free america

Our culture’s quickly burning,

Society aflame,

And those who seek to quench her,

Get floggings, public shame.

Hysteria and fear porn,

The norm, just walk around.

No mask, “Sorry no service.”

I protest. Empty sound.

Our kids in zoomy cages.

Learn? Retain? Yeah, gone.

Small businesses keep dying,

Dreams becoming pawns.

Sports and Grandmas cancelled.

And suicides, they rise.

With academics crashing,

Our problems grow in size.

Where did we leave logic?

Or her twin, reason?

Where is critical thought,

In this chaotic season?

The curve has long since flattened,

The spread has long since stopped.

With therapies and vaccines,

So many you can shop.

Still, those Electeds argue,

And us they try to goose.

While plotting with their minions,

To murder Dr. Seuss.

With brazen love of power,

“Obey or face the fines.”

Entitled to control us,

We the 99.

So where will we be going?

With state and town edicts.

“Derived,” “Consent,” “of Governed,”

Yeah, sorry, this ain’t it.

So stand up Colorado,

And Virginia, Hawaii,

Reclaim your birthright freedom.

From sea to shining sea.




Photo cred: John

2 thoughts on “free america

  1. Imagine the pressure, the dark clouds on the horizon that gave rise to this writing. The cry of “sound the alarm” is always a command to take stock of what is happening. The cry of the “Watchman on the wall!” Evil this way comes!

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