the tale of tina peters, and the dark days ahead for whistleblowers

Tina Peters is a gold star mom, a cancer survivor, a public servant, and a courageous whistleblower. And the rapidly unfolding events in Mesa County are making smoke coming out of my ears. 

Tina Peters, The Mesa County Clerk and Recorder, is a hero whistleblower whose actions earlier this year led to the August 2021 exposure of Dominion destroying election evidence during their “Trusted Build” update.

As the County Clerk and Recorder for Mesa County, Tina Peters is the official — duly elected by the people of Mesa County — in charge of elections, with official custody (and responsibility) for the election equipment and electronics. This is Tina’s first term as Clerk and Recorder for Mesa County, and there was some turmoil surrounding her taking office from her predecessor, Sheila Reiner, after the November election. 

Months after the transfer of power, it was discovered that Ms. Reiner had (allegedly) retained, for herself and her staff, access to highly secure facilities for election equipment. Worse, she may have expanded this access to include additional unknown players right before leaving office. Some peaceful transfer of power, huh?

When Tina Peters brought this to Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein, Dan said, allegedly, that he didn’t have time to investigate the badge access evidence that Tina brought. Typical bureaucrat. Sheila then went on to participate in the effort to recall Clerk Peters. This lady has a major grudge. 

But that was months ago. A mere tussle between clerks during a transfer of power, right? 

Well, let’s look at recent news, shall we? In one week, Colorado Secretary of State Jonestown Jena (JJ for short), the partisan hack whose power drunkenness would make George III blush, has raided Tina’s office twice. The first was on August 11th and, considering the nature of the events, intent appears to be to doctor evidence and modify the machines with no observers present. Then on August 16th, it’s rumored that JJ’s flying monkeys raided Tina’s office again to seize all the equipment. In between those two raids, Jena Grinchwald swung by the home of a private citizen and stole toys from children — literally. 

What does JJ cite as her reason and authority? Her reason is that she alleges Tina stole passwords that Tina doesn’t have. She has no evidence of this, she just says it. And the authority she cites is, “because I said so.” 

First on the passwords: Only Dominion and the Secretary of State have the passwords. We know this because of the months long drama in Arizona where they won’t release the passwords. Every person in America right now knows how tightly held those passwords are. What’s more likely? That Dominion has different access rules across states for their super secret passwords, or that the standard in Arizona holds?

Tina Peters  never had access to admin BIOS passwords.

Ron “CodeMonkeyZ” Watkins releases, allegedly, Mesa County BIOS passwords, attributed to a male whistleblower.

JJ is alleging that during the scheduled Dominion software “update” — which was authorized by Jena and in which Dominion allegedly deleted files in violation of both federal and state election records retention laws,  according the to comparison of forensic images pre- and post-update — that during this update, Tina authorized an infiltrator to watch and…steal passwords or something? 

So let’s play this out: Dominion rolls into Mesa county with their snakeskin suits and seals of satan, and they go in to do this update. Tina’s guy is there, holding a crucifix if he knows what’s good for him, and then the Dominion guys, what? Flash passwords up on a screen? Super secret passwords that hold the keys to the kingdom and all its…dominion? See what I did there? But security is super important to them…but they flashed passwords on the screen with seven people there…but security is super important to the…

Sorry, I got stuck in a loop. 

So that’s the story of the crazy-eyed, kool-aid peddling tyrant in Denver.

Another possible explanation, and I’m just spit balling here, is that the passwords were leaked by a Dominion whistleblower, like Ron CodeMonkeyZ Watkins said they were when he released them. I know — it’s crazy. 

See, if the first scenario is true, then Secretary of State Griswold, the darling of the “make elections rigged again” movement, who pushes her gold standard nonsense on anyone who fell for the risk limiting audit snake oil in 2017, is squarely to blame. 

And if that’s the case, then the Gold Standard narrative falls apart. 

And if that’s the case Colorado gets an audit.

And if that’s the case, Colorado is exposed as the election fraud test kitchen of the nation. 

And if that’s the case…checkmate.

So, now you see why Jena Griswold — and her many, many handlers at this point, let’s be honest — needed another narrative. So they concocted one. 

FACT: Tina Peters never had access to the admin BIOS passwords. 

