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janet and the betas release their new album: “we’re voting for this but it’s not our fault“


The Mesa County commissioners meeting just ended after fiery public testimony from the people of Mesa County put the commissioners on their heels.

Janet Rowland, the Chair of this merry band of “not my jobbers,” interrupted several speakers during their allotted three minutes, smacking down any dialogue that didn’t directly relate to Dominion extending their dominion in Mesa through 2029. She also smacked down any public response to the speakers, including light applause for a U.S. Veteran who spoke of losing his best friend in defense of freedom.

When Sherronna Bishop, America’s mom who works in Mesa County in Grand Junction and lives next door in Garfield County rose to speak, Janet slammed her metaphorical gavel and declared that only Mesa County residents are allowed to speak.

Memo: Business owners who operate in Mesa County are no longer allowed to speak to the commissioners of the county in which they operate their businesses. – Janet Rowland

The two betas that flanked Janet mostly played with their phones, despite a few outbursts from Scott McInnis to keep to the topic and stop bringing up, “God, or whatever,” and saved their commentary until the end.

The commissioners gave uneducated and ignorant excuses, er, I mean, closing statements before the 3-0 vote to enslave the people of Mesa County to Satan’s Dominion until their small children graduate from high school. It was basically, “we are gonna vote for this, but it’s not our fault.” Classic.

Perhaps the most disappointing in this public pacification effort was Cody Davis, the new commissioner who the grassroots supported for office. Cody spent the morning in meetings with concerned citizens discussing their concerns. It’s unclear if he has to ice his groin from straddling that constitutional fence so hard, but when he fell off — during his closing statements — he landed squarely on the side of the establishment.

The defensive posture of the commissioners led to a further devolution of public trust where Davis declared, “you’d be just as mad if we chose clear ballot,” McInnis dismissed the hundreds of public written comments because some of them were out of state (yes, dude, the whole nation is watching), and Janet Rowland, despite hundreds of public messages in opposition to Wayne Williams, actually read Wayne Williams December filibuster during this “Special Meeting,” as reassurance that everything is good.

Tone deaf much? This meeting really was “special.”

What’s unclear is where the people of Mesa County go from here. But you bet your adjudication software, this fight is far from over.

Keep up the pressure folks. Self governance never came easy. Just ask George.

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