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“you should consider becoming whistleblowers” — my public message to jena griswold’s staff


Note: I gave this testimony at the Secretary of State’s Hearing on the “emergency” rules for Colorado elections, August 3, 2021 at 1pm. I will post the audio when it is made available by JJ’s office.


My name is Ashe Epp, and I am one of the people of Colorado. I am a registered, unaffiliated voter in Douglas County, Colorado. I recognize many of you here from your testimonies during the prior legislative session, arguing against election integrity. I want to thank all of you for at least showing up to this, such an important hearing. Man, have we lowered the bar, huh?

I am here representing the grassroots nation that has assembled in Colorado since election day to find the truth about the obvious fraud in the November 2020 election. I object greatly to the idea that there is an emergency requiring these rule changes. And as Maureen West said, there was no proof of emergency provided. Only a tyrannical power grab from a panicked, elected official.

The people of Colorado elected, allegedy, Jena Griswold to oversee, in part, our free and fair elections. And, with an unprecedented response to the call for this hearing, Ms. Griswold couldn’t be bothered to show up. And so I thank you for showing up, and I am now directing my comments to you, as Ms. Griswold’s surrogates in this hearing.

The only emergency on which to declare these rules in June of 2021 was an emergency for calls of transparency into Jena’s — INTO YOUR — office. Declaring an emergency to prevent your continuents from validating your claims is the mark of every tyrant in history. And, if you all would stop rewriting history and actually read it, you would understand how that movie ends.

One of the greatest strategic errors of this office was assuming that the American people are ignorant and need to be educated by unelected bureaucrats intent on destroying the free and fair vote of the people of Colorado.

The people of Colorado don’t need career bureacrats and former election industry officials to teach us about our elections. We are scientists, mathematicians, cyber security experts, community organizers, writers, artists, former politicians, current and former military, corporate strategists, digital experts, super moms, pastors, prayer warriors, and so much more. We are young and we are old. We are black, white, and brown. We are the American People.

We have been evaluating the data and the record of the election since election day. And we know exactly what happened.

When we hear you all parrot the trope of “Gold Standard,” let me tell you what we hear:

We hear Gold Standard of Incompetence
We hear Gold Standard of Corruption
We hear Gold Standard of Fraud

In your own words, one of the purposes of this hearing today is the align the rules to the current process. You put that on the slide. And in so doing, you admit that your current process is not following the election rules. Hence the emergency, right guys?

The legacy of Ms. Griswold is 200% employee turnover, garbage and fraudulent voter roles, election management outsourcing to Dominion via irreparably vulnerable machines and the Democracy Suite software stack, and the complete erosion of public trust in our elections, in this administration, and in the Colorado State government. There is evidence of fraud, in multiple counties across the state, and fraud vitiates everything. And no, you cannot audit yourselves.

We have reached a precipice in our state. Ms. Griswold, and by extension as her surrogates, you, are doubling down on the destruction of the Republic.

Proceed with caution, and a few of you might consider becoming whistleblowers — this isn’t going away, we will have an audit, and we will receive justice for the crime that was committed in Colorado in November of 2020, and hold those complicit accountable.

The 200% turnover tells us how she is to work for. Time to reevaluate whether you’re on the right side of history.

Ms. Griswold is a partisan hack and has already proven herself complicit. If I were you, I’d think twice before going down with that ship.

Thank you.

Introductions during the hearing on August 3, 2021 at 1pm MT.
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