And the admin passwords are the entire premise for Jena Griswold inserting herself into Mesa County and taking it over — I mean, coups are just their thing now, right?

Conflicts of Interest, in Pictures

Last week, before a room full of reptilians in skin suits, and probably some Dominion execs, Jena stood before the adoring, slobbering press, and her many handlers, and laid out this narrative. She provided no evidence. She spun mundane facts — like cameras being off when they are supposed to be off — into theories of espionage, and then she called on her little poodle to speak for all the clerks in the state. Except for Tina, of course, because if you will all now turn to page three in your “this is a PsyOp” playbook, you will see that Tina is now the Devil. 

Whose the poodle, you ask? Well poodle is too nice. I’m talking about rat-faced, weasel man himself, Matt Crane. Matt Crane is the former Arapahoe County clerk and current unelected lobbyist who spends your tax dollars making elections less secure (mobile voting?) and brainwashing county clerks who are too oblivious to realize they’re being tricked into committing treason.  Every year, your clerk writes Fat Cat Matt a big fat check for membership into the Colorado County Clerks Association (CCCA).  This organization does nothing for the American people but the clerks aren’t paying dues out of their own pockets — this is your cash at work. 

Here are the receipts for Chuckles Broerman, the half human, half ostrich clerk in El Paso County, Colorado.

The CCCA — previously led by Pam Anderson who sits on the board of Zuckerbuck’s Center for Tech and Civic Life and oils Zuck’s tin joints when it rains (probably) — only exists for one purpose: To surround clerks with uniparty donors and election vendors, and convince those clerks to join the Defraud the American People Club. I wanna make a joke here about Crane being the Tommy Lee to her Pam Anderson, but something is not quite right there.

Now, to be fair, I don’t expect all Clerks to be as sharp as Tina. Having met with many of them over the past several months, I can soundly say that those I’ve met are uninterested in election fraud and either too self-absorbed to understand what’s going on or too afraid to admit they know. We can’t expect this crowd to know when they are being turned into assets. 

But I do expect them not to be traitors and, ignorance or not, they are making choices right now that don’t bode well in that respect. 

Back to the rat-faced poodle, in between holding JJ’s handbag and playing fetch, microCrane is pimping out his old clerk creds to hawk election technology. Here is Crane on a sign pushing mobile and text voting technologies.

Text 2 Vote banner displayed at the August Secretary of State Conference.
Modern and convenient elections. Using Text 2 Vote.

This photo was taken at last weekend’s Secretary of State conference in Des Moine, Iowa. Also, Crane’s wife works for Dominion — since it was Sequoia — and would likely have holdings in the company given her tenure. What’s Crane’s agreement with the poster makers? What kind of cut is he getting to push these extremely vulnerable, voter fraud-inducing technologies onto the people of Colorado? Also, did anyone in Arapahoe County know that you all were using these technologies? Curious. 

Since we are talking about the Sons of Satan, eh hem, I mean Secretary of State conference, here is another little gem: Wayne Williams — the former CO SOS that installed Dominion in our state and, to much outrage and couple of triumphant lawsuits for the plaintiffs, tried to mandate its use — is a Senior Advisor with Runbeck. 

Wayne Williams business card for Runbeck, found in the expo hall of the August Secretary of State Conference.

Runbeck, you will remember, is the mail-in ballot company whose mail-in ballots didn’t scan in Tarrant County, TX during the November 2020 election. You know, the election that had no issues or challenges where everyone got to eat lollipops and ride a unicorn on the way to the polling centers. The election we aren’t allowed to talk about unless we want a mandatory suspension from our First Amendment rights. THAT election.

From the above article, “Damaged bar codes are not uncommon as people can damage them on their own, but last fall it happened in a big wave.” Huh, I missed when the media covered that story…


From Runbeck’s website testimonial page. If Maricopa’s Director of Elections endorses an election vendor, RUN. Also, his name sounds like Venezuela, and now I’m in a mental loop again.

But this isn’t the first time Runbeck and Mesa County have converged. This is the company that printed inaccurate ballots for the 2014 elections in Palisade, CO, which wasn’t resolved until after Election Day. Then SOS Scott Gessler — Wayne Williams predecessor — said of the mess, “In Clerk [Sheila] Reiner’s haste to notify the public, some of the details changed, drawing more questions about what was really happening,” he said.

