses put under investigation, and have Coomer and Poulos and whomever else locked the hell up.

Susan Dominus should just be endlessly mocked for being terrible at her job. 

If Justice were blind, the outcome would be certain…but is she blind? Or is that scale-holding broad just gaslighting us like the rest? Remains to be seen.

As for the Wrap Up Smear, we can also answer our first question: Do the Democrats use the Smear, or was Nancy just describing Republicans? 

Please wake up.


Legal counsel for Joe Oltmann contributed to this report, as did the Spiff Force Live Research Team, Data Jeff, and my amazing researcher, Shelly of Scientia. Thank you all!

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