A Border Con Fit for a Biden

There is a well-orchestrated con happening along the US/Mexico border, and the Biden regime is either complicit or a hopelessly incompetent mark. As you would expect with the Open Borders, Inc. return to Obama immigration policy, illegal crossings down south are way up.

There are nine US Border Protection (USBP) sectors on our nation’s southern border. Let’s look at the number of illegal apprehensions (source: daily USBP totals, estimated) and see how these numbers compare from last year to this year:

  1. October 2019 through February 2020: 150,000
  2. October 2020 through February 2021 (present): 340,000
  3. Percentage increase year-over-year: 128%

The two biggest increases are seen in Texas, in the Big Bend and Del Rio sectors. These two, typically “sleepy” (at least by Border Patrol standards), sectors saw 266% and 233% increases, respectively, over the same period. If Del Rio sounds familiar, that is the town where the Democrat Mayor recently went viral for begging President-Select Biden to stop releasing illegals into his community.

Now, as I mentioned, any thinking person should expect the number of illegal aliens to increase. Biden has rolled out the welcome mat for them, recently signing three actions related to US Immigration Policy (all targeted at reversing the Trump administrations’ gains in national security at the US/Mexico border).

Don’t worry, this article isn’t about these Executive Orders. If you’re really interested in the language used, you can check out the White House “Fact Sheet” or read the orders directly.

Biden’s Executive Orders are Irrelevant.

The increases in illegal crossings at the southern border began before the EOs were written, well before any of the policy changes contained within had been read, and long before any of those changes had the chance to be implemented. Biden didn’t need to sign anything. He simply had to be (s)elected.

The mere perception of a return to Obama’s immigration policy has more than doubled illegal crossings at the US/Mexico border. And those are just the numbers of recent apprehensions. Acting Director of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Tae Johnson recently sent a memo to all ICE employees that updated and implemented US Immigration policy such that “only aliens who are terrorists, spies, and/or threats to national security can be arrested or detained by ICE.”

So, ICE is now releasing all the illegal aliens currently being detained in the US, and USBP is releasing the ones that just got here. The agents of ICE and USBP are effectively prevented from doing their jobs, and no illegal aliens are being detained unless they are “bad guys.”

But at least we got the bad guys, right?

Not so fast. At the time of apprehension, agents and officers must clearly demonstrate that their arrested subjects meet the standard of, “terrorists, spies, and/or threats to national security.”  That’s an impossibly high bar to hurtle.

It’s also completely unnecessary and a violation of US Immigration Law. Title 8 of the US Code is extremely explicit about who can, and cannot, come into the United States, and what immigration officers – you know, the people in ICE and USBP – are supposed to do when they encounter illegal aliens.

The malevolent orders from His Fraudulency are a violation of both United States law and Common Sense. As one USBP agent put it, “There is literally no border security anymore. Homeland Security?  No. This is now the Department of Homeland Insecurity.”

And that’s not even the worst part.

Clearly catch and release is back, baby! But that’s not all. This con has a human-trafficking twist that should have elected officials outraged and demanding answers. I’m sure they will get to it once they finish punishing the Trump family…whenever that will be.

The method of the border crossing con is your basic distraction play. A large group of illegal aliens with men, women and children cross the border onto US soil and sits down. They just wait. Eventually the USBP find them, and they call in back up because the group is so large. Pretty soon, all the local USBP resources are occupied with the large group of migrant “families.” At this point, the more nefarious and criminal illegal aliens walk across the border with whatever supplies, materials, and motives brought them to our once free land. I’m sure it’s all good stuff.

Back to the “families.” This is my favorite part of the con. USBP processes these people and, shocker, they often aren’t related. However, the children, almost always, already have family in the country. What luck! And what are the odds? CBP hands the children off to the American bureaucrats at the DH(i)S and, being the lovably incompetent saps they are, DHS reunites these children with their “families” thus completing the final – and most dangerous and expensive – part of the human trafficking journey at the expense of the US taxpayers.

It’s maddening for our hardworking, oath-keeping border protection agents, but you really gotta hand it to the cartels and coyotes. They’ve outsourced nearly all of the risk in a HUMAN TRAFFICKING OPERATION to the one system on earth where accountability goes to die: The US Government.

As one frustrated USBP agent shared with me, “This doesn’t benefit anyone in the US, but it is a boon to human smugglers. They now only need to make arrangements for travel to the US/Mexico border. Uncle Sam completes the job for them. Our border agents have been coopted to complete the human smuggling cycle.”

Democrats don’t need four years to undo Trump’s gains on border security. When you abandon all immigration enforcement mechanisms via executive fiat, all immigration enforcement just…stops.

Next up, amnesty!