Oh, Sheila.

Runbeck is based in Arizona (yes, really) and used in several states including Colorado. This Williams guy was whoring himself out at the same conference as Crane last weekend, leaving his business cards all over for potential suckers. To recap, Williams works for an infamous election vendor, advises clerks, provides multi-hour filibusters for democrats during fraud hearings to delay real evidence until after the press leaves, serves on the Colorado Springs City Council, and is allegedly running for Mayor of Colorado Springs. His wife is one of the County Commissioners down there in El Paso County which proves once and for all that the uniparty establishment has zero issue with conflicts of interest. It’s like they don’t know what the words mean…and these people want to RULE us? AYFKM?

So now that you have a fuller picture of the players involved here, let’s talk about what happened yesterday, August 17, 2021. Jena Griswold announced that she was removing Tina — a duly elected official — from her election related duties. There is no presumption of innocence in the active investigation by District Attorney Dan Rubinstein, who finally woke up in time to eat lunch and investigate alleged wrongdoing in the clerk’s office. Jena is said to be replacing Tina Peters with Sheila Reiner — yes, seriously — the former clerk who committed a security breach (allegedly) before leaving office by extending and expanding badge access to highly secure election equipment. Rubinstein couldn’t investigate that breach, where there was actual evidence via the badge access logs, but he has time to investigate a whistleblower on behalf of the people she is whistleblowing against. And Sheila Reiner is very much aligned with the people Tina is whistleblowing against. Nice ethics, Rube.

Matt Crane, never one to miss a romp in the garbage pile, praised JJ’s latest actions, and assured the public that his flock of baaahing clerks stands by it as well (and it appears they do because none of them are speaking up). Now, the guys who pretend to be on the “right”  don’t want the appearance that they are aligning with Griswold outright — not good for uniparty optics — so they held a meeting to “push back” and are recommending that Runbeck’s Wayne Williams should run Mesa’s next elections. Yes, really. 

Do you see it yet? 

Who the hell do these people think they are? 

FACT: Tina never had the admin passwords. 

This is coup. Jena Griswold is framing Tina Peters to cover up a breach in the Colorado SOS office that led to admin passwords being released by a Dominion whistleblower. The entire premise for any of this is a lie. And the cover up is always worse than the crime. 

Is there any justice left in the justice system, or is it tar and feathers time?


Thank you. Your courage has earned your mark in history and the debt of a nation. One day there will be parades and holidays in your honor for saving the Republic. I am honored to know some of you. 

In those days, we won’t even remember those who don’t stand now. Their legacy will be lost, completely forgotten, as they rot behind bars or in unmarked paupers’ graves.

If you’re thinking about coming forward, we are a very forgiving nation to those who repent. It’s not too late. Yet.

This is a developing story and additional details may be added.

46 thoughts on “the tale of tina peters, and the dark days ahead for whistleblowers

  1. Delusional! Tina Peters is going to jail, and you Ma’am are mentally ill.

  2. Let’s hope she enjoys her time with the grand jury indictments because she so deserves it!

  3. You are a Patriot Rock Star!! It’s the R’s …and the D’s…it is all the political hacks stuck in the system. They need to grow a pair and do their frigging job! We know they don’t like it…but they took a frigging Oath.
    It is to uphold the constitution and serve the PEOPLE!
    More “PEOPLE” involved…the better!!!
    There are more and more and more, everyday!

    1. Oh yes. I was at that election (even tho I’m not Republican, especially not a voting member Republican, and especially because only voting members were allowed in.) He is MY congressman. I campaigned and knocked doors for Buck. We need to find someone to replace him, fast.

  4. I wonder if anyone knows where Tina Peters is now? And what the dangers are that she is hiding from? Did someone threaten her?

      1. Harrison Deal, who had a “car accident” that created an explosion that launched the engine of his car far away from the “crash” site. And then James O’Sullivan who was investigating that crash died with no cause given. And the media fact checkers did Olympic-level gymnastics to ensure that everyone knew the two events were just coincidence.

        Also, Seth Rich, Ambassador Stevens, and the rest of the Clinton Body Count. And all the people that died around the Epstein revelations. And most recently, four law enforcement officers from J6. Coincidence Theories are a bit much for me at this point.

