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this is an algorithm.


This is not hard. But I am going to need you to turn on your #criticalthinking.

The charts below are the results of data analysis performed, presented, and discussed by these guys:

Data Analysis and Discussion Participants

These charts show the following:

· The Y-axis (up and down) is Trump’s Support.

· The X-axis (left to right) is the percentage of Registered Republicans.

· The Red line is a Straight Party Ticket.

· Each Blue dot is a Precinct.

· The Yellow line is the Trend.

So, to the left you find Blue precincts, and to the right you find Red precincts.

Above the Red line Trump gained support (performing better than the straight party ticket), and below the Red line Trump lost support (performing worse than the straight party ticket).

The Trend line in this analysis is showing you that the more Republican the Precinct, the worse President Trump performed. Let me say it again:

The more Republican the Precinct, the worse President Trump performed.

Macomb County Early Voting and In Person Voting
Oakland County Early and In Person Voting
Kent County Combined Early and In Person Voting

Further, and more interestingly, the Trend line is remarkably similar across the board, EXCEPT in Wayne county where the computer algorithm was not detected.

And it is a nearly perfect downward slope.

As Benny Smith says in the video,

“Even if you wanted to believe that Republicans hated Trump so much, they still wouldn’t be able to hate him in such a straight line.”

Finally, Weighted Race Allocation — where a computer algorithm can weight one candidate over the other — is a FEATURE in Democracy Suite’s Dominion software manual.

Images of Dominion Software Manual, and a Blow Up of Language in that Manual.

Side note: In what universe, would you need a weighted race allocation? Seig Heil.

This is not a Glitch. There was no malfunction here. This is a feature of the software program, and it performed perfectly as designed. So perfectly, in fact that the forensic data trail reveals their methods.

The Bottom Line: The algorithm took votes from Republican precincts and gave them to Biden. They did it in the Red precincts to try and make it less obvious, to hide or explain away the variances in the data.

They never expected President Trump to perform as well as he did.

They weren’t supposed to have to swap as many votes as they did.


For comparison, here is a look at the Wayne county where no algorithm was detected. That’s Detroit. This was a landslide.

Wayne County Combined Early and In Person Voting

Pretty interesting, right?

The Invisible Hand is so clear, delivering his promise,

“I will confuse the wisdom of the wise; the intellect of the intellectual I will frustrate.”

1 Corinthians 1:19

Dominion’s Weighted Race Allocation is but ONE of the ways that fraud occurred in our 2020 elections. There are others. Their cheating is so obvious and — ouch — traceable. Remember, everything on the Internet is forever. This is true of ALL digital interactions.

Forensic data audit, anyone?

Oh, one more thing, Mayor Rudy mentioned today that they’ve got whistleblowers from #Dominion.

Pop some corn, Patriots. It’s about to get good.

Video with full analysis here.

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