      2. Yes Tina was threatened she had death threats and Scott McGiness should cut her some slack. The Liberal LPL meningococcal Fem Rats will do anything to stop the truth from coming out.

  5. Chuck Broerman can be perhaps convinced to talk. He is a coward however. Some pressure and promises (P&P) must be used. I have few observations from El Paso County being Election Judge. Opportunities for cheating, manipulations and irregularities were rampant.

  6. Chuck Broerman can be perhaps convinced to talk. He is a coward however. Some pressure and promises (P&P) must be used. I have few observations from El Paso County being Election Judge. Opportunities for cheating, manipulations and irregularities were rampant.

    1. Sadly, Chuck needs to prove himself. We’ve been showing him the evidence since November. He keeps doubling down on the gold standard. At this point it reeks of complicity.

  7. Wow! I would never have suspected Wayne Williams of corruption; JJ and Sheila Reiner yes, but not Williams. He seems to have changed stripes.

  8. As of the GJ local news
    Wayne Williams and Sheila Reiner have been name co-captains of the Mesa County Elections.

  9. I have the heard the truth, from a very informed inside person that Dominion came in to Mesa County after the Democrats and Republicans had looked over the voting machines and declared them good, in a joint meeting that Tina Peters was not even in attendance. Tina Peters had the foresight to copy the machines before Dominion arrived later and then after they left showing they had made very definite changes to the machines, AFTER THEY HAD ALREADY BEEN CLEARED. The evidence in overwhelming and proves beyond a doubt that Dominion tampered with the Mesa County voting machines. Tina was the only Clerk and Recorder in the State of Colorado, upon the advice of a high ranking member of the Mesa County Republican Party to make these copies. No other county did this so THAT IS WHY THEY ARE TRYING TO CRICIFY TINA PETERS. She never had the password or code and then she TOOK PICTURES LATER, after the election and Dominion had changed it back. So this is the smoking gun that proves the election was rigged and that they used the 2010 U.S. Census to pre-arrange the voting in their algorithms long before the 2020 election ever took place. There are 20 counties in Colorado that had more votes than there are registered voters. That’s because the population in these counties had dropped since 2010. These counties are mainly in Eastern Colorado in rural farm counties that have dropped in population. Bent County, as an example was the most obvious in that many of the residents are in a private prison, they count as part of the population but cannot vote but Dominion did not take that fact into account. Mike Lindell had Tina Peters on his podcast as a speaker and she brought Mesa County to light, SHOWING ABSOLUTE PROOF THAT DOMINION CHANGED THE VOTING MACHINES TO STEAL THE ELECTION. The Colorado Secretary of State obviously did not want this as it is the “smoking gun” that shows how they did it, and so they are trying to make an example out of Tina Peters because she had the guts and the patriotism to bring this evidence to light. THE 2020 ELECTION WERE TOTALLY RIGGED.

  10. This DemoCommunist CLOWN SHOW needs to be shut down. The People know the truth. Where are the prosecutors and investigations??? Where are the grand juries? Jena has already broken the law. Why isn’t she in jail awaiting trial?

  11. I’m running for Secretary of State in Colorado to replace JJ. I’m just now getting my infrastructure and my team together. I have an old resume website, which I will leave up so voters can see my I.T. & Project Management background with the skills needed to unravel, troubleshoot & correct the corruption I will no doubt inherit. But I’m also working on a website for my Campaign so everyone can learn more about me.

  12. Thank you so much for this information. I have been doing my best to spread the word in Delta County as our county clerk is convinced everything is okay here.

    Shirley Bauer

    1. My local clerk in Montezuma County too has been “conditioned” to say it was all ok there was no fraud. I say bullshit. Time to start electing people who have balls

    1. Great article! I hope Toth’s bill down here in Texas will allow for full forensic audits in 13 large counties. Abbott is on-board & AG Paxton, as well. Tarrant County is one of the 13 singled out. It would be interesting to see how Wayne Williams/Runbeck mail-in ballot scan issue plays into that!

    2. Thank you Ashe. A job well done! Now we’ll see what happens, hopefully they will all end up in jail and Tina will be exonerated and get a ticker tape parade